MIP PERU news 6/28/15

As promised, I will be periodically informing you about our work with “Mission Possible Peru” here in Peru.


As mentioned in previous article from Peru, people are friendly and eager to help. The nature is fabulous and our dogs Binnie and Harro are always out of breath when we return from walk.

As our work goes, things are progressing. The start is slow as usually because the message is new and hard to believe since it is drastically different from what they are being told by the media and their doctors. As we have expected our first clients are people that medical industry discarded as incurable. This makes our work that much more important but more difficult since it is really easy to help someone that has just started to experience health problems. Once medical industry “intoxifies” and harms the body it becomes more difficult to put it back into shape.

Some of those people had felt the difference already and started to talk about their experience. This is how the word will spread around.

We have held two lectures so far for teachers in a public school. As expected reaction to the message was taken as positive by some and suspicious by others.


The message is “take back your power and heal yourself” and is based on change of habits that had brought us into the toxic state of disease. Most difficult thing to believe for most hypertensive people is that thy have to increase salt intake since they have been told by their doctors that salt is the one thing they have to live without.

Needles to say, there were many questions about it.


So the information quest (do not want to mention war since it is all about cooperation} is going to continue. This is poor country so we ask everyone  that can, please contribute by sending us donation.

With love and light


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