FRUCTOSE-the “toxic” sugar, or Is it???

After many years of bashing animal saturated fats we realized that those are the only fats that are in fact good for us. Now as the “science” is examining carbohydrates new enemy emerges. This enemy is called FRUCTOSE.

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Every sugar polemic is directed to the harmful effect that are caused by presence of fructose inside our blood. The discussion goes as far as proclaiming that eating of fruits should be restricted. Does this make any sense to you? Whole my life I was listening of how fruits are healthy and full of vitamins and anti oxidants. Omnivores are eating them whenever they have a chance so should we eat just seasonal fruits and abstain from them when they are not in the season?

If high fructose corn syrup is bad for our health what than about the honey. It has very similar percentage of sugars as HFCS?

When we are sick in the hospital the infusion is loaded with glucose. Is this the “safe” sugar as we are being told? So is it better to look for foods that are predominantly glucose rich as are starches?
As you can see lot of questions and probably quiet confusing isn’t it?

Not to keep you in suspense I will just tell you that everything that you have heard about the bad effects of fructose on our body is correct. The problem is not in what was revealed to you. The problem is in what is hidden from you and that is what changes the picture upside down.

So please join us this Saturday for an hour of truth where your questions will be answered and the true nature of the beast revealed!

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India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle,  as your PANELISTS

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As doctors we are instructed to focus on symptoms. Since the symptoms of health decay caused by sugar involve obesity and uric acid buildup all our attention goes in this direction. We are trying to neutralize the harmful effects instead of checking out why is the sugar entering our body since this does not happen in the wild animals. At least not in the amount that would harm their health or even influence faster aging process.

One can eat lot of fruits day after day and absorption of the sugar will be low if we are on raw food diet. Fructose does not bond to insulin so it will not raise its level and this keeps the sugar transporting protein GLUT low. This is why there is no problem eating fruits in whatever quantity. High amount of fructose will cause diarrhea because it ferments in the big intestine.

What causes increase in sugar absorption is the type of sugar that we call the “safe carbohydrate, GLUCOSE”. By increasing the amount f insulin it stimulates higher GLUT production and this way enables more sugar to be absorbed into the blood. So if you depend on starches you will increase the amount of GLUT and with it the absorption of glucose and fructose alike. Carbohydrates get exposed after cellular membrane of  cellulose is destroyed by the heat of cooking the food. This is the answer “why do we show the signs of aging and why do we get sick”.

Next week we will show you the connection between glucose and aging. Till then, love and light

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