Medical licence=Licence to kill

I wrote about survey in the USA stating how doctors errors are the third leading cause of death in the USA. I think that correct medically approved treatments are the # 1 cause of death in the USA and in all countries following the same procedures guided by the medical “science”.

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Even though huge amount of people are losing their lives under the watchful eye of their doctors, no doctors can be found prosecuted and jailed. Why is it? Are they doing their best and are unable to save the lives or is there something else in play?

Most people do not know how in the court of law they are not represented as human being. Instead they are represented by their birth certificate as a corporation. This is why their names are in capital letters since from the age of 9 years old they were pronounced lost at sea and seized to exist as humans. Every document afterwards is based on the birth certificate which serves and is treated as a bank note. This is why you have to register and ask for permission to immigrate in another country, it is a bank transaction.

Since every document is based on the birth certificate they are all invalid because they are based on fraudulent document.  This means that all your diplomas, driving licences working permits…all are fraudulent documents. Same goes for medical licence as well. Even though they are fraudulent, they are recognized by the court of law and this makes the court of law fraudulent as well. Nothing in this modern society is based on true values, it is all just fraud and deception.

What has triggered me to write this article?

I have just been speaking to a mother of 16 years old beautiful girl who is fighting for her life. This teenage life has been destroyed by the medical professionals following approved guidelines of medical so called science. From young age the girl had kidney problems. Her kidneys produce a large amount of kidney stones that are blocking the passages and cause problem urinating. From exerting pressure kidneys become deformed. Numerous surgeries have been performed to eliminate the stones but they keep coming back. The “di-agnosis” (two-not knowing) is of genetic character, whatever the name is that was given to this “disease” is irrelevant.

To cure her (control this symptom), she was instructed to avoid salt as much as possible (never touch the stuff), to avoid green leafy vegetables to reduce calcium intake (since her stones contained calcium mixed with uric acid), no dairy products, no red meat. Stick to legumes, potatoes and grains rich diet. Cut down on sodas, tea is ok and so is coffee.

If you are following this blog then you can immediately see what’s wrong with this picture!!!

If we avoid salt, we do not have enough water in circulation and this means cleansing organs are not going to eliminate uric acid. Food recommended, creates acidic environment and forces production of uric acid. Since it cannot be flushed out (lack of water) body tries to neutralize it with alkaline buffer and calcium. It takes the calcium from the bones where most of the alkaline buffer comes from. Then they are taken out of circulation so they deposit in kidneys and articulation predominantly but also in blood vessels further compromising the kidneys ability to filter the blood.

The girl has history of not drinking water and drinking a lot of Coca-Cola and other types of soft drinks loaded with glucose-fructose mix responsible for production of big quantities of uric acid in the body. Needless to say, the girl was filled with dozens of vaccines which compromised her immune system and further polluted her body.

If one would like to compromise someone’s life through wrong diet he/she could not do better job from what these doctors are doing. They do not have to worry from prosecution, they have medical licence so they are protected in a court of law, amen.

Health professionals have to wake up, don’t they see their treatments do not trigger healing? They have to be blind not to notice this, I guess money is stronger temptation than peaceful mind.

So, if you suffer from kidney stones and kidney failure, just do the opposite of what you are being told by your licensed doctor and you will be on your way to recovery.

As I have told you, you have much better chance of healing if you do just the opposite of what you have been told by licensed doctor.

Love and light



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