Cellular detox through oxygenation.

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Whenever we talk about a health problem, we are indirectly talking about changes in the cellular activity.

What prompts the cellular action is the environment. This means that changes in the cellular environment will be the direct cause of cellular behavior.

How the cell is going to respond to the change of its environment depends on the frequency that had caused this change, and the genetic blueprint that was opened as a response to this energetic change.

I always mention that since the plasma (blood and lymph) are the environment in which the cell lives, changes in the plasma will directly affect the gene activation and with it the cellular response.

Some changes in vibration, the brain interprets as chemical changes and we see them in the blood as the results of laboratory testing.

One test that we are not performing is a test on the relative CO2 pressure within the cell.

We think that this is not necessary because we know that the increased CO2 levels will increase the cellular acidity which we are not interested in. Doctors are only interested in the acidity of the extracellular plasma and this is a big error.

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Maybe the reason for this is the fact that we are intentionally guided into believing that glucose is the primary cellular energy supply.

If we would be measuring the relative CO2 pressure within the cell, we would realize that when cells utilize glucose in energy production, their CO2 level increases.

This does not happen when fat is used as the cellular energy source since oxygen has to be present for this reaction to occur.

Since glucose creates an anaerobic energy production, higher levels of CO2 will occur and to replace it, increased level of relative pressure of oxygen has to be established in the blood.

To achieve higher relative oxygen pressure we have to breathe deeply, hyperventilate, but nobody is doing this.

Why not?

Nobody is breathing deeply during and after the meal because we do not feel the need to do so.

We are not aware of the increased cellular level of CO2 within our cells. We are only aware of the increased level of CO2 in the blood because it creates the need to breathe.

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This is why we breath deeply when we are working hard or when we are excited. We are not eating in this moment and the increased energy demand is filled through the cellular energy production by utilizing fat since glucose is not available when we do not eat.

When we are on a carbohydrate diet we start raising the cellular level of CO2 and our cells become acidic.

We do not breath deeply because the blood CO2 levels remain low and now the relative pressure of blood’s oxygen is not high enough to displace cellular CO2 so CO2 levels continue to rise making it more and more difficult for the oxygen to push the CO2 out of the cell.

The increased cellular level of CO2 causes a drop of the cellular Ph and cells start experiencing energetic problems because they cannot hold the proper electric charge.

The situation worsens in time and many symptoms of ill health occur from which the most obvious is a chronic state of tiredness.

Oxygen therapy is very therapeutic because it will increase the relative pressure of oxygen in the blood which will force the CO2 expulsion from the cells as the oxygen replaces it.

We are being mislead through our science and often confusing terminology is used to achieve this goal.

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Instead of focusing on CO2, cellular “oxidation” is mentioned as a factor of the cellular degradation. It is not surprising that a great majority of people is looking on oxygen as a villain, and whole heartedly accepts the antioxidant shame.

Do not waste your money on antioxidants, please. The whole science behind it is a crap.

Instead do the opposite, super oxygenate your body, and do it yourself, no instrument needed.

Many people who do Yoga and deep breathing exercises do this and feel great.

There are variety ways to do this but in my opinion, the Tibetan breathing exercises promoted by Wim Hof are the best.

When it comes to health and medicine, I always talk about things after I experience them myself.

For years, my wife and I are drinking plasma and eating almost 0 dietary glucose, We have been using the blood electrifier and we have been well hydrated so our temple (body) is clean.

When we did the first session of Wim Hof breathing exercises we have felt our body trembling as if some air bubbles were shifting inside our tissue.

Every day the trembling was diminishing until it has stopped, but during those exercises, as we calm down, we slip into a meditative state and even deep Ayahuasca like experiences have started to occur.

I have made an error by repeating Wim Hof breathing exercises two and sometimes three times a day until after about 10 days I started to have lower back pains, stiffness of muscles, fever and diarrhea.

I came down with strong blood toxicity because my cells were releasing way more CO2 and other toxicity than my body could get rid off.

Luckily for me, I had an Ayahuasca ceremony after initially cleansing with those symptoms for 4 days. During the ceremony, spirit told me that I will kill myself if I continue doing Wim Hof exercises so frequently and I have to reduce them to once a day.

The Ayahuasca helped me to detoxify my blood faster and I have stopped the breathing exercises for couple of days to give my body the chance to eliminate what was in the blood before I continue to force the rest of the CO2 out for my cells.

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My wife was doing one set of Wim Hof breathing exercises daily and after about 3 weeks when after she did just first thirty deep breaths, her body temperature dropped to 36 Celsius and she was uncontrollably shivering. After about a half an hour her body temperature climbed to 39.6 Celsius and started sweating.

She have had spent the whole day in the bed with fever which dropped to below 38 Celsius. The next day a strong dierrhea ended this sudden intensive detox episode, and she was fine but continued with detox on manageable level. She had lost appetite and for 3 days she did not eat, she just drunk water with sea salt and had some fresh fruits and was feeling good and strong.

I highly recommend Wim Hof breathing exercises as a part of a deep cellular cleansing but for those who are just starting with Self Healers Protocol, I recommend not to do those exercises until the second phase of cleansing is done because it will be to much for your body to handle.

This type of cleansing does not just eliminate CO2 but also stored emotional problems. This is what I am detoxifying at this point.

For those of you who are benefiting from the information that I provide, reciprocate by giving a donation of your choosing.

Love and light to us all.

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