Does virus, bacteria, and fungus cause diseases?


We have been told, that there are some small life forms that regularly are found in the soil but also in our gut and in our blood. We refer to them as germs or pathogens.

We are all programmed to believe that some of those “germs” can cause a health issue we have named a disease and that we can heal by combating those germs with a toxic remedies we call medicaments.

We are all being “educated” about the necessity of washing our hands, brushing our teeth, bathing with soaps and we call this as being hygienic.

Keeping a good hygiene will protect us from becoming infected which implies that we will not become sick.

Isn’t it strange that the modern people are bathing several times a day, using the state of the art soaps, brushing their teeth after every meal, and washing hands every time after touching a foreign object, and we have the sickest generation of people ever?

Very few people know (doctors included), that there was another cellular researcher by the name of Antonie Bechamp, who has a completely different theory from the one that was promoted by Luis Pasteur and now the “modern” science.

A. Bechamp insisted that the bacteria, fungus and virus are a product of a toxic body and the type of the toxicity will determine what type of life form will be created. Will it be the bacteria and what kind of bacteria, fungus or virus will appear.

He has argued as well that one person cannot be infected with the same disease of the other person by simply transferring a bacteria from the sick to the healthy person.

You have heard me often mentioning that what we call diseases are just a bunch of symptoms.

So when a person gets cough, scratchy throat, digestive problem, fever and headache, this person has a flu.

If a person has a frequent diarrhea we say it has a chronic enteritis.

If a person suffers from chronic respiratory problems we say it has a chronic bronchitis…

Since there could be a various symptoms involved, and always they are, more diseases are created to cover all of the differences in manifestation.

No matter how hard he tried, A. Bechamp could not replicate the same symptoms after inoculating different people with the same “pathogen”.

Some people would have some of the symptoms, some people none, and some people would have a completely different set of symptoms.

This means that the pathogen did not cause the disease. So why did people become sick after being inoculated if the pathogen is not the cause of the disease, and why some people did not show any reaction to the pathogen, did not get sick at all?

superbugs cartoon

Everyone who is following my work has a pretty good idea why. It is self evident.

There are symptoms that appear as the result of the cleansing of the blood. Those symptoms we call the flu.

There are a symptoms that appear when the acidic cells are forced to hydrate. The forced hydration is achieved by increasing the extracellular pressure. This we call inflammation.

There are symptoms that the body creates to make us aware of a developing problem. Those symptoms are discomfort, itchiness, and pain.

There are symptoms that are caused by a cellular dehydration, and they are plentiful…

What symptoms a person will exhibit depends on what is going on and not on what pathogen is living in the bod.

This is why there are asymptomatic people, those who carry a pathogen or variety of them but do not show any symptom of disease.

Everyone of us is an asymptomatic carrier if the truth be told.

The most obvious example of this is a helicobacter pilory.

It lives in most population but if you suffer from a stomach ulcer, the helicobacter pilory is being blamed because, not surprisingly, doctors have no clue how to heal so finding this bugger gives them the excuse for a toxic treatment which does not produce healing, only more suffering.

The actual symptoms of “disease” are nothing more than the symptoms of a toxic body asking for help or attempting to detoxify itself or both.

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Bacteria and fungus actually have a physical form. They are composed by the frequencies that the brain is programmed to show through a light as our physical reality.

This is why they can be photographed, and grown as a culture.

Virus, on the other hand, cannot be seen, and it cannot be grown as a culture.

Virus is a frequency that the brain is not programmed to show in a physical form. This is why it cannot be seen, but it exists.

Confusing, isn’t it?

Now you understand why I was insisting to teach the basics of a quantum mechanics, no matter how confusing it sounded and no matter that I was told that many people are stopping to follow my work because I sounded ridiculous whenever I went quantum.

My work resonates only with those who are ready do advance. With those, who are open minded and eager to find the truth.

We are all learning because what we have been told were mostly lies. Now, we have to learn the truth, and more, we have to learn how to use all of the tools that are at our disposal which will open a whole new realm of possibilities in this New World we are creating.

This means that no matter how much we think we know, we are just beginning to learn as most of what we think we know, is false, and it was designed to interfere in the process of discovering the truth.

Why are we programmed not to manifest virus in the physical form?

In my opinion, virus is not part of the original program of the creator, it is a creation of the human/humanoid physical consciousness. Because of this, the same as the Devil, it cannot assume a physical form but since it is an energy of a specific vibration, it can influence changes of vibration in any weak vibrating field.

infectious disease cartoon

This is why as toxicity of a person is increasing, so is its susceptibility to viral respond/infection.

There are no problems of bacterial and fungal infestation in the Space,as far as I am aware of, but there is a big problem with viral pollution.

Virus was created a long time ago and by an error or intentionally, it was given its freedom to exist independently as an entity.

Since it is not a creation of our creator, it has no spirit to guide it, it has no consciousness of the divine love.

Virus has only an evil energy that wants to conquer whatever it can overpower.

The more toxic we are, the weaker is our voltage/energy field, and the easier it is for our frequency to be influenced by virus. The more the frequency is altered, the stronger symptoms of a damage we are shown by our brain.

Here is one clear example of how one vibrational energy influences another.

Some people when they are exposed to the strong ultraviolet light of the Sun will feel bad, even vomiting and with strong headache. They will break out with a huge blister that are full of a liquid. In time those blisters burst and big sheets of skin start to peal.

Close up of a severe second degree sunburn blister Stock ...

Some people will feel just a loss of energy and show only read skin with small bubbles, and some people show much less redness and no blisters or bubbles of any kind.

UV rays have a specific vibration and as it irradiates the skin, it will interfere with the frequency of the skin, and the body in general.

The weaker the voltage (higher the pollution), the stronger will become the deviation of the frequency of the skin and the body which will our brain interpret as the physical changes that we experience.

I have proven that when you cleanse on the cellular level, your skin becomes way less affected under the influence of a direct sunlight, and other physical changes such as are headache and nausea do not manifest at all.

As a kid, I had at least one sunburn a year, and as I was growing up and my cellular toxicity was increasing, the size of the skin damage was increasing as well and my headaches from the sunlight exposure were getting worst. The blisters were getting larger and larger.

After I had cleansed on the cellular level utilizing the Self Healers Protocol, no more blisters appear no matter how much I expose the skin to the sunlight, and no more headaches.

The redness and some pain occur but way less and no blisters and instead of a headache, just a tiredness manifests.

The cellular voltage holds steady vibration and since the vibration of my skin does not change, the brain continues to manifest it as a normal skin, no blisters.

There is so much that we have to learn, so roll up your sleeves and get to it.

Love and light to us all.

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