Going into the rabbi-thole of the Wuhan export

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Zach Bush is giving the best explanation about the virus so here is the Sasha Stone and Zach Bush video:


Here are my comments on this video and my take on some information where I have a different view or explanation.

Zach is mentioning that virus is an energy that carries the information that creates changes in a living thing.
I see viruses as energy that acts on our genetic system and selectively influences activation and deactivation of certain genes, depending on the vibration that the energy of a virus possesses.

Zach is mentioning that our body is reproducing the virus and strengthening it.
In my opinion, since a virus is an energy of a particular frequency, it has its electromagnetic field and leaves its trace in the energetic field around itself. Once our body is exposed to this field, if our voltage is low, the frequency field destabilizes our cellular frequency. This change of our resonance our brain interprets as a disease.

Zach keeps mentioning that virus has this intelligent design that forces changes in our biology.
Again, the intelligent design is within our genetic material and the vibration frequency is what forces the genetic expression to change by activating and deactivating genes. Once the correct genes to this viral frequency have been opened, our body stops showing health problems. We say that we are immune to this virus.

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Zach is saying that viruses are the genetic blocks of the evolutionary changes all living things are going through. It looks that Zach is looking at a virus as the creative energy that is responsible for evolution.

In my opinion, a virus is an activator or a modulator and not a creator of the genetic blueprint. It can only influence the activation and deactivation of already existing genetic blueprints.

Those blueprints were created by someone (creator), and we are filling in an additional information through our experiences.

The genetic blueprint did not occur randomly.

Nothing in this Universe is randomly created. It is an intelligent design.

We are contributing to this design through our experiences. This is why we are the co-creators enriching the information that is captured within the genetic material.

Zach is mentioning the creation of mammalian life. The same as C. Darwin, he is saying that energy/virus with information has transformed the reptilian life into the life of a mammalian species.

Again, this would mean that the virus had carried the genetic code. This is a conflict. Is the virus energy or is virus a gene?

If it carries the information it would be a gene. Information is a blueprint.

I do not agree with Zach’s theory.


We have a huge genetic material of which we use only 3% at this time. With changes in the environment, we change the gene activation. There are many more genes to be activated and many more experiences to be had as the frequency of our environment changes. A virus is the frequency that activates those changes and not what creates them.

Zach explains the distribution mechanism of the coronavirus and here again my opinion differs from his.

Virus, being an energy of a particular vibration, appears in an area that was affected by it.

I explain that the flu is triggered through a change of frequency of an environment and everybody in this environment is exposed to it.

No mask, gloves or hazmat suit can protect you from it, and if your voltage is low, you will react to it as the frequency of your cells changes.

This is why not everyone shows the symptoms of flu, and more polluted/toxic we are, the stronger symptoms of flu we will experience since our level of energy is lower.

As far as the today’s coronavirus is concerned, the energetic change is the result of the planetary alignment and the position of our galaxy in the relation of the Central Sun.

The entire Bible is based on the planetary alignments and events are planned accordingly.

This event of the planetary alignment at this time was known thousands years ago and the Cabal planned to use it to its benefit.


Knowing that the energetic change will be very strong and it will affect many people especially those who are toxic, they made a great effort of frightening people around the world to drop their voltage (immunity) and to misrepresent the number of deaths through false projections in the hope that people will be scared to death, and manifest it as their reality, which did not happen.

Why are humans affected and animals are not?

We are all affected but animals eat correctly, their temple/body is clean, They do not show any symptoms of cleansing/disease and do not live in fear so their voltage is strong.

We eat incorrectly and we are further poisoned with medicinal remedies so those who are medicated are especially vulnerable.

Vaccines are designed to speed up our intoxication so please stay away from them.

Now, President Trump and the White Hats and the White Dragons are using the same platform to do the opposite and to destroy the Cabal.

Since everything is dependent on the energy that is created by the planetary alignment, all events are controlled by this, and this is why things are not happening faster, but they are happening everywhere on this planet and beyond.

We are all going through an upgrade that is triggered through the frequency of the new energy. This energy resonates with much higher frequency from the one we are used to.

This will make a great changes in our genetic activation not just in humans but in all aspects of life since it all depends on the same genetic blueprints and their activation through the vibrational energy/virus.

Everything was already programmed, we are just waiting to be activated.

This activation is in a great part done through the frequencies that we are exposed to but it is also controlled by the frequencies our brain is reproducing.

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Remember, we are the co-creators and we are controlling the speed of the change.

The speed of our awakening is determining the speed of the change, but there is a limit to it and those who will not be able to change will perish.

I hope that what Zach was saying is helping you to form a different opinion about the virus from the standard presented to us by our esteemed scientists/script-readers.

As far as I am aware, Zach is the only other scientist who sees the virus as being an energy.

If I would not have such a strong faith in trusting my intuition/guide, I would be afraid to share my beliefs as they are so drastically different from what I was ever told about a virus, bacteria, fungus, and the medicine in general.

It is the time that we all put aside the fear of thinking differently.

The Cabal is fearful of this happening, it is controlling us through the wrong information we are given throughout our schooling process.

This is why all opinions that differ from the one that they support are now being censored.

This does not mean that I am correct in everything I say. This is why open discussions have to be allowed.

There are no books available from which we can learn about where we are going and what we are morphing into.

We have experienced what happens when we trust others and ignore our experiences. Stop referring to the old and live in the new.

Forget what you have been told. Open your mind and think for yourself, share your opinions, and let’s progress together.

If you can, please support my work through donations and by spreading the information.

Love and light to us all.

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