Is it a foggy brain, absentmindedness, or a total scientific disconnect?

We are being told, “trust the science!”. Scientists are the experts, they know what they are talking about so follow their lead.

Well, we have many examples showing us not to do what the “experts” have told us and another example was just shown in this video that my friend Frank has provided

In this video, Dr. Robert Malone, a master’s degree in medicine, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine who knows what there is to know about this “animal”, had himself jabbed TWICE with this mad-sin/poison.
Why? What did he try to achieve exactly?
To protect himself from a nonexistent virus that even if it would have been existing, is 99.007% nonlethal.

Do we need to have any discussions with such people?
Should we even listen to what they have to say?

Dr. Malone is accompanied by a Ph.D. biologist, a specialist in evolution and immunology, and a third gentleman whose status was not disclosed and they are complaining that the problem is the censorship where “scientific discussions” cannot take place.

The only scientific truth that came out of their mouth was their disconnect and their stupidity.
The only reason I am presenting this video is to show you not to come close to any licensed doctor.

This very short discussion, clearly shows that they have some brain damage.

What is the first thing we are told as far as immunology is concerned?

“Once your body was exposed to some pathogen, it will create immunity towards it”.

If you have not been exposed to the pathogen and the pathogen is infesting your area and you want to protect yourself from it, get vaccinated because the vaccine has an attenuated pathogen that will alert your immune system to create immunity towards it.

Why would you go and get vaccinated if you have been exposed to the pathogen already, and have obtained your natural immunity?
Because you are a brainwashed/licensed scientist.

BRAINWASHING 2 By T-BOY | Philosophy Cartoon | TOONPOOL

Another “brilliant” statement was that vaccines are designed to remain in the place of application and not to spread throughout the body, and this is what is happening with all vaccines but it seems that this mRNA vaccine spreads throughout the body.

How can they say such a stupid thing with a straight face?

What possible system is preventing the poison from spreading through the body once it was injected into it?

It is like they are living on another planet and do not see what is happening around them.

Are they not aware of B. Gates spreading of paralyzing diseases through India and Africa with his “vaccines”? How can they say that the jab stays locally where it was introduced into the body?

It is obvious that they do not know what is in those “vaccines”.

No antiviral vaccine was ever created to protect the body.

They are a cocktail of toxic proteins designed to pollute the body and make it prone to “autoimmune” reactions.

In my opinion, all vaccines have this purpose and this is why we have such a dramatic increase in chronic diseases, especially of those that are labeled as being of the autoimmune character.

Since nano-robots are introduced to those vaccines, they are made to blend with the general biological garbage of the blood by coating them with lipids.

Because those lipids are cholesterol compounds, they do possess a foreign protein that the body should eliminate.

For the body to be able to eliminate them, they first have to be labeled with a GcMAF immunological marker.

Unfortunately, no glucoholic produces this protein because its cells were reprogrammed to produce an enzyme called Nagalase (glycoside hydrolase) so that they can utilize glucose for energy production.

This is a genetic glitch caused by introducing the forbidden food into an animal’s body through the incorrect diet.

The discussion turns towards the “toxicity of s spike protein” and how the body replicates it which is causing all of the symptoms of infection.

Are they blind?

Don’t they notice that adverse reactions are experienced by most people to the jab itself since it contributes to the overall blood’s toxicity and if enough plasma is present in the blood, the symptoms of an infection/blood’s detox, appear.

The severity of symptoms that are expressed by the body after it was jabbed is related to the toxicity of the blood, the level of blood plasma, the cellular dehydration, and the overall cellular toxicity since they all contribute to the way how the body will react to suddenly increased toxic load of the blood.

We have to keep in mind that our robot is self-adjusting to any environment so longer exposure will adapt the body to the given environment even if this environment is changed through a toxic vaccine.

If the symptom persists, this indicates that the body is treating this as a poison that has to be cleaned out.

In this case, the self healers protocol is the best way to remedy this situation.

Everything that exists in our reality is supported by an energetic signal which is present on this Planet.

When we make a difference in some frequency which is then recognized as being a toxic vibration and causes dis-ease, this signal does not have the support of the Earth’s resonance and cannot be sustained. Sooner or later the frequency of creation takes over by correcting the off-tune vibration.

This is the reason everything heals in time.

This is the reason why all artificial genetic manipulations correct themselves often as soon as in the next generation.

We are being exposed to the very strong energy of a very high frequency that is changing our genetic expression. Our bodies are mutating. This is why we feel very tired, memory loss, headaches, and other symptoms which are related to our toxicity.

The less toxic we are, the easier will it be to go through this evolutionary process.

All those vaccines are designed to keep us polluted so that we cannot increase our frequency and stay trapped in the third-density and continue serving the evil.

The rupture is occurring. We are in the moment of separation and there is the last moment in which some of us can still offload the toxic garbage and “jump on the train”.

Open your eyes, open your mind, detoxify and jump on the train of the fifth-density. The train has left the station, there is no more time to think. Just jump.

Love and light to us all.

Are your eyes open? How about your mind?

toothpick eyes tom - Google Search | Tom and jerry, Pics ...

No matter where we search and how progressive and how truthful is the information, there is a big chance that we become mislead even by those who genuinely are meaning well.

For example, we are being warned to convert our money. Go into crypto- currency. Accumulate gold and silver because this is what will hold its value.

Many truth seekers are warning us about the cyclic turn of events and how everything is just a repeat so do not trust the players, the change will be just a new cycle of a wheel that keeps repeating the past.

This way of analytical thinking is exactly what has made the defeat of the Cabal possible.

The Cabal was expecting the continuation of events and another spin of the wheel, ignoring the signs of a major change, and the change I am talking about is the shift of the frequency.

Since our reality is our brain’s interpretation of frequencies that it receives or it produces, we can directly influence the outcome and the reality we want to experience.

The frequencies we are receiving are shifting our reality in accordance to the program we have been programmed with and the programs we have accepted, and the reality around us is the result of our brain’s calculation and the consciousness of our physicality’s expectation.

This consciousness of our physicality we have named our mind/ego.

The destruction of the Cabal has been achieved a year ago and from then until now, everything we are going through is being allowed to happen because this is not, an end of one cycle, this is an end of a game and before the new game starts, everything has to be mopped up, cleaned and cleansed so that the next game has a clean and fresh start.

We are the creators of this new game and we are not bringing any bad things from the past into the new creation.

Since money was invented to enslave us, this is the first thing that will not be manifested in the new game, so do not get bent over trying to find the most perfect solution, the best investment.

I am not concerned about the future. I am focusing on today, right now about what to do and how to help because the change is hard on all of us.

The physical signs of a dramatic change in progress are all around us but we are too concerned with whom to punish and how to prepare for the future that we ignore to understand.

One place to go and learn about the physical changes that are now occurring is on the Griffin Chicken Youtube channel.

Now it is not the time to elaborate about the past, to argue about the shape of our reality being it a globe or a plate.

We are being divided in as many fractions as possible so that we do not connect consciously and raise our frequency allowing the shift to take place.

Wake up, open your eyes, do not fall for the deception because you will be left behind. There is no more time left. Make up your mind and act, save yourself.

Not everything can be explained simply by observation and mistakenly, things are explained in the wrong way, but facts are the facts.

In the video cholesterol levels in the body are being related to the amount of cholesterol we consume and this is a mistake because the body will create cholesterol it needs no matter what we eat, be it fat, protein, or sugar/carbohydrate.

The truth is that a vegan diet is unhealthy because our robot was created to run on an animal program and not on a plant program. Those of you who are following my work know it well.

The reason I am pointing to those videos is that my friend Nathan sent me one and I find them refreshing.

The truth is being exposed although the technical parts are not exactly the way they are being presented.

Nobody knows the full truth while incarnated.

This is why I always remind you not to trust anything fully but your own experience and be opened to absorb all information so that your brain can do the calculation. The more information we have accepted, the closer to the truth we will get.

We have been indoctrinated to trust only what we can see and touch. Senses are being ignored as being subjective so they cannot be trusted.

“Do not trust your intuitions”, we are being told, “that is a devil’s work!”

Religion is supposed to be our connection to the spiritual world but instead, it has become a tool of enslavement. “If you do not embrace Christ, If you do not bow in front of God, if you do not accept Allah, you are lost, infidel, goyim… and you are evil and cannot be saved. God will banish you to Hell.

With such a frame of mind, we are lost. All those religions contribute to the division and were designed to divide people.

By those who are “connected” we are told not to eat meat. Eat only plants so that you do not hold your body down with bad karma.

“Plants have no feelings, this is why they are meant to be the food.”

Anyone who thinks this way is more disconnected than they can imagine.

Now the skin color is back in play and even the most obvious and natural biology as the male and the female gender is scrutinized.

People are divided into 30 + genders that hate each other but talk about unity under the banner of a rainbow.

Are your eyes open, can you see?

Is your mind opened, are you able to absorb and evaluate?

If not, the truth will literary blow your mind because you will not be able to accept it.

The bubble is about to burst and the flood of truth is going to be spilled.

Prepare yourselves for a time of grand confusion and despair.

Some people have already started with the process of awakening (to the truth), and have a hard time coping with it.


Because they are trying to hold onto what they are familiar with and are afraid of the new since it is unknown.

Fear is what creates discomfort and pain.

The only way to conquer fear is to have faith.

Sit comfortably, take a deep breath and exhale slowly focusing your mind on relaxation.

Leave problems to the creator, and have faith, because the creator never means you harm.

Ultimately, the creator is YOU.

Love and light to us all.

Viral detoxification

Those of you who are following my work are probably wondering, how can we detoxify what does not exist?

You are correct as far as science goes but, and there is always the but thing, our bodies are reacting to something which makes them show detox symptoms, so if the virus does not exist, what are people detoxing from during the flu season for example?

Here is a video that my friend Tone provided in which Dr. J. Mikovitts is talking about her involvement in virus cultivation and I would like you to watch it

As you can see or better say as you can hear from Dr. Mikovitts, to make a culture of viruses, all kinds of animal proteins are mixed together and you cannot cultivate them in vitro (out of the body), this protein mix has to be inoculated (injected) into the host animal that will now produce the virus.

What virus? No virus was isolated so how do you know that there is a virus?

The cells of animal tissues that are used can live in vitro, so why cannot viruses be cultivated in vitro as well?

Because a virus as a microorganism does not exist.

The animal shows signs of die-ease after being inoculated with this protein mix, so there must be a virus.

Well, when this stuff is injected into our body, the body makes a defensive reaction to the foreign protein and they call it an immune reaction to the vaccine.

None of it has anything to do with any microbial pathogen/virus.

The so-called viruses are then classified according to the symptoms this toxic mix is creating in the body of the host and given names like the retrovirus, herpes simplex virus, coronavirus… but there is no virus anywhere to be found, it is just a toxic soup of all kinds of proteins and poisons designed to provoke a certain reaction in the body into which it is being injected to.

The symptoms are caused by the body’s defense and cleansing mechanism towards the toxic biological soup that was injected directly into the body because if given orally, the body would neutralize those proteins before they can do any harm.

Dr. Mikovitts says that the immune system weakens with age and it is weaker in children and pregnant women is correct but not because their immune system is suppressed as she implies.

Children grow rapidly and pregnant women are supporting another growing organism. Both of those things are energy demanding and the energy is distributed according to the demand. Not much energy will be wasted for defense if no toxicity is interfering with the growth.

We have only one type of energy which is electricity. The voltage is what holds the frequency stable so when there is a drop in voltage, this is when there is a danger of a shift in frequency.

When energy is used for growth, the voltage in the body drops, and the body becomes more susceptible to frequency interference.

If you want to understand the body, turn to physics, forget about biochemistry.

Please do not misunderstand me. I love Dr. Judy Mikovitts but as a scientist, she is so much influenced by the indoctrination science of lies, that in all of her brilliance, she skipped realizing that there is no virus, it is all about infecting the body with foreign proteins and additional toxic elements.

Dr. Mikovitts mentions that the vaccines cripple the detox system which is not exactly true.

She does not realize that the cleansing mechanism is revolving around minerals and salts, since we are being drilled through the entire schooling/ dumbing process how salt is toxic and should be avoided at any cause.

Deliberately we are put into a position of low salinity so that our bodies cannot cleanse themselves.

By not understanding the principle of cleansing, Dr. Mikovitts is blaming the “spike” protein for the symptoms of dis-ease.

She talks about how this “spike” is causing the symptoms of fever, headaches, pain, nausea, diarrhea… as the body is fighting with it.

Those of you who follow my work realize that this has nothing to do with any “spike” protein, it is simply a detox process through which the body is attempting to rid itself of the toxic garbage that was injected into it.

When combined with other toxins that came into the body through the wrong diet and our emotional responses, the toxic load can overwhelm the body’s self-regulating mechanism and cause damage/autoimmune reaction, and death.

This is the reason why moderately toxic people cope with the “flu” easier, and the more toxic we are, the more symptoms we experience, and the more chance we have to drop dead whenever the detox is triggered.

When she talks about HIV, it is important to understand that the medication cocktail for HIV is loaded with poison and suppressants of the immune system which actually is the cause of HIV symptoms, and the bodies natural attempt to detoxify is suppressed by forcing the cells to stay I closed in what Dr, Bruce Lipton calls the fight and flight cellular response.

This prevents cells from releasing their toxins into the blood making the HIV “dis-ease”, manageable, controlled.

Get rid of this medication/toxic cocktail, and increase the plasma levels of the body and the body will go into a cleansing mode, it will cleanse and heal itself.

Dr. Mikovitts exposes what I am disclosing for 15 years that vaccines are the deliberate poisoning of our bodies, and have nothing to do with protecting us from diseases.

She explains things using the indoctrinated science of biochemistry which complicates things way more than they really are.

We can cleanse all of these poisons. Our bodies are perfectly created self-maintaining robots that will cleanse and repair themselves whenever they are given a chance.

Because of her indoctrination, Dr. Mikovits recommends juicing and consumption of vegetables to help the body heal. I am exposing the mechanism of how plant toxins put our cells into the flight and flight state. By not releasing their own toxins into the blood, our blood is maintaining lower toxicity which suppresses the symptoms of toxic blood and its detox, which we have named a dis-ease.

We have to continue learning and instead of keeping our cells toxic, we have to help the body to cleanse the cells so that we can finally heal.

Here we go again. The SHP is the way out.

Love and light to us all

As the wind blows

Cartoon of the Day: Winds of Change

The most commonly utilized method in medicine that is used to verify if some treatment or medicament is bringing positive results is statistics.

Why are statistics utilized?

Well, when you do not understand the problem, and you do not understand why is the body responding the way it does, the observation is the only way that shows if what you are doing is having any impact on the subject in question.

Actually, the process of diagnosing someone with diseases is done in a very similar way.

An individual comes to see the doctor of mad-sin because he/she does not feel well.

The symptoms he/she is experiencing are fatigue, dizziness, headache, dark urine, chest pain, nausea, diarrhea, back pain, pain in legs, heart murmur.

So far, this could be associated with many chronic diseases such as are Lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hemolytic anemia, malaria, HIV syphilis…but it is Winter. It is cold outside, and the individual was doing ok while it was warm outside.

This is one information that identifies multiple patients where those symptoms occur when it is cold so a cold influenced symptoms of general chronic disease is labeled Cold Agglutinin Disease (CAD)

It was noticed that red blood cells are being destroyed. They clump together as if being glued and protein commonly observed in a variety of so-called autoimmune diseases called agglutinin is formed around them “bonding them together”.

It is commonly accepted that bacteria are being destroyed by our immune system in such a manner so when our red blood cells are experiencing this, it must be that our immune system has gone haywire and is now destroying its own body.

Since this is happening in this individual only when it is cold outside, the disease is named CAD and not Lupus or rheumatoid fever…

Since this is not an isolated case and it occurs predominantly in older people or in people with other chronic ailments, it is a disease that has to be medicated.

CAD is not a very common disease and it is more prevalent in older women after menopause.

Everyone who is familiar with my work and thinks, already sees the writing on the wall.

What are the symptoms of a body that is severely dehydrated on the cellular level?

Chronic fatigue, tiredness, foggy brain, forgetfulness…

What are the symptoms of toxic blood?

Headache, muscle pain, joint pain, elevated blood pressure, tachycardia or arrhythmia, a low electromagnetic charge that causes clumping of blood particles…

What are the symptoms of the blood’s detoxification process?

Dark or foamy and smelly urine, fever, sweating, diarrhea, nausea, bad body odor…

Now, when we combine the symptoms of a dehydrated body with the symptoms of the toxic blood and its detoxification we come out with all of the symptoms of CAD.

Now eliminate the presence of bacteria (they are not there so the bacteria or other pathogen cannot be the cause), it is on an individual basis so the virus cannot be blamed, and now the only culprits that remain are a genetic problem or an autoimmune reaction.

It is not found in the family so now we are sure that it is an autoimmune reaction.

The famous scientists had discovered another chronic disease and have named it CAD.

Aren’t we lucky that we have such great scientists to protect us?

I am sorry, if they would know anything, they would let us know how to prevent those terrible chronic diseases from occurring. The simple fact that they are not doing this tells us that they have no idea what they are doing.

Incidentally, we can see many of the same symptoms in people suffering from a COVID fantasy virus.


I know that those of you who are regularly following my work has absolutely no problem realizing the deception we are living in, but what about you, my colleges, do you get it. Can you allow this information in, and are you capable of clear thinking?

I will summarize things for easier understanding.

Forget biochemistry and follow the law of physics.

Chronically dehydrated cells are very acidic. This makes it impossible for them to hold an electric charge/energy. The result is loss of energy in the body/tiredness.

Toxic blood is not absorbed by the cellular structure, it is low on plasma. This makes it dense, harder to circulate (increases BP).

The low electric charge results in a small electromagnetic charge of the cells that are in the blood. This allows cellular grouping. Cells bang into each other and into the arterial wall, they become damaged and proteins are secreted to repair them. The low magnetic field is not keeping them apart (+ and + repel) so fragments start appearing that resemble a coagulum (possibility of thrombosis).

Cleansing of the toxic blood shows symptoms that are related to the organs that do the cleansing.

Kidneys: dark or foamy urine.

Mucous tissue: phloem, runny nose, tearing eyes, nausea, vomiting, gas, cramps, diarrhea, vaginal secretion…

The skin: sweating, dark skin, discoloration, local inflammation, itchiness, pain, crust formation…

All known diseases have some or all of those symptoms. So can you show me the culprit?

How about if we start with the food, continue with the liquids we drink, the toxic plants we eat especially the medicinal “super-foods” as we are being told by the experts of the alternative mad-sin, the turmeric, garlic, ginger, alge, moringa, cinnamon…and finally we ask the real experts, our doctors of mad-sin for help and end up daily consuming aspirin, metformin, beta-blockers, statins, steroids…

Can you even imagine how resilient is our body to be able to take all of those poisons and survive?

For those of you who had the courage and willpower to follow the SHP and have wondered how does this powerful protocol work, now you realize, you have stopped poisoning yourselves and by increasing the plasma levels of your blood, you have helped your body to engage into the blood-cleansing and the cellular cleansing operation.

This was the only thing that your body was asking you to do and it was using pain as the alarm signal which was readily suppressed by your health experts, allopathic, or the alternative mad-sin gurus you have been paying big bucks to help you.

The SHP offers you freedom. No more lies. No more false experts.

The SHP puts you in the command seat but the will to do this has to be there.

Love and light to us all.

Biochemistry versus biophysics with the quantum overview

Often a question is being asked about how a particular element works in the body.

To answer this question we always approach biochemistry because this is how things are being explained in the indoctrination process we call the schooling system.

Biochemistry was the most demanding exam in the Veterinary university of Zagreb when I was studying there and out of 250 students only 69 have passed the exam on the first try and more than half had to repeat the year for flanking it in the second term.

The biochemistry is not complicated but remembering all of those formulas that you will never need was tough.

There are some geniuses on the subjects and the entire pharmaceutical industry is based on it. So much money is poured into it and so many medicaments and supplements are available and none of them actually does what it is meant to do.

So what is the deal?

In this video, Dr. Morley Robbins explains the interaction of some important metals in our body, blaming iron for the aging process and many diseases.

The chemistry is very impressive, the explanations as well and they make a lot of sense. The only thing that is missing are the results.

If you love school science, this is an excellent video to listen to.

Everything Dr. Robbins talks about makes sense. Copper is an extremely important element, so are zinc and iron.

Copper cookware was used in the past but substituted for iron and aluminum because health is not what Cabal wanted for humanity.

This is why the knowledge we are preached in schools is false and so are the subjects. Biochemistry is one of them.

Genuinely, doctors are unaware of copper and if anything, they are afraid of its toxicity because copper oxide is a potent poison.

What happens when people are diagnosed with anemia.

We say that the person is iron deficient.

One can bleed a lot and get there, but when there is no loss of blood and the person becomes anemic, doctors say that there is a problem with iron absorption, or not enough iron is in the food.

Well, the person was ok before, and now is iron deficient, why.

The body does not eliminate what it needs unless the blood levels of that element are over the radar (too high) and if there is enough plasma to do the elimination.

The body is a perfect robot that recycles everything it can use. So if the body’s blood iron has dropped, it means that the iron is trapped somewhere in the body and it is not circulating.

Supplementing it would be a mistake that is regularly being done.

Copper is crucial as Dr. Robbins explains but the mechanics of its action is not necessarily the way biochemistry is explaining.

I much prefer to agree with Dr. Keshe’s explanation.

Our tissues are reactors with nano-coated copper and zinc, and the iron is directed according to magnetic and gravitational forces under the influence of electromagnetic waves that a tissue produces.

Every organ has its frequency which directs those electromagnetic waves so any error of a frequency will cause changes in the working of that organ, or a tissue.

As Dr. Robbins explains, cancer has plenty of accumulated iron in cancer cells. He has one solution for it, Dr. Keshe has another by placing nanocoated plasma of copper to draw the iron out, but isn’t it simpler to use the power of our mind to do this job?

Here is where shamanism comes into action.

Every shaman can do this using his will, so how does this work?

The Shaman is using his mind to repair the frequency of the affected organ.

This is exactly what the new instruments that are based on vibration are all about.

All this complicated science of biochemistry is completely irrelevant because biochemistry was designed to mislead us onto dependence on pharmaceutical drugs, and their pushers called doctors.

Dr. Robbins is explaining how he is now working on a drug that will combine spirulina with copper for easier absorption. Well, good luck with it since it was proven that spirulina and many other medicinal plants are closing the cellular absorption.

Again, biochemistry looks impressive on paper but in reality, as far as our health goes, it has seldom given the anticipated results.

The body is a mechanical, electronic robot, and it is controlled through frequencies.

This is the reason behind the messenger RNA jab to insert nanosize robots that can be controlled from the outside and basically hijack the control over our robot/body.

Our brain can reproduce any frequency it is familiar with. This means that it can correct the frequencies of our organs and tissues.

When we consciously connect with another person, we receive their vibration since we become exposed to it. This is why many doctors end up with bad health.

The same happens to shamans and they have to learn how to protect themselves.

I became very affected lately as some of my new clients were very toxic. I’ve got a skin rash, pain in my lower back lost some clarity as a slight depression made me lethargic so I asked my friend Karlos, who is a shaman, for help.

I should have better protected my self but since I did not do it and since I will have an Ayahuasca ceremony on Saturday, I wanted a fast cleanse.

Karlos did a great job although he said that Hilno and I are very healthy, it was an energy of sadness that I had absorbed from someone and had to be cleansed.

I went for the complete cleanse, spiritual, and plants based purge.

It was tough and even now the third day after the cleanse, I am still cleansing with nausea and diarrhea, but my back pain is gone and I feel much lighter, oh, and my skin rash is going away.

The healing is not about putting into the body something to offset the problem.

It is about getting out of the body what does not resonate correctly.

Most of the toxins are emotionally based but since they are frequencies, our brain transforms them into particles and shows them to us in the form of a physical irregularity that causes dis-ease.

Since sound amplifies the force of vibration, shamans sing songs during the treatment which we cal Ikaros.

As the frequency was repaired, the body releases the wrong frequencies and we call this a detoxification with all of the symptoms it brings.

Me being in the correct vibrational state is important because my frequency affects my clients. Many say, “Darko I am feeling better just by talking to you”.

They are exposed to my vibrational field as I am exposed to theirs, and as they benefit, I suffer but I know how to cleanse those frequencies out unless I was careless and have ignored to do so as it was the case lately.

Our “science” cannot explain spirituality and by ignoring it, it has made science irrelevant since the essence of our reality is in the consciousness of energy itself we have named God.

Here you can see how the energy of one baby saves the life of its twin.

It is a strange thing this awakening, isn’t it?

Love and light to us all.

Are we being poisoned through deuterium?

My friend Bobbie sent me a video in which Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio explains what is deuterium, and what dangers it presents to people when they consume it.

Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen.

I do not like to go into biochemistry but here we cannot avoid it.

When we think of water, we refer to it as being H2O. Two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen.

Those hydrogen atoms we consider to be composed of one proton in the nucleus, and one electron in the orbit.

Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen that has one proton and one neutron in the nucleus, and one electron in the orbit. Since the weight of the atom comes from the gravitational pull of the nucleus, since the particles of the nucleus had doubled in number, so did the weight of the nucleus/atom itself.

The chemical symbol for hydrogen with only a proton in the cell is H, and it is often referred to as protium.

My question is, why do we label water as H2O, and heavy water as D2O since they are both atoms of hydrogen and both molecules represent water?

Properly labeled it would be P2O, and D2O, skipping the H altogether.

What we refer to as being water is composed of both H and its isotope and one liter of water weigh 1 kilogram. If you want to know if there is an excess of deuterium in your water, weigh it. Heavy water has twice the weight of “regular” water.

We are sticking with the symbol of H2O because the difference of deuterium in water is insignificant. The properties of water change insignificantly, so why even bother?

Another thing is that regularly in chemistry we have accepted that a “normal” atom is composed of the same numbers of electrons, protons, and neutrons.

This would mean that 1E, 1P, 1N would be an atom of hydrogen, and 1E, 1P would be its isotope.

What we have named deuterium is actually an atom of hydrogen and protium (what we are actually referring to as being hydrogen) is its isotope.

When there are more or fewer neutrons than protons in the nucleus of an atom, we refer to such atoms as isotopes, but in the case of hydrogen, things have changed. Why?

For example, an atom of carbon has 6E, 6P, 6N. We refer to it as C12.

Since carbon is the essence of life forms, the number 666 that represents carbon is the number of life.

Cabal has turned it to represent death, just the opposite.

An isotope of carbon is C14. Which has 6E, 6P, 8N

Well, President Donald Trump was drinking water from a bottle deliberately using both hands as implying that the water he was drinking was very heavy.

This was a specific message letting those who were targeted know, that he knows what’s going on.

Observant people started to research what could that mean and this is how deuterium got the attention.

So let’s debunk some of Dr. Rivera’s claims, shall we?

Dr. Rivera refers to heavy water as being very toxic, more toxic than mercury when in fact you can drink a gallon of heavy water just to experience dizziness that will go away and you will be fine, with no damage and no accumulation in the body will occur.

The good doctor is attributing the longer lives of people who drink melted glacier water to the lower percentage of deuterium in the water and ignores the pure air and food completely.

On the other side, he is telling us that people that spend a lot of their time at sea, deteriorate faster and points to surfers.

I do not know when was the last time he has looked at himself in the mirror?

I personally see surfers be very fit and young looking with plenty of hair in its place.

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I was living on a yacht for over 25 years, swimming and diving daily.

On top of this, for all that time I was drinking seawater either desalinated or with its salt.

Now at 65 years of age, I feel as young as I felt when I was 40, and do not look much older than most 40-year-old people do.

On top of this, my mind is clear and sharp enough to see how we are being played.

That we are being deliberately poisoned with heavy water would not surprise me at all, but can the heavy water damage us?

That is another question on its own.

Observe and use your brain to do the calculation.

If the water in our body rapidly increases in deuterium to 25% of the overall level, some of us would be unable to procreate. We would have to change 50% of our water into heavy water to experience danger.

Poisoning is done slowly as the levels of a deuterium increase replacing the protium.

Our genes will catch the change in vibration and open another blueprint to guide cells in how to survive this change of frequency.

Bacteria can use heavy water the same as the “normal” water, they survive with no apparent problems.

This tells us that there is a gene blueprint that adjusts cells to this element/frequency.

If this frequency is good for us when we are young, and benefits us, how does it all of a sudden becomes toxic when we become older?

Does this make any sense?

Like father like son | Father son tattoo, Tattoo for son ...

Is deuterium influencing the aging process at all?

Not in my reality.

In my opinion, this is just another example of look here so that you do not see what I am doing there, case.

The same is happening whit the Flat Earth polemic.

So many bright people are focused on that nonsense and have missed the train leaving the train station.

Nothing is made to deceive us more than science, and biochemistry is created exactly for that purpose.

As long as something is “scientifically” proven, it surpasses our own experiences. It does not matter what you have seen and felt, the science is proving your experiences wrong.

Isn’t there something wrong here?

What do you think?

One truth most scientists ignore is the fact that the properties of any substance depends on its structure and not on its atomic values as biochemistry teaches us.

Water is the best example of this. With our thoughts, we can restructure it ant water’s boiling and freezing temperatures will change together with other properties such as are water’s tension and elasticity.

The water can become healing medicine and poison and its chemical composition has remained the same.

Now we know that particles are an invention of our programmed brain and all there is, is vibrating energy.

An atom is an energetic field with its electromagnetic field that surrounds it that we have named an electron.

This is why the “electron” is everywhere at the same time.

All I can say is, back to school my friends. The time has come to learn the truth.

Love and light to us all.

Spike protein. Reality or nonsense?

A new bogeyman has hit the town.

The SPIKE PROTEIN is here.

From a doctor to the piss-boy, everyone is talking about it.

Soon, two masks are not going to be enough, and if time is given, a spacesuit would have soon be required if one is to leave their house.

Should we fear this spike, or is spiky a fragment of imagination?

To be able to answer this equation, we have to take into consideration some facts and engage few brain cells.

Our esteem scientists/actors/liars are telling us that there is this invisible slimy microorganism whose RNA is hiding better than the Houdini, so even the most sophisticated electronic microscope cannot bring it to light, and no chemical analysis can isolate it.

Then we are told that this invisible slimy thing is growing multiple spikes of proteins that made it possible for this slime-ball to attach itself to a living cell and attack it.

If you give such a script to Spielberg, I am sure he would reject it as a stupid hoax that makes no sense, but our doctors are gabbling it up as if it is the ultimate key to immortality.

Haven’t we learn already that whatever makes it on the first page of a News script, whatever the script readers/journalists are quacking about is always a lie.

There is this invisible thing that grows protein spikes. So we can see those spikes but not the virus?

Can anyone explain this to me and maybe Spielberg will use the script after all.

What we are being shown under the microscope is a microcell, bagged cellular garbage that cells discard during cellular detoxification, and the dots in those bags are the discarded toxins.

This means that what doctors consider to be an evil spike protein is just a discarded garbage which they amplify 40 times to smear it in front of our eyes and tell us that we are infected.

What a sham.

To make a vaccine, the way we are being told, a microorganism has to be located, neutralized, and inserted into the vaccine so that once injected into the body, the body can form an antidote to this now inert protein of this microorganism.

How can you neutralize the virus when you cannot see it or detect it?

How then, can you make a vaccine against it, and better yet, how can you make a test to detect it?

I am obviously too stupid and not intelligent enough to understand it.

This is why only doctors that comply with the “science” of fraud called mad-sin or better know as medicine, are brainwashed sufficiently to swallow this crap and complement the cook who is by the chance our trusted “expert” Dr. Fauci.

Now, our good doctor and expert in virology Dr. Fauci is incidentally a son of a saint Maria Teresa who was actually a man from Albania who had organized a large child smuggling ring from India.

First I have disclosed that Mouses was a thief who stole the tetragrammaton from Egypt, and now we have discovered that a saint M. Teresa was a devil advocate as well.

Crazy thing this disclosure business wouldn’t you say?

I have heard about Maria Teresa years ago and that Fauci is his son, this was sent to me by my friend Rama and it makes perfect sense.

The same players, generation after generation.

So much money was given to Teresa that has not been used to ease people’s suffering. It had just vanished in the thin air.

I wonder what is going to be the next bomb of disclosure and will the religion be undermined even more than it is now?

Going back to our “spiky”, if it is not the “spike” protein’s shedding that affects people who come to contact with the infected and vaccinated people what is causing the spreading of this dis-ease?

For as long as we remember there was a flu going on twice a year from which many people have died.

It is a seasonal disease that follows strong climate changes like Summer to Fall and Winter to Spring.

Many people die during flu season but nothing in comparison to when the Spanish flu hit.

Many people do not realize that when the Spanish flu hit, this was for the first time that mass vaccination against the flu was performed.

Most of those who were vaccinated have died.

From what, the flu or the vaccine?

After that, many flu plandemics were instigated from birds to pigs with projections of million dead but people have refused to be vaccinated and no plandemic has materialized.

The same is happening now but some people are so frightened of the propaganda and are lining up for the jab, and what is happening?

They are dying or suffering from pain and become debilitated.

Woman Hand Holding On Stomach Suffering From Abdominal ...

Every shift in frequency that is strong enough to induce a genetic reaction will do so and if the change is rapid, it induces leakage of cellular toxins into the blood.

A body with toxic blood changes its frequency, and its resonance will affect another body that comes close enough to the source of vibration which in the case of flu is the infected/affected person.

Different toxins will affect different parts of the body (it is all about the vibration) and the affected/infected bodies will serve as an amplifier of those frequencies influencing changes in anyone that has low immunity/cellular voltage and come close enough to the source of this vibration/sick person.

Toxic cells and fear lower the immunity/cellular voltage.

Vaccinated people are experiencing cellular detox as their bodies are cleansing themselves of those toxins that were injected into them.

The combined poison from their cells and the biological poison from depopulation jab/vaccine is stimulating vibrational changes of their bodies which will be amplified and affect anyone who comes close enough and whose immunity/cellular frequency is low.

The only spikes that could be present are those that Fauci will be soon sitting on.

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Get rid of those masks, but most of all, get rid of the fear so that your cellular voltage is up and your body resists toxic frequencies.

Keep your cells clean so follow the SHP and you have nothing to worry about.

Love and light to us all.

Are we ready for the shift?

Most likely, not. In the matter of fact, I am sure that a great majority of you are wondering what am I talking about?

So, let me try to explain it to you in as simplest way possible.

By following my work, you are aware that our genes contain blueprints that guide the cells on how to behave when their environment changes.

On the basic, quantum level everything is just energy in a variety of frequencies. So as the frequency of the cellular environment changes, the genes sense the energy shift through telomeres and open an adequate blueprint of cellular instructions.

This often involves a change of blood values since hormones are often involved and doctors are told that this is what causes diseases, which is incorrect, the environment does.

Genes are just reacting to it, and the body reacts to genetic changes just so that it can survive.

The energy on our planet has changed. It has tripled in frequency and still rising.

Our genes are unfolding new blueprints and our cells have started morphing creating a different body.

Many people are feeling very tired in the morning. This is the result of this process since most of the cellular adaptation is done while we are at sleep, and it drains our energy.

Our brain has been reprogrammed to show it to us through light but the program is not fully activated. What is holding us down is the low frequency of our mind/ego, and the toxic load that our cells carry.

We have to detoxify them so that they can raise their frequency and take us into the new reality of higher frequencies. We have named it the Fifth Dimension or the Fifth Density.

We have been helped by our “extraterrestrial” family and friends and the “Event” was being delayed so that more people have time to wake up to the truth and get ready for the ascent of frequency.

Those people who are unaware of what’s going on will fall sick if they are very toxic so it is not by chance that more and more people are lead to the SHP to use it as the tool to releasing the toxic frequencies and enabling their bodies to shift.

As Jesus Christ has risen, so will we, to meet with him in the New World that we are creating.

I know that this sounds very controversial but didn’t my healing messages sound the same just couple of years ago?

Now as we are awakening, it is becoming logical to many people what I am saying about our health.

In the video, Allison Coe says that only a small amount of people are conscious enough to stay on this planet during the Event.

This is quite obvious as many people still trust the major media and the science of “mad-sin”.

The Event is a sudden exposure to very high frequencies that will be sent from the “Central Sun” in the form of bright light.

Many people that will be here to witness this will fall down and it will take some time for them to recover, and some will need the help of those who recover faster.

I have been through this in an Ayahuasca simulation and it is not fun if you have doubt.

Doubt triggers fear and fear triggers nausea and pain.

When we get closer to the Event, what I have learned in my Ayahuasca sessions I will share with you how to handle the shift and how to behave during the illumination to fare it with ease.

We are in what we call the Biblical times of an extraordinary transformation which some of us will go through without losing consciousness, without the three days of darkness although there will be days of darkness on this planet but before the Event.

I was told by a friend that she had received the message of the Event coming in August of 2022 and when I have heard what Allison Coe has to say, I am convinced that finally, we are here.

We have reached the point of change.

Who is Allison Coe you may ask?

Allison is a student of Dolores Cannon who is continuing her work.

For those of you who are not familiar with Dolores Cannon, please take a peek at her work.

So if you are opened to disclosure, I do not have to entice you into listening to what Allison has to say.

It all resonates strongly with me and even the timeline I believe this time is right on the money.

As the timeline goes, I have been wrong many times because every change creates new possibilities, but we are running out of time as the events start unfolding.

Here is Allison Coe, listen carefully

The truth is stranger than fiction, isn’t it?

I hope that you are taking this seriously.

Please help yourselves and cleanse.

Love and light to us all

Letting go is hard to do

As the number of people that are following the SHP is increasing one particular experience is being noticed by many of them, and these are vivid dreams of stressful events that have created a bad emotional impact on them and are lingering and obstructing the energy flow in the body.

Since several of my clients have been surprised by this, I have decided to explain it a bit better so that the future followers of the SHP have the knowledge about it and know the reason why are those ugly thoughts that they were suppressing for so long surfacing to bother them again, and how to deal with them so that they do not affect their bodies negatively.

Many people are surprised as the emotions are released since the SHP is a cleansing and gene readjusting protocol so how can it have anything to do with the brain and emotions?

Well, the brain is an organ of our body and emotion is just a particular frequency that our brain has created under the influence of our mind/ego.

Whenever we are cleansing, we are cleansing frequencies that are not in harmony with nature/God melody.

Our brain is programmed to show us different frequencies as light, odor, pain, hate, love… but cells do not have this brain and those programs so all that they sense is the frequency, and its misalignment.

This is why it does not matter if the cellular pollution is caused by what our brain replicates as a toxic chemical or a toxic emotion. The cleansing of the frequency will be the same but the brain is going to interpret it in the way it was programmed to present a certain frequency.

Many times I was asked if the SHP will help people with their mental problems?

Now those who are doing the protocol are experiencing it for themselves.

Especially those who have been having emotional outbursts or were depressed and on “antidepressants”, once they stop being sedated and their bodies are in a cleansing mode, the first night without sedation they relive their worst memories. All the anger bubbles up so that they can face it and kiss it goodbye.

Exactly what is happening with our mother Earth and our society, is happening on the smaller/fractal scale with individuals.

The bad frequency is getting to the surface to be exposed to its host so that the host can let it go.

It is important not to hold a grudge because if you do, you are not letting go and this bad frequency will trap you and keep you down, preventing you to raise your frequency and ascend.

For most people, it is difficult to say I am sorry never mind to forgive.

Keep in mind that the purpose of our “life” is to experience and learn from it.

If you are unable to forgive, your experience did not taut you anything and you will have to repeat the school until you do.

Forgiving does not mean forgetting but as we forgive, we let go of the bad feeling we were harbouring and we feel better, the toxic frequency was released and no longer causes an energetic blockage.

How do we know that the emotional frequency was released?

Emotion is created by our reaction to an experience. We consciously qualify this experience as being good or bad.

This means that we have created this frequency, not someone else.

It is our ego’s decision what frequency the brain will create.

We have consciously created our response/emotion.

What we create with our consciousnesses, we can also erase with our consciousnesses.

To do this we have to be aware of it and then consciously make a decision to let it go by saying, for example, “what trip it was”, take a deep breath and slowly inhale relaxing and consciously kiss it goodbye.

If you have watched my video on dousing and how I explain that we can consciously mark energy field or designate a meaning to a symbol and douser can feel this energy and the meaning of the symbol. Then I have consciously erased the symbol and the energy ceased to be there.

It is exactly the same with the energy of emotion. It is the same energy but in a different frequency that is interpreted by our brain in a particular way of being an emotion, and by erasing it/releasing it, we get rid of it.

Since it is an emotion, we often burst into tears, but not necessarily.

Afterward, we simply feel better.

So, how do we know that we have released this energy from the place of entrapment?

The event comes to our mind, we remember what had happened and we remember the emotion, the reaction we have created to that event, and we are reacting to it the same way as when the emotion was created.

How do we know that we had let the emotion go, that we have forgiven, that we have cleansed this energy out?

We fee a relief. We feel good about it. Consciously we have put this event behind us, not to react to it in a negative way any longer.

If your mind/ego does not let it go and insists that it cannot forgive because of the harm this person has caused, the toxic energy cannot be released and it will keep you down.

Someone can do something that you do not like. Us not liking it is the emotional feeling toward his/her action. It is our conscious decision to react and to think in a certain way. If it is negative, it will have a negative impact on you and your health, especially if you feel strongly about it.

Since the frequency of our environment is rising, some frequencies are being brought to the surface that may not even be yours, they were embedded into your inherited genetic code. It does not matter where they have come from. Just acknowledge them and kiss them goodbye.

We have changed. Our Mother Earth has opened her heart and it is influencing us to do the same.

Our reactions are changing.

We desire the change and to more and more people, it is not important to see those who did us harm being tortured.

We just want the change, peace, cooperation, and love to be our new reality.

So place your focus on what you want and not what you hate.

Do not look back.

Live in the now and create your future the way it makes you happy.

Love and light to us all.

What’s the deal with NAC?

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My friend Peter sent me several copies of tweets in which people are complaining that N-A-C (N Acetyl Cysteine) is becoming difficult to get implying that the medical industry is making it difficult for people to obtain.

Now, why would our “health industry” be concerned with NAC?

What is NAC, and what is it being used for in medicine?

We are told that N Acetylcysteine is a precursor for the synthesis of glutathione, the most potent antioxidant there is that protects us from oxidative stress.

Because of this, it is used as an antidote in acetaminophen poisoning (overdose), to “block the oxidative stress” that an overdose of acetaminophen can cause.

Here we are again with this antioxidative bull.

For one, it is not Nacetylcystein that is the precursor for glutathione synthesis. The amino acid cysteine is what is used, so what is N Acetylcysteine really about?

N Acetylcysteine is a patented drug.

When it is introduced into the body, it stimulates mucous production, creates nausea, vomiting, production of phloem, itchy skin, skin rashes, and fever.

People with congestive lungs feel relief as the phloem becomes easier to eliminate, it gets diluted.

It was noticed that it improves kidney activity.

It has been noticed that it helps people with neurological issues.

Overdose increases blood pressure in the lungs and right heart ventricle. It can lead to symptoms of anaphylaxis.

The question is, is the N Acetylcysteine action related to the production of glutathione and its antioxidative stress action, or is there something else going on?

How does the body react when it is poisoned?

It is trying to eliminate the poison from the blood, and the cleansing symptoms occur.

This tactic is often used by alternative medicine to induce purges.

A particular toxin will be used to stimulate a detox of a targeted system.

The most common example of this is the use of diuretics where a toxic remedy is used to force the body to eliminate a lot of water while it is attempting to rid itself of the toxic remedy that was introduced in the body.

There are targeted medicinal/toxic substances that are being used to cleanse the colon, the liver, the kidneys…

It appears that N Acetylcysteine is a toxic substance that is being used to stimulate the production of mucus as the body is trying to get rid of it.

Since we know that a higher stage of blood toxicity will be dealt with by the mucous tissue and the skin, this is exactly where we see the occurrence of the symptoms.

When the NAC is introduced into the body, it increases the blood’s toxicity and the blood cleansing mechanism is put into action.

The symptoms will be related to the level of the blood’s toxicity combined with the toxicity of the drug that was used.

The more toxic is the blood, the stronger symptoms will be experienced.

Skin rashes and urticaria will be present in very toxic blood that could be from the lack of plasma levels in the blood, or the dosage of NAC was too high.

This will explain why the kidney’s filtration increases as well.

If the body had too much of some other drug such as is acetaminophen, it will be also cleaned out. This is why NAC is often used to “neutralize” paracetamol overdose.

The question is now, can NAC help with cleansing the blood of the depopulation jab that people are lining up to take as they have been fooled to believe that this jab is an anti-Wu-flu vaccine?

If the jab designers are trying to make NAC unavailable, this would prove that the mRNA poison can be cleansed and this will explain why did my client not show any bad symptoms after he had received the jab although he is elderly and chronically ill human being.

Did the high level of plasma in his body eliminate the toxin as it was introduced?

The symptoms indicate so but only time will tell.

In any case, the same as with all other medicinally stimulated cleanses, it is not necessary to poison our body to achieve the cleansing effect.

When we increase our plasma blood level, the blood cleansing organs will spurt into action and cleanse the blood and every organ on the cellular level, better than any medicinal remedy can do.

At the same time, there will be less to cleanse because we are not introducing a toxic element that will have to be cleaned as well.

For those of you who believe that the cleansing was done because of glutathione increase and that cysteine is necessary for this action, if you eat correctly, you have plenty of cysteine in your diet. You have nothing to worry about and no supplementation is necessary.

Vegans and vegetarians do need to supplement, and they will benefit from the supplement industry which is catered for them since the people that eat correctly do not require any supplementation.

Instead of worrying about how to obtain NAC, get hold of the Self Healers Protocol, and heal yourself.

Love and light to us all.