Peru report August 2016

I have mentioned in several previous posts how I was surprised to see so many sick people here in Amazonia of Peru. I was expecting to see healthy people because they live far from polluted cities and they have access to fresh food that has not been irradiated and heavily processed. Plenty of fresh water from numerous rivers that supply Amazon with water, in one word a Paradise.


I have noticed how people here live on predominantly carbohydrates with just a sliver of meat to accompany it. Is that the only reason for their ill health?

I have accounted many young women in their thirties that had their reproductive organs removed. Diabetes is running rampant and so is hypertension and circulatory problems. My friend Mark send me an article on how Roundup Herbicide is blamed for dramatic increase of kidney failures in Central America and India. Here is the article

Many scientists have talked about glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup Herbicide and have pointed to its toxic effects not only on plants but also on animals and humans. Glyphosate is blamed for bees die off in many places on our beautiful planet. Here is what Dr. Mercola had to say about it

In India villagers have reported how animals that graze on GMO shrub become ill and die. Independent researchers ( not affiliated with pharmaceutical companies)  reported all kinds of anomalies from cancer to birth defects in laboratory animals which were exposed to this toxic herbicide. This herbicide becomes a part of genetically modified crop so anyone eating it will receive it and suffer the consequences.

I have noticed Roundup being sold in every agricultural outlet here in Tarapoto. Talking to one agronom, he pointed how rice grown here in Peru is the most toxic rice on the market because of indiscriminate use of herbicides and pesticides. No wonder chronic diseases run rampant here and throughout the world.

When you realize how we have been duped into wrong understanding of things and we consider ourselves educated and smart, then you can understand how easy it is to persuade poorly educated villagers to follow  instructions and believe they are doing good. All those poisons end up in rivers so now even the water and fish are becoming toxic. There is a movement to force labelling GMO products. In my opinion this is a waste of time. We have to stop this madness and ban genetic manipulation for profit. Monsanto has to go, period.

Glyphosate in the body causes additional toxicity and contributes to already damaged body in manifesting variety of problems we call diseases. In man working directly with this poison it absorbs itself through the skin and become burden on kidneys causing their malfunction. This explains the sudden increase in kidney diseases in people who work with this product and are poor and do not protect themselves sufficiently.

Now the question is, can people suffering from glyphosate poisoning regain their health?

Same as with any chronic disease they have to cleanse the poison out and Self Healers Protocol will guide them in the process. Even if you have been told that your kidneys do not work and you need kidney transplant, in most cases hydration and cleansing of the body on the cellular level will return kidneys into their healthy state.Since salt has special place as far as hydration and cleansing goes, to be able to heal you have to do something contrary of what you have been told by your doctor and that is drinking plenty of water with sea salt in it. So if you mention this to your doctor he will laugh in your face and call you an idiot or charlatan so better do not waste your time.

Kidneys are filled with thousands of blood vessels that do the filtering. If your circulation is bad, so is the ability of kidneys to do their job. As you follow the Self Healers Protocol you will notice how your circulation is improving, varicose veins are disappearing and your kidneys will start functioning better and better. There is no way to repair kidney function without repairing blood circulation overall. As health returns in your circulatory system the blood pressure goes down naturally and you are going to feel like new.

As every disease is influenced by ones mind, your thoughts can help you or brake you during this process. So be positive and laugh as much as possible.

I have been talking about kidneys but the same healing one will experience if they suffer from any chronic health problem (dis-ease). There is nothing that body cannot repair (heal) if given a chance.

Love, light and celebration




4 thoughts on “Peru report August 2016”

  1. I thought about going to Peru, but I read that many places down there don’t have air conditioning or warm showers. That must suck, takes a long time to get used to it. Maybe cold showers aren’t that bad, but definitely need air conditioning lol.

    1. We installed a small air condition for our room and we use it when necessary. We love it here but we love the nature. If you are a city dweller, forget it bro.

      1. Not at all, I want nature the most im tired of cities hahha. Do they have cold showers in those countries? I hear latin america uses cold showers, and that its better for the body.

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