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We are being told all kinds of stories about this miraculous medicinal plant. As it is with any other myth the miracles keep growing and growing. Now we are convinced that eating garlic daily will make us superman with super health. WRONG. I told you that all medicinal plants are toxic, so is garlic. Did you notice that no matter where you keep cloves of garlic no animal not even fungus will attack it?
They all know that it is poisonous and they all steer away from it. If the plants in your house or garden have problems with parasites you can smash garlic, mix it with water, strain it and with that water spray your plants. The parasites will go away. Why do we think that something that is poisonous to every living creature is healthy for us?
The answer is simple; WE DO NOT THINK. Also simply, we do not observe. We are programmed to listen to TV (Tel a lie Vision) news and radio where the truth is manipulated. So is our knowledge that we obtain during our life because we do not observe and we do not think. If something does not make sense we just shrug it off. We are parrots that repeat what they hear without thinking about it. I have to apologize for parrots because my parrot uses the words correctly to express his wishes. I cannot help myself not to go into the politics because politic is the instrument of our handlers and cause of our ignorance.
In the past people knew the medicinal properties of garlic. They noticed that they do not die after ingesting garlic. They would get headaches and rid themselves of intestinal parasites. This was the purpose of eating garlic. But nowadays there are claims from it having anti bactericidal action and lowering the blood pressure, suppressing tremors in Parkinson’s disease to preventing heart attacks and more. So what really happens here?
One component in garlic is sulphone-hydroxil, a very potent neurotoxin. This explains everything. When ingested, it gets absorbed into intestinal parasites, causing them to go into spasms. They release themselves from our mucosal tissue and by intestinal contraction exit our body. At the same time sulphone-hydroxil gets absorbed into our blood circulation and passes the blood brain barrier entering into our brain.
As it is a neurotoxin, it will impair the nerve action. We will experience headache, slow reflexes, loss of clarity of thinking and concentration. We notice that our reflexes are way slower than the reflexes of a cat, a dog or a horse. Now you know why. Because it numbs the nerves, the passage of electric current through the neuron is weaker and that causes the trembling of a patient with Parkinson’s disease to stop if it is in the early stages.
Slowed down conductivity of neurons will cause delays in reflex reaction and it will deliver less current for the heart contraction so the blood pressure goes down. If you think that any of these effects are therapeutic, think again.
Why most people do not feel any bad effect from ingesting garlic? Reason for this is the ability of the cells to adapt. The same with alcohol, the cells will keep a sample for further reference. The next time one eats garlic the cells will recognize it and they will stop the osmotic pump preventing the toxin from entering the cell.
Same as with alcohol, after detecting the toxin, it takes the cell about 10 minutes to stop absorption so some toxin will enter and harm the cell. This is the reason why people that meditate are not allowed to eat or get in touch with alcohol and garlic.
Onions and leeks have this poison in much lower quantities and they will not manifest any of the symptoms but are not healthy to eat as well. I do not dispute that garlic and onions have many beneficial elements inside of them but as red wine is bad for us because it has neurotoxin alcohol, so is garlic because it has neurotoxin sulphone-hydroxil.
These toxins will stop the osmotic pump of the cells so they cannot ingest them. This will prevent the cell from hydrating and ingesting whatever good things there are in the blood. Because these toxins are in the blood and plasma, the body does not want them and diuretic action will be set in motion and they will be eliminated from our blood. Not only the bad things, but the positive things as well. This is another cause of dehydration of our body. Most people have a hard time to believe this so try it for yourself.
To feel the full effect of garlic you have to prevent the cellular receptors from shutting down the osmotic pump. It is easily done by electrifying your blood. If you eat a piece of garlic and electrify your blood you will be drunk like a skunk, not able to form words and end up laughing like on marijuana. You will be so drunk that you won’t be able to stand and in higher doses of garlic like with alcohol, you could die.
As you see garlic the same as alcohol, will not kill you right away but it slowly dehydrates your cells, harming your health and prevents your cells from eating and from cleansing themselves. My grandmother was eating raw garlic with olive oil daily and her eyesight had deteriorated so much that she could barely see.
Garlic is not a health food as we are told. Some scientists are suggesting that European people have different genetics and that is the reason why they tolerate the alcohol better than Indians or other tribal people do. Now you know that the reason is consumption of garlic. Now when indigenous people started eating garlic their tolerance toward alcohol have raised. The cells are already accustomed to neurotoxin and act faster to close the osmotic pump.
There are beliefs of magical healing properties of many plants and yes, when they are administered properly they will help you with discomfort and you will feel cured but the action is only symptomatic.
Do not use any of them unless you really have need or because you are sick. I met many people drinking green tea because they heard that it is healthy. Wrong. Green tea contains caffeine and that means it will dehydrate you, and your cells. Similar will happen with ginger. It prevents motion sickness by numbing the center for balance. It also weakens the neuron impulses and lowers the blood pressure same as garlic but it is less toxic. All medicinal plants do their medicinal action by suppression and not by reviving the cells.
Always check the active ingredients in recommended “therapeutic” remedies and you will find the word “toxin” there.

8 thoughts on “LAY OFF THE GARLIC”

  1. I find it a bit strange how so many out there are now telling us not only to eat garlic but to also consume red wine, coffee and chocolate for better health. It feels like a conspiracy that everyone has fallen for. Well almost everyone.

    1. Good observation. Slowly the fakes will be filtered out. For all of those blindly following the alternate medicine “market”, wake up. Even Dr. Mercola is in the first place businessman.

  2. I’m glad someone (Frank) mentioned chocolate. People who crave sugar (standard-issue addiction) now have an excuse to take it – in the form of chocolate. They’ll go on and on about the antioxidants or whatever it is that chocolate is supposed to contain. But they are just trying to justify or cover up a need for sugar. It would make more sense to try to get to the root of that issue.

    Chocolate gives me leg cramps and I’m glad it does. It was the impetus to quit it altogether.

    Re coffee. If it is taken with oriental herb Peony it might be rendered helpful, i.e., the Peony smooths out the harmful effects of the coffee. Subhuti Dharmananda wrote a lengthy article on this. I quit coffee, too, peony or no peony.

    Red wine? You can get the same good effects from certain kinds of grapes is my guess.

    1. Good remarks. If one is looking for an excuse, they will find it Chocolate, is toxic as well but so is everything we eat. Having chocolate occasionally is ok but it should be dark with 70 % cacao and sugar has to be in the third place or further from the top. This means there is very little of it in the chocolate.
      Black coffee is always toxic. If nothing else, it will stop cellular osmosis.
      All these stories about antioxidants do not hold the water. Oxidative stress does not cause aging of the body. I explain this in my book.

  3. Hey Dr Darko, I have been reading your blogs lately and am intrigued by a lot of what I read. I have bad anxiety so I do consume organic caffeine-free green tea a few times a week, and organic dark chocolate 72% cacao once a week. One thing I keep reading about is glutamate (or glutamic acid) in food, being bad for people with anxiety, depression, or even disorders like autism or alzheimers. Do you have any opinions on glutamate? Ive been avoiding high glutamate foods (tomatoes, walnuts, meats) for the reasons I read online.

    1. Chris this is how the science is used against us. We are told how water has tension and improving this tension will make it more difficult to sink. So we start looking for the ways to improve water tension instead learning how to be buoyant and swim.
      The most common cause of depression is exposing the brain to starvation and then over stimulation. We do this when we eat improperly and force our neurons to depend on glucose as its energy source. Since we cannot store glucose, glucose is available only when we are eating. After we ate energy starts to diminish and in less than an hour neurons ask for more energy. Since we do not eat every hour, the body provides the only the energy source it has and this is triglyceride. Being adjusted to work on glucose, triglyceride does not provide enough energy and the brain starts starving for energy. This makes us lethargic and then we use piece of bread or energy bar that creates a energy spike and in time living like this we start manifesting chemical changes as the brain tries to find solution to this energy problems. Instead of focusing how to correct the chemistry, we should provide steady energy source for the brain and the problems will disappear. Start eating correctly and your problems will go a way bro.

      1. Thanks for the reply, Dr Darko. I try to eat well, like blueberries, bananas, lettuce, spinach, chicken, onions (I try to avoid anything from the ocean because of toxins in our oceans these days). I keep reading your posts about water, and keeping hydrated….but water these days has so much fluoride and toxins added in it. Seems like Fiji bottled water is the best kind to drink, but its pricey. Some filters don’t remove fluoride.

      2. Chris there are water purifiers that remove fluoride from the water. It is good to get one. I drink the rain water with sea salt. In the mean time bless the water and this will protect you from destructive action of fluoride.

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