Happy Healthy Vegan versus the meat-eater Dr. Baker


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Since things are not as simple as the majority of people think when our diet is in question, this video that my friend Stefan sent, makes a great platform where many confusions can be clarified.

The blood report of Dr. Baker is confusing and resembles more a health state of an obese “carboholic” than a physically active meat-eater. Why?

You can watch the video and then I will go step by step, explaining what is actually happening.


The Happy Healthy Vegan, I believe that his name is Ryan, has been corresponding with Dr. Baker for some time and now as Dr. Baker exposed his blood-work, Ryan is using it to show how the meat diet is toxic to the body and how he as a vegan, is in much better shape as the health goes.

Before I go into it, take a look at both men. You will notice that both of them have dehydrated skin, and Dr. Baker’s hair is thinning out.

We are told that Dr. Baker had lost his medical license. 
This could be because of dispersing narcotics but it could also be because he was actually healing people which is forbidden by the medical cartel.
Since we do not know what was the reason, this is irrelevant.

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Ryan and Baker are of the same age and this is visible, they seem to be both dehydrated, but Baker has less hair and bigger muscles than Ryan.

The blood analysis:


The fasting blood glucose is 127 which is elevated. We call it diabetes.

The hemoglobin A1C test shows that Dr. Baker’s red-blood cells live shorter lives, nothing more. It has been noticed that elevated blood sugar affects negatively the hemoglobin, but so do some drugs and deficiencies as well.

Blood urea nitrogen was higher than in an average person. Many people have this problem and have nothing to do with how much meat you eat. It has to do with how well are your kidneys working. When we are low on blood plasma (dehydrated), the kidneys have to save water and minerals which makes the elimination of urea and uric acid difficult.

I bet the color of Baker’s urine was dark as the body waits for a higher concentration of toxicity before it will release the precious water from the blood.

Cholesterol levels are higher because the cells need more building material. Dr. Baker is lifting heavy weight and his muscles are growing. The cholesterol is absolutely crucial for this growth so here everything is normal. There is no such thing as good/bad cholesterol.

Testosterone low. This could be a consequence of blood’s toxicity from drugs which as we relate it to the high blood urea point to Baker using drugs, possibly anabolic steroids.

The steroids may also be the reason for the elevated sugar since steroids will release glucose from glycogen and the liver will then release the glucose into the blood.

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Vitamin D is very low, 30. It should be at least 50 nanograms/milliliter.

Vitamin/hormone D has very little to do with eating meat. Vitamin D is fat-soluble so it will be accumulated in the fat and most people who eat meat try to avoid eating the fat.

But more than this, vitamin D is produced in the skin under the influence of the sunlight.

Unfortunately, we are not exposed enough to the sunlight. We are covered and when we go to the beach, we put sunblock which prevents vitamin D synthesis.

This could be the reason why Ryan also has low vitamin D blood levels.

Also, vitamin D goes through two changes. The skin converts some cholesterol into, vitamin D3 called Cholecalciferol. Cholecalciferol is in the liver converted into calcifediol (25-hydroxyvitamin D), and before it can be used, it is again converted, now in the kidneys, into the active calcitriol (1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D). As we can see, if the kidneys do not work properly, there will be a problem with vitamin D in the body.

Ryan is mistaking if he thinks that he gets his vitamin D from the plants he eats.

Plants have a different type of vitamin D which is not based on cholesterol but it is based on cyanide. Unfortunately, many doctors do not know this and are prescribing vitamin D2 (plant-based vitamin D) as a supplement. Totally useless if not straight out toxic.

It is obvious that Dr. Baker is not a good individual to test any kind of diet on, be it the meat or the vegetarian diet. He is inflamed, dry, and toxic. His skin shows this and the hair loss proves it.

Why does Ryan appear to be in good health and with normal blood sugar levels while getting most of his calories from the dietary glucose?

First, as you can see, he is not overeating and he is physically active.


When we eat small amounts of dietary carbohydrates, our cells can use them for energy production and store the rest as fat.

Although the genome is being changed and the cells are adapted to use glucose for energy production, if not too much dietary glucose is absorbed into the blood, the body can handle it and burn it.

If the person does not snack frequently, the longer period of glucose deprivation (between the meals) will force more mitochondria to stay active, and fat can be used also to produce the cellular energy during the fasting period.

People used to live relatively healthy into their 90-s and 100-s eating reasonable amounts of dietary glucose.

The more dietary carbohydrates we eat, the shorter and sicklier will our lives be.

Ryan would feel even healthier if he would use more sea salt but his skin and cells would continue to dehydrate and the aging will continue to show because the cellular health is compromised by the phytotoxins which prevent the cellular hydration.

Sooner or later he is going to encounter health issues and when one of the symptoms shows up, the cascade of other symptoms will soon follow.

This is my experience with vegetarians and especially with vegans.

Glucose poisoning of the body is a slow process that is directly related to the amount of glucose being ingested, but glucose is not the only bad thing that vegetables provide.

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A variety of phytotoxins that they provide is undermining our health in various ways.

I wrote about them many times. Some of them, people use as spices eating them daily.

As an example, I will mention garlic, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper.

When our health is undermined, increasing meat consumption will not heal us.

A complete change of diet is necessary so that the genome can return to its proper expression.

I am sure that Dr. Baker had diabetes before he started to eat more meat which will not help to heal his body. It will just slow the progress of his diabetes since he is still consuming dietary carbohydrates.

After I have made a comment that glucose cannot be our principal fuel since we cannot store glucose as an energy reserve, Ryan had replied the usual way, “haven’t you heard about a glycogen”?

Glycogen is our secondary fuel. Its purpose is to give us a spurt of energy if our life is in danger and steroid hormone has to be released to break the protein-glucose bond so that the glucose can be released.

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You can read about it in this article:

Using the knowledge given to us through the indoctrination/schooling process confuses us because we are not told the truth.

Welcome to the disclosure.

Are you ready to accept the truth?

Love and light to us all.

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