Glucose, glucagon, glycogen, and steroid relationship.

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What a joke!

There is a reason why no one is looking at glucose with a critical eye.

The reason why it is so is the fact that we are all being misinformed and lead to false conclusions by our manipulated schooling (indoctrination) system.

What is, and what always was happening in society, is the fact that there was a class of people who wanted to be served and pampered by others and they used lies, misinformation, torture, and death, to achieve their goals.

First, they were called the nobility and now they are called the politicians and governments.

Yes, there are few honest ones on both sides but they are lost in the sea of pure evil.

The political swamp is in the process of being purged and some of us are starting to purge the scientific circle.

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The problem is that not as in politics, most of the scientists are genuinely searching for the truth but are unable to overcome the wrong brain programming that they have received during their schooling process.

Since there is an obvious culprit that was used to dumb the population down and it was even mentioned in the Bible, this is the place where we have to put most of our attention too.

I have mentioned that in medical school when cellular metabolism is taught, the glucose is used to explain the Krebs cycle (citric acid cycle).

Now, why is this wrong, you who know what I am talking about may ask?

After all, this is exactly what is happening in the cellular metabolism of plants and in the cellular metabolism of animal cells when they are in a stressful situation.

Hey, colleagues, are you getting it? Somehow we are told to ignore this little thing we call stress.

Well, I am pointing to the fact that there are two major culprits to cellular dehydration and acidity which are the cause of all chronic health issues.

One is the toxicity of the blood and the other is stress.

When we are talking about the toxicity there is one culprit that triggers genetic changes and does this very slowly but so thoroughly that it causes over 2000 genetic errors of which none is found in the wild animal world.

The only nutrient that the animals in nature do not have access to is glucose.

As I often mention, the glucose is isolated from digestion by being coated with an envelope of cellulose, and cellulose cannot be digested because no mammals or other multicellular animals have the necessary enzyme called cellulase that would break the cellulose down.

The cellulose will break down when it is heated and since only people heat their food before eating it, only people have access to glucose while digesting it.

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Many people have made comments to me bashing carbohydrates and glucose by pointing that fruits like banana have plenty of carbohydrates and I do not condemn them.

This is why I call the toxic carbohydrates dietary glucose or dietary carbohydrates, meaning that the cellulose was shattered either by cooking or by processing it as it is the case with flour.

The Krebs cycle is not run by the glucose when animal cells are in question. The Krebs cycle is run by fat, and ketone bodies, and this is why all animals, man included, are storing fat in their adipose tissue so that the source of the cellular energy is always available.

The only time the blood sugar levels rise is when we supply the glucose through our diet. Our body will never manufacture more sugar than necessary and it NEVER PRODUCES SUGAR TO BE USED AS THE CELLULAR FUEL.

When blood sugar levels are normal, the blood sugar is low, between 60 and 90 mg/dl.

When we have a big dietary glucose loaded meal, in some people the blood sugar will slightly increase and in some people, the blood sugar will sky-rocket.

The blood sugar levels are related not only to the amount of the dietary glucose available but also to the level of available sugar transporters, the GLUT.

The level of GLUT is daily increasing with every meal that contains dietary glucose. This is why there is a different level of sugar absorption occurring in different people.

As the level of blood sugar increases, the body has to deal with it and first it forces cells to absorb the sugar and use it as the cellular fuel.

To force the cells to accept the sugar, the body injects insulin into the blood.

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During the state of ketosis, no insulin is injected into the blood.

When we are fasting, no insulin is injected into the blood. This is a clear indicator that sugar is not meant to be the cellular fuel.

It is being used as such only when there is a surplus of the sugar in the blood and this can only happen when we absorb glucose through the gut.

The mislead “experts” are saying that glycogen is the sugar storage and to replace it we need the dietary glucose.

This is utterly wrong.

The glycogen is available only in muscle cells, brain cells, and liver cells, from which only the liver can push glucose into the blood. Muscles and brain cannot do it.

The glucose in the form of glycogen is produced by the cells where it is found and can only be used by them.

Those cells that have glycogen are involved in a stressful situation and only stress hormones can break the glycogen and make glucose available as a cellular fuel for those cells.

This means that there has to be a stressful situation for the cellular glucose to be used as fuel.

Those same “experts” are pointing to hormone glucagon that stimulates cellular glucose production as the hormone that breaks down glycogen and increases fat levels which is wrong and incorrect information.

The glucagon is produced when the blood sugar levels are to low, and when the glycogen is depleted and a new one has to be made as to the replacement of the glycogen that was used as the cellular fuel in a stressful situation.

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Since cells use fat to produce their glycogen, triglyceride levels will go up and the “experts” reason that the glucagon rises the fat levels. This is how the myth that fat is causing diabetes started.

This is all a result of faulty teachings in our schools and the system of memorizing and repeating without thinking. It brings us into a state of robotized talking machines incapable of rational thinking.

There is no such thing as safe levels of dietary glucose in the food we eat.

When we eat correctly, we have a very low GLUT level and we cannot absorb any significant amount of sugar. It takes years of conditioning for the sugar absorption to come to dangerous levels but even low levels of dietary glucose are sufficient to lower our longevity and bring numerous genetic changes which become more obvious as we age and the toxicity in our body rises.

Fructose does not raise the GLUT levels and this is why fructose is the safe sugar but only when GLUT levels are low, and GLUT levels can only be elevated when dietary glucose (starches, carbohydrates) are eaten.

Dear colleagues, this article is especially devoted to you.

Please start using your brain and think.

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To an average reader, this what I am explaining is easily understandable. Its brain is not corrupted with false information so he/she can absorb, think, and see the simplicity of things.

Doctors and other health professionals are in a different boat. They first have to erase the false information which they do not want to do because they identify themselves by the title they were given and the new knowledge makes those titles obsolete.

Do not look back. The future is ahead of us and only truth will be accepted and promoted.

Start reprogramming your brains, and start helping those who desperately need your help.

Love and light to us all.

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