Carbohydrates versus Fats

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 “I present, you be the judge”

Some of the biggest health problems in our society are caused by or are directly linked to obesity. The battle with unwanted weight is usually lost no matter what type of diet one chooses to pursue. Usually, after a brief success, all the hell breaks loose and all the weight comes back and then some. It may seem very strange that one can try a carbohydrate diet, another can try a protein diet or a diet directed by a blood type and the results will be very similar. Even with a raw food diet as it is being presented to us one will eventually have problems. The reason for this is simple. We rely on bad science and a guilty conscience towards taking life. We are caught between the faulty science, religion and bad habits. We will always find ammunition to defend our stance on the issue. In my book “Owner’s Manual for the Human Body”, I explained the relatioship between fat and sugar, those two different types of fuels that can fuel our cells. Now I would like to sink my teeth into this subject and make it easy for everyone to understand regardless of your education or religious orientation.

We can start witha  few simple questions and answers.

  1. Why do we eat?    Because we are hungry.
  2. Why are we hungry?   Because we need energy.
  3. Where is the energy created?   In our cells.
  4. What can our cells use to produce energy?   This is what we are going to talk about in this article.

Our digestive system is just a repackaging plant that by breaking the food that, by breaking down we eat, supplies the necessary ingredients for our cells to use. The actual end result, the burning of the ingredients is done by our cells and to understand what type of food we should eat we first have to understand what type of nutrients can our cells use to produce energy and what is the most efficient way to produce it.

Before we concentrate on human cells let us examine cells in general. In nature we have basically two different groups of cells according to the type of fuel that they use to produce energy. One type of cells utilizes glucose (sugar) and the other type will utilize keton (fat). You may ask “what is the difference” especially when we take into consideration that all our cells can produce energy utilizing either one of them. To answer this question, first I have to explain what sugar is and how sugar is converted into energy and what fat is and how in converted into energy.

Sugar is a molecule that consists of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Fat is a molecule that consists of carbon and hydrogen. To produce energy (electric energy) the carbon has to be separated and eliminated and the free hydrogen  becomes the energy. To do so the cell will bond two atoms of oxygen to an atom of carbon creating carbon dioxide and eliminate it through respiration and free hydrogen will stay in the cell. This process will take place in the cellular generator that we call mitochondria. Since the oxygen is necessary to eliminate the carbon, that means that  cell which is burning sugar, does not need additional oxygen since the oxygen is present in the molecule of sugar. Such glucose burning cells are found in plants. Furthermore those plants will transform excess  energy into a complex sugar that we call carbohydrate and store it in cellulose fiber to be used when food is not available or as the primary fuel in reproductive cell such as in grains, potatoes, bananas, rice…

Cells that are programmed to use fat as an energy source need to have oxygen injected into the mitochondria where it can bond with the carbon in the fat to make carbon dioxide which is then eliminated and in the process release free hydrogen. This is a tightly controlled process. Oxygen has to be delivered to the cell and then it has to be absorbed into the cell so it can finally be used. Cancer cells have a problem absorbing oxygen because their osmotic pump is not functioning properly. This is the reason why they can’t utilize fat in energy production but they will thrive on sugar. Furthermore the organisms whose cells are programmed to utilize fat as their energy source will store excess energy in the form of fat and deposit it in the fatty tissue to utilize in case of food shortage or as the fuel for creating new life. Animals are just such organisms. When animals eat, the final product of digestion will be fat and as such it will be absorbed into the blood and distributed to the cells. It does not matter if the animal is a carnivore, an omnivore or a herbivore their cellular energy production will be based on burning fats and not sugar. There is no animal that has any storage of carbohydrate in it´s body. Scientists argue about what is the proper diet considering the length of digestive tract and shape of the teeth or mobility of the jaw and all those things are not important. It is just a side issue of the repackaging plant of the body. Animal cells can utilize fat or sugar to create energy and now we will see where the difference is and why humans are getting fat, have short lives, show signs of aging and have diseases and how it is all connected to the food and glucose in particular.

Animal cells are programmed to burn fat to produce energy. No matter if the animal had its meal or if its stomach is empty as long as it has fat deposits (food reserve) it will have full power and will not show signs of exhaustion or lack of energy. A lion can go without a meal for several days and it will still  hunt with full force the same as if it had eaten the day before. A whale can live off of its blubber for months. The sane goes for a bear and so on. So what has happened with humans? Most of us can barely survive without eating between meals. Usually two hours after our meal we start feeling hungry and weak, no energy, light headed, in desperate need of a snack. Even herbivores can go without eating for a while and not exhibit weakness as long as they have fat deposits, but not us. We can be fat, barely able to move due to the reserve food that we have stored for our cells and at the same time our cells can be starving, missing the fuel and we feel it as light headiness, tiredness and inability to concentrate. There is no way that we would be able to hunt in this condition. What has happened to us?  The answer is in the fuels that power our cells. We are powering our cells with a fuel which is different from that which we keep in reserve. Once the fuel supplied by what we eat is burned, the cells have to rely on the stored reserves which are not the same. Cells that are used to burning sugar are not prepared to deal efficiently with fat and the output is reduced by two thirds. We are the only animal that uses sugar (glucose) as the energy source for its cells and we do this by choice and not by design.

After the meal our blood absorbs large quantities of glucose. This sugar has to be removed from the blood so it is bonded to insulin and either absorbed into the cells or, if the load is too large it will be transformed into triglycerides and deposited as fat for later use. So far so good. And now we are going to expose the problem.

To make this easier to understand I will use simple measurements that we can easily relate to.

We know that one unit, let’s call it a gram, of fat has three times more energy than one gram of sugar. There should not be a problem to switch the fuel, right? Wrong.

Let us estimate that every cell in our body requires an average energy of 60 Ah (ampere per hour). To produce energy when mitochondria (the cellular generator) receives the fat it will start injecting oxygen and start producing about 20 Ah of energy per mitochondria (generator). Since the cell needs 60 Ah of energy, the cell will activate two more generators. Now three mitochondria will produce exactly the correct amount of energy needed. If one gram of sugar holds 100 Ah of energy, one grams of fat will hold three times as much and that means 300 Ah of energy. This gives the cells five hours to burn one gram of fat utilizing three generators and producing the correct amount of energy. If after five hours no food was supplied by the animals feeding, reserve food in the form of fat will be supplied to the cells from the reserve fat depot and the cells will continue to supply the correct energy and the animal will not feel any loss of energy ( stamina or concentration ). Do not forget that most of the energy in our body is consumed by our nerves especially the brain. Now let us examine what will happen when the cell starts to burn sugar.

When glucose enters the cell it will be absorbed into the mitochondria to be burned as a fuel. As we know, mitochondria in animal cells will inject oxygen to burn the sugar because it is programmed to burn fat and to burn the fat it needs to add oxygen. The molecule of glucose contains its own oxygen because it is programmed to be utilized as energy source in plants where oxygen is in short supply. The effect of the extra oxygen is similar to the case where a welder is welding steel plates and someone opens the valve and additional oxygen hits the spot. The metal plate burns, creating a hole. The cells affected will not burn holes but the reaction will be explosive and the sugar will burn within 10 minutes producing 100 Ah of energy. Overcharge is always more dangerous than low charge and to avoid disaster the cell will immediately disable two generators. Since the cell needs only 60Ah of energy it will store the extra energy like the car battery will do in a car and it will supply the energy during one hour and forty minutes. After one hour and forty minutes the energy is gone and since we do not eat every hour and half, the body will supply the cells with its reserve fuel and that is the fat. HERE COMES THE PROBLEM. As fat enters the cells it will start producing energy but the cells have disabled two generators so every cell will be running on only one generator producing only one third of required energy. Our one gram of fat will now take 15 hours to burn, but that doesn’t help the cell’s current needs.To prevent problems that can be caused by over production of energy the cells will not activate other mitochondria and they will continue functioning on one third of required energy while they are waiting for sugar. If the sugar does not arrive in 30 hours, the cells will start activating required amount of mitochondria to produce sufficient amount of energy utilizing fat as a fuel. This is why after second day of fasting energy returns into our body and it becomes easier to tolerate hunger.

Understanding the action of cells helps us to understand why we are getting fat and why we do not burn the fat efficiently. This explains why we are weak even though we have a lot of reserve food in the form of fat stored in our body.

To efficiently burn sugar we would have to eat every hour and a half and the meals would have to be small so we do not get fat. If we skip a meal or a meal is not available we are going to be incapacitated no matter how much reserve fuel we have because our reserve fuel is fat while our dietary fuel is sugar. Now you can understand how  carbohydrate diet is harming our health. Major energy recovery and repairing of the cells is done at night in deep sleep. At that time we do not eat and since our cells are adjusted to burn glucose which is not available while we sleep the cells will be forced to do this  recuperation process on one third of the energy.  No wonder we are sick.

As I explained in my book, herbivores in their digestive tract, produce fatty bacteria that they use as a source of fat to fuel their cells. For us to be able to do this would require adaptation. To adapt to a vegetarian diet would take several generations and we would have to experience changes in our digestive system. One of them would be a larger stomach. I wonder if any woman would trade her figure for a vegetarian diet knowing that she would always look like being pregnant. Vegetarians are arguing that they are healthy and disease free. This is not true. If  a vegetarian eats cooked food he or she will become fat and develop diabetes mellitus. If they watch their diet and add a lot of raw vegetables and restrict the amount of cooked food they will be healthy but gradually become skinny and dehydrated. They may reach 90 years of age but they will look unhealthy, skinny, wrinkled, dry and old. Vegetarians have to supplement vitamin B12 since it cannot be absorbed from plants and vitamin D2 from plants is a far cry from the vitamin D3 that is in animals so vegetarians in North countries will suffer from vitamin D deficiency from luck of the Sun exposure and inability to supplement the vitamin D3 through their food. Vitamin D3 is based on cholesterol and deposited in animal fat.

In my book I explain how  carbohydrates in vegetables are trapped in a cellulose fiber that animals do not dissolve. This is why wild animals do not have access to glucose. Lot of “experts” are blaming fructose for our health problems and obesity. This is confusing people who want to eat healthy so they started to question fruits as diet for their fructose content. Fructose has been labeled as the “toxic sugar”. This is just another brainwashing of doctors and the public. Eaten raw, fruits and vegetables have sugar only in traces because the carbohydrate is not accessible. Fructose being very sweet (10 times sweeter than glucose) gives us the feeling that there is a lot of sugar in fruits. One kilo of bananas will have 4 grams of glucose and 7 grams of fructose in its juice but it will have 48 grams of carbohydrate trapped in its fiber. One can eat 5 kilos of raw bananas a day and experience weight loss but having two cooked bananas a day will cause them to gain weight.

The only reason why we receive enough energy from vegetables is because we destroy the cellulose fiber by cooking the vegetables thereby releasing all the carbohydrate making it available for absorption in the form of sugar. This increases the amount of insulin in the blood creating diabetes and speeds up our aging. As a bonus we get inflammations and consequently a lot of different diseases. All of this is explained in my book “Owner’s Manual for the Human Body”

Next week I will explain the difference between GLUCOSE and FRUCTOSE

Love you all

45 thoughts on “Carbohydrates versus Fats”

  1. Read your post on Dr. Mercola’s site. I think you really got a lot of things down right. I plan to spend some time reading and listening to your insights. Thanks for the good work and I am excited to find out more about your collected wisdom. On Dr. Mercola’s site I am “AlWays Young749” Regards, Clint Young.

  2. most advice seems to say that everything we eat ends up as glucose, and you seem to be saying that everything ends up as fat. what is the reason for this seeming divergence?

    1. “Modern science is corrupt and in service of its masters. There is no a glimpse of truth in it. Simply observe. No matter if you indulge on meats, fats or carbs you will become obese. Our body stores extra energy in a form of triglycerides, ant that is fat.
      It will store it so that it can use it for energy when we do not eat and energy is needed. This also proves that our cells are programmed to produce energy from fat. Glycogen (animal made glucose) is just a booster fuel. Read my book to better understand this important information.

  3. it seems extreme and unnecessary to condemn all modern science as corrupt. i respect your contribution to enlightenment re diet, but your paranoid rantings make no sense.
    there is of course some corruption but you can”t say just listen to me, everyone else is a liar and expect reasonable educated people to be on board with that.

  4. if cooking breaks down the cellulose fiber protection that prevents their being used as carbs when eaten raw, does blending and juicing also break down those protections,
    should we not use NutriBullet and Juicers? Does the cellulose fiber also keep us from absorbing the vitamins and minerals in raw vegetables?

  5. momo…i said that the science we are fed with is corrupt but this is the only science we are aware of as public.
    Blending food does not break cellulose. High speed juicers probably not either because people would get fat on fresh juices and they do not.

  6. where is the science to “high speed juicers, etc…PROBABLY not either etc ” you either know or don’t, a scientist should find out, not guess. and you say people do not get fat on fresh juices where is the science there? if the juices contain lots of fructose many say
    that they contribute to weight gain. those who say that are not corrupt, they just are of that opinion. “on fresh juices” implies only juices, sure you wouldn’t gain weight if that’s all you consumed. also you didn’t answer about whether the cellulose shields off the vitamins and minerals, and if not, then how does that work?

      1. anyone can write a book. there is no truth to your statements that we don’t get carbs from fruits and veggies due to their cellulose, and that you can eat 5 kilos of bananas without getting fat. just preposterous nonsense, and garlic has many demonstrated benefits and has stood the test of centuries, and Italians don’t have health problems due to high garlic consumption, so your “neurotoxin” warning is no reason anyone should stop eating garlic.

      2. momo and how did you come to the conclusion that I am wrong? I guess it differs from what you are being told on TV. You must be correct my friend. I didn’t want to confuse you.

  7. charlatans like you always demonize science, but science is truth. the fact that some humans are corrupt or mistaken or extreme or flawed who happen to be scientists does not mean there’s anything wrong with modern science and its methods, only the particular fault of particular people. icecaps are melting and oceans are rising, and it’s not due to cycles or sunspots, it’s demonstrably due to greenhouse gases. you try to get your cockamamie wrongheaded and distorted message across by saying listen to me, not to “them”.

  8. it has nothing to do with what TV says, it’s just common sense that if you ate a ton of bananas you will get a ton of calories and get fat, and if you could get no carbs from raw veggies due to the blocking of the cellulose, then you would starve to death eating nothing but raw veggies, but of course you will not starve. you cannot cite any studies that would prove you right. saying the media are liars does not prove your theories. you are the only person i have ever read that says garlic is unhealthy. on what evidence?
    it’s like every source keeps coming up with more new studies on the efficacy of high doses of Vitamin D3, yet some crackpot female newsletter writer is yelling that D3 receptors cannot handle more than 400 mg per day and bad things happen when you take more. how did she alone come up with that? should i stop taking 2000 mg D3 a day because she wrote that? where is the evidence?

  9. Have you not researched people like Dr.McDougall, Fuhrman, Barnard, Esselstyn. They promote high carb with Science backing it up. Same with Dr. Gregor. All healthy and energetic into their old age. Sure brought my fasting blood sugars down, super digestion etc. Probably everyone just has to find the type of eating that works for them…..

      1. The old age I am referring to is, probably 70 to 85 which is the age of these fellows at the moment. Not bad eh for very good health at that time of life…..

    1. Bev, science without observation of nature is not a science at all. Unfortunately doctors have no clue about digestion with exception of chemical gibberish the is doing nothing more than confusing us. It is not important that all planets and stars are round, Earth is flat is what some say and give explanations. Well if you do not observe, how can you know the truth???.

    2. Darko’s answer is always “read my book”. do i want to read a book from a person that mocks oceans rising and icebergs melting? or tells me i can eat 5 kilos of raw bananas and because all fruits and veggies have a protective cellulose shield, they yield no carbs? so you starve if you only eat raw veggies? or says that all modern science is corrupt? or that nobody currently on this earth for the last century is following the diet of the Chinese Taoists, even by accident, and that’s why 122-24 is always the highest age for a living person on the planet? gee if only ONE would eat what they did, 256 would be the age! I admit his message appealed to me when i first read the Mercola reader replies, but after getting more into it, i believe he’s loony. The more he says the more he proves he’s not someone you want to put stock in, even Mike Adams would not be this whacko. The “corrupt” scientists have kept the info about garlic being a neurotoxin from us? They have conspired for centuries to foist this false information that it’s a beneficial food on us? it the evil garlic cartel ya think?

      1. momo you are twisting statements like major media. If you quote someone, please do it correctly.
        I have never said that ice is not melting and that the oceans are not rising. I just say that human pollution have nothing to do with it. And the worst pollution of our precious planet is created through the chemtrails.
        We can only draw conclusions based on the information we receive. More information one accepts, the closer it can come to the truth. If one closes himself into a box of know it all, he stays trapped in it.

    1. Antoineta, you have waited 10.5 months to say the same thing you said last Oct 1, “interesting”.
      have you read Darko’s book in the interim? are you old enough to remember “Laugh-In”
      series on TV? the bit where Arne Johnson, has the repeating line…”Very Interesting….(pause)…BUT STUPID” !!!!!!

    1. Chris, apples do not contain a lot of glucose (starch) so by cooking the apples there will not be much harm done but do not expect any benefits as the enzymes are destroyed.
      The Plant is not using the fruit for anything else but to entice an animal to eat it and spread the seeds. The seeds contain the energy needed for the new growth, not the fruit itself.

  10. In response to some of the comments on “nothing wrong” with modern science and allopathic medicine,perhaps someone needs to be enlightened on study of iatrogenesis,the results of the stupidity of left brain thinking where solution become the problem and the treatment is worse than disease,and the sheep keep going back for more,there is no hope for bourgeois don’t waist your time on them,keep up the great work,cheers T.M.

  11. Hi Darko, when I dont eat carbohydrates I dont have to go to the bathroom much. Isnt it important to have daily bowel movements? Without carbs, its not easy.

    1. Robert if you have a problem evacuating, you are low on water. Hydrate with water and sea salt.
      If you want to heal and remain healthy stop eating cooked and processed vegetable in any form, brother.

      1. When you first stopped eating carbohydrates, did you feel lethargic and shaky? I find whenever i stop carbs, I get very irritable, shaky, low energy immediately

      2. Robert, as I explain, dietary glucose reprograms our genetic expression and by doing so, it puts our body out of balance and unable to functions properly. The gene reprogramming is necessary before we start feeling comfortable living without carbohydrates once again.
        I can lead you through this process so that you are more comfortable through this transition period.
        If you prefer to work with me on your transition contact me through my mail

        1. Darko, what when and where were the 4 times humanity destroyed itself?
          what kind /brand of sea salt do you use, and how much per gallon?
          tell me how i can safely lose 10 lbs of belly fat in 1-2 months and i will be convinced
          to buy all your books and recant my criticisms. i am a healthy 80 year old jazz musician who plays golf walking 2x a week, swims 20 minutes 3x a week, and does a light 40-min gym workout 2x a week. i don’t overeat, not a lot of sugar, otherwise balance of healthy carbs/fats/proteins. i sleep 5-6 hours a night (fall asleep easily but can’t can’t sleep longer) and take a short nap, thank you.

          1. momo, I will not twist your arm.
            If you want to experience first hand healing and rejuvenation, book a Skype appointment with me. It will be about two hour conversation where I will explain everything, answer your questions and afterwards follow and guide your progress. If you do this I promise that you will loose all the weight you want painlessly, regain your health and start getting younger and younger.
            Love and light brother.

          2. Darko I am not a troll, i would not be here if i didn’t find a lot of what you say fascinating and worth investigating. I believe you have come up with some great insights. However, i am possessed of a healthy skeptical nature and lots of experience, and I need to challenge you with questions. I am in the process of reading through your archives for my education, and don’t want to burden you or myself with a 2-hr session until i have absorbed all i can, and ask you some questions, if you would be so kind. I am a relatively healthy 80, most people take me for 65, so i am not in any dire need of a cure but am always seeking improvement. What i find disturbing is that you talk about love, but you spew so much hatred, bile, and insult at the medical profession, and all drugs -that it seems very hypocritical. I have been victim of bad medicine and bad drugs in my time,
            but i have also benefited from some good medical advice and good drugs. They are not all stupid, brainwashed, vile, etc etc etc. Your take on vaccination is just wrong. Vaccines have saved millions of lives and eradicated several diseases, and must be administered to the “herd”, those that hold out for the wrong reasons cause a lot of damage to others, yes there are some very bad effects from vaccines in a small % of people, and it’s heartbreaking when there are children negatively effected, but on the whole there is no comparison to the benefit- and please don’t argue this, i have heard all the arguments, and the current measles epidemic is just one case in point. You’re wrong, period.

            You also talk so much about your “family”. Are you looking to become a cult leader? Sure sounds like it. We’re not your “family”, we’re just people who find your theories interesting
            and want to follow your train of thought to our benefit, when you are right. And I believe that your central ideas of the way the body, chemically, electrically, etc. functions is unique, and shows a certain genius and has some ring of truth, and i’m excited about
            exploring it and possibly adopting much of your advice, but only when i can be sure about it, and therefore need to keep asking questions, hopefully you will continue to respond as you already have several times.

            -One thing i’d like to know is what kind and/or brand of sea salt do you recommend i switch to from the Himalayan pink i now use? (btw my bp is usually around 100/60)
            – i’d also like to know about your amazing statement that 4 times humanity destroyed itself. i never heard about that, ever. When and where were those calamitous events?I’ve only heard about the mass species extinctions in earth’s history.
            -last summer i pasted up a list of Dr. Gundry’s eat this/don’t eat that Lectin-free diet, but when trying to follow it, i didn’t feel any better or lose any weight so became skeptical about his theories. What’s your take on his ideas? (btw i’m 6’4″ 212 if i lost just 10 lbs of belly fat i’d be an 80 year old adonis lol)
            -Thank you so much for your brilliant (if sometimes flawed) mind. hey, nobody’s perfect.LOL hope you will allow me to approach this in a way i am comfortable, before i make any moves for a long session.

      3. momo as you have experienced personally, I never refuse to help but sometimes I do not have the time to answer every question separately so if it is not important for a current health issue, I skip it.
        About the salt, I was using sea salt from France and Portugal before. I forgot the name but most of them come under the name of Celtic sea salt.
        Ask the agricultural supplier for sea salt for animals. You can get a great deal there. It is the same none-refined sea salt.
        I use strong language as doctors are concerned because I am trying to wake them up and it is not happening. I am frustrated with their inability to reason an at least try things for themselves.
        Vaccines never worked and what is happening now, they spread diseases through vaccination.
        Remember that all school books, newspaper articles, scientific papers that are promoted, movies and publicly disclosed health triumphs are nothing more than a way of promoting desired information which is ALWAYS false.
        Measles are exploding because they are biological weapon being released to scare people into accepting vaccine which will harm their lives.
        About the four destruction of humanity there is plenty of evidence but you will not find it easily because the Vatican would be ruined. Vatican is collapsing as we speak so soon this will be a common knowledge.
        13 thousand years ago was the last, fourth destruction of humanity during the Atlantis era. Before, about 300 thousand years ago there was another destruction with atomic weapons and in India they found ruins of an old city with remains of corpses laying around and radiation is still detectable in the area.
        Do some research yourself brother.
        And yes, we are all brothers and sisters. We are the same spirit and this you will learn soon from other sources.
        If you do not want to feel like we are family, then do not include yourself in it. We are told that we are not connected so continue trusting the corrupt science if this makes you feel better but to me, you are my brother no matter what you think.
        Love and light

  12. so we should ignore the advice to never eat these vegetables raw, always steam them and pour off the liquid: kale, arugala, broccoli, and a couple others of their ilk? we should eat them raw? or avoid them?

    1. momo, broccoli we eat when the seeds are still green so in this stage they are toxic. In general, we should not eat any steamed or cooked vegetables and salads should be used as cleansers. We do not receive any nutrition from raw vegetables and when we heat them up, the cellulose bursts and dietary carbohydrates (glucose) is released which creates none desirable changes in our genetic expression

  13. should we also ignore the advice to promote regularity and prevent colon cancer by eating more fiber (or taking Metamucil etc)? is that toxic and only effective because it “infames our intestines”? you are saying just hydrate to achieve regularity, don’t mess with fiber?

    1. momo, so far every colon cancer client I had was vegetarian or had plenty vegetables in their diet.
      All of the “science” related to our diet is false. We do not need cellulose fibre in our diet since it is non digestible.
      You should read my books and learn from them if you are really interested knowing things and then try and implement what you have learned. Only after you have your own experience, you can k ow for sure.
      Love and light brother.

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