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If the life gets boring we say “spice it up”.

This is exactly what we are doing when it comes to our diet.

For lot of people everyday living is full of problems and unhappy or plain boring experience. Eating becomes the favorite pass time so naturally we want to “spice it up” as well.

Spicing up the food does not make it just more interesting eating experience. It may ad to the digestibility of the food or reduce its toxic load. Sometimes mistakes are made because let’s face it, we are human.

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Tail of Lizard and Eye of Frog! Really? Is that  a spice or a remedy? With a little salt added or some spicy cayenne. A touch of ginger and a swirl of honey. Where does garlic fit in the lineup of natural remedies? The confusion around natural remedies is almost louder than the confusion of Big Pharma these days. Everyone has a remedy for something. Is pink salt truly better than grey salt? Or what about the browns? What makes the color anyway? Yes, all salt is sea salt. Table salt is just denatured sea salt, with most of the minerals removed and a few added ingredients where somebody had some additional waste product from another industrial process and decided to add it to salt. What role does the group of minerals called salt, play in our health and how can we use this as a remedy?

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 Then we will move on to a sparkling list of natural remedies. We’re past Big Pharma and Dr. Feelgood ”take 2 tablets and call me in the morning” style. What should be in your home alchemical pharmacy? Which spices and natural remedies keep the blood healthy and flowing and of course, healthy blood contributes to a healthy brain and a functional and energetic body – Cayenne, Cinnamon and Turmeric. We will touch on turpentine, the old remedy that eats that which may be eating you. We’ve had wonderful testimonials about turpentine for fungus, candida and weight loss. Turpentine? Yes, the tree oil. The old stand-by, Apple Cider Vinegar: When to take it, How to take it, What to take it for? How does one use honey as a healing remedy and which honey should we be using? Join us for a show that will increase your ability to be your own healer.

I hope that you will enjoy this radio show.

presented by:

India Irie, Sherri Fischer, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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7Rbs8l1388767311Short recapitulation.

About the importance of salt in our diet we have been talking on almost every show. One cannot hydrate without it. There are still different opinions about how does the hydration mechanism work, (you can read about it in my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body” it is less relevant to the fact that salt is crucial to proper hydration.

The question that is frequently asked is what is the best salt to be used and how much of it should we use during a day?

Since life started in the sea every creature that has left this environment has to carry it within. Our blood is very similar to sea water. It has the same salts and minerals. So when we chose salt there is no better way than drink diluted sea water. If that is not possible than use not refined natural sea salt. One of such salts goes by the name of Celtic salt.

Sea pollution brings the suspicion that sea salt may be polluted so entrepreneurs have started to sell gimmick of different “safer” alternatives of natural sea salt. They are sediment-ed salts frequently called rock salts claiming that they are even better and much safer because there was no human pollution when they were formed.

This is simply not true.

Salts are water soluble and in time lot of minerals that they contained will be washed a way. All sediment-ed salts are lo on magnesium, calcium and silica. The ratio of elements in those salts will vary depending on how much of what mineral was washed a way. So no matter what, fresh sea salt is superior.

As far as pollution goes, here they are wrong as well.

For example much promoted Himalayan salt is high on Barium and Bromine. Both of them highly toxic. Himalayan people are trading for sea salt because their salt make them sick. We are made to believe that Himalayan salt is pure. We do not feel ill effect of Himalayan salt because we get plenty of salt through processed foods but why to spend extra money on inferior mineral depleted salt that is toxic.

Beside this we are so polluted through processed foods and sickly that we cannot pinpoint the origin of toxins that make us sick.

Our civilization is less than 13 thousand years old. Before our times there were other civilizations with developed technology and who knows what kind of pollution did they cause. Also volcanic activity was much higher and that pollutes way more than human ever can.

As far as the amount of salt in daily consumption goes there is not set rule. For healthy human pinch of sea salt with glass of water is enough. If you want to hydrate well you have to increase the amount to quarter teaspoon per one liter of water. Ir you want to cleanse you have to increase the amount depending on what is the target of your cleanse.

As far as other food additives and remedies goes there was just brief mentioning on garlic and its neuro toxicity. The topic will continue next Saturday so pleas join us if this is where your interest lies.





The Owners’ Manual you never received at birth–inspired by the book of the same title–authored by panelist, Dr.Darko Velcek




”Trilateral Perplexicon:
Old Mcdonald has no farm!
Big Pharma owns it !
Ronald Mcdonald poisoned me with
Bilderbergers and fries ! Medical marxists are exterminating our souls.
The prison planet matrix has us Aspertame lame!
Their flouride Jahad calcifies my Pineal worse than Captain and Tenile !
Yes my tongue is glued to my cheek but I will not go softly
into this incontinent confederacy of FRIGHT !
Cell phones are messin wit my chakras
is comin from Doctas
Go ahead let DR. feel zero be your guide,
As for me and mine,


—Written by Joe Hollinger

Owners manual 2

 As far as the health goes we have reached the point where no one believes anything anymore. On every subject there are numerous contradicting scientific papers so whom to believe?
Big problem is science on its own. It is divided, compartmentalized and boxed in with labels.
Can you imagine going to the movie theatre and on the screen you have a list of characters, list of the music, a color pallet and letters sorted by quantity.
After two hours gazing at this someone comes and asks you “how did you like the movie?”
Naturally your response will be “what movie!”
This is what we have done with the science. Unless we start looking at the science as whole (spirit-mind-body) we cannot understand it and we are prone to different interpretations.
As without the spirit one cannot explain the mind, and without the mind we cannot explain the body the same goes for the science.
Without vibration we cannot explain the light, without the light we cannot explain the matter and without matter we cannot explain chemistry (life itself)


presented by:

India Irie, Sherri Fischer, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Short recap.

To be able to achieve their goal of enslaving the human race our handlers had to find a way to prevent us from learning the truth. This was achieved by creating mis=educational system where partial truth will be given wrapped in a blanket of lies. This way the lies will become the truth. All of this than has to be forcefully implemented so there are no individuals left to explore their inner thoughts and discover the truth. Mis=educational system became obligatory and those few that had questions were silenced by being ridiculed. If that did not work they were paid off or eliminated (“suicided”))

This system was reinforced by Jewish banksters in particular the Rockefeller family.  New sheeply society was created that we call the “civilized World”. Civilized World is ruled by the rich few making the rest do whatever the masters wish and all for the sake of numbers that they are given and told that higher number they have more powerful they are.

If this is so and money makes you powerful why do they hide and conduct their destructive politic in secret?

The answer is simple. They are scared and sheeply public better wake up and put the end to it. One single awakened human is more powerful than the whole bunch of twisted Devil worshipers that call themselves the “‘nobles race”.

Humanity is awakening and the “nobles” are running scared.

More than anything sheeply human is fearing death and pain. This is the reason why nobles have hijacked science of healing and turned it into the medical science of pain and death that is implemented through Medical doctors and personal.

Medical universities are centers for misrepresentation of science, brainwashing, reprogramming and empowering individuals to commit the crimes over humanity at the same time  being protected from prosecution for their atrocities with licences that alow them to do so.

As we are awakening we can see through this and we are starting to liberate ourselves.

If you follow this site you are on the way to be free and powerful yourself.

We came to understand that the only way we can comprehend science if we make it whole  Spirit=Mind=Body.

If we try to exclude any of them we cannot understand the truth.

This radio program is all about this topic so if this is what you want to know please listen to the program.



It is interesting how people respond to this question; “am I fat?”.
Lot of skinny people see themselves being fat when they look in the mirror. Many fat people do not see themselves as frat at all.
What does it mean to be fat or skinny?

In one of the previous radio shows we have been addressing bulimia and anorexia. This show will be about OBESITY.
Why do some people get fat easier than others?
What causes obesity and how to avoid it will be the topic of this radio show.
We will be discussing diets and different ways of managing healthy weight.
There are many weight loss programs around and very few of them actually work. Most of those programs are concentrating on rapid weight loss due to dehydration and not fat burning. Many promote rigorous exercise programs combined with low calorie diet that present challenge to our body and result with just the opposite effect.
It is a complex issue and to understand it we have to start from the bottom, the cell itself.
Many of us are quick to blame health issues like hypothyroidism as the reason to the weight gain. Simple truth is if we do not take in calories we cannot accumulate fat.

presented by:

India Irie, Sherri Fischer, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Short recapitulation of the radio show.

It seems that some people will have weight problem not matter what they do. It is blamed on hormonal dysfunction.

If the cellular activity is slow they will consume less energy and more calories will be stored in adipose (the fat tissue) tissue.

This is why people that suffer from hypo hypothyroidism tend to gain weight.

On the other hand those that have hyperthyroidism tend to be skinny because cellular metabolism is faster so the cells burn more calories and less will be deposited in adipose tissue. Those people tend to be skinny.

The fact is that to be able to produce fat (triglycerides) our body needs calories. Those calories come through the food.

There are three types of foods that our cells can utilize to produce triglycerides (fat). Those are natural fats (animal fats, seeds and fatty vegetables like avocado), protein (from the meat and vegetables) and glucose (simple sugar, part of starch).

In the past we have depended on animal products as the main source of calories and everything was fine. Than the”science” concluded that animal fat is the cause of very rare problem at that time the hypertension. From than on we were told to eat more vegetarian type of diet that is full of carbohydrates and non-saturated oils. And guess what? Hypertension and circulatory problems (sis-eases) have sky rocketed. So did the obesity. There are more obese people around than ever before.

If you are fallowing our programs you have noticed that there is a connection between all dis-eases. They all start to develop simultaneously and are related to our diets and stress. This is why we cannot blame obesity for our health problems, they go hand in hand with each other. This means that hormonal problems that some people encounter developed from bad diet or exposure to frequent stress and until we change the way we live we are going to have health problems. To be able to change we first have to understand where is the problem.

As always we have to look into the kingdom of wild animals. We will notice that they do not have obesity problems. They can get fat but will not suffer from diabetes, hypertension or heart problems. We accumulate fat so it can e used as energy in times when the food is not available. If we eat correctly we can increase our weight for about 20 to 25 % of our normal weight. Anything more will be signs of obesity.

The reason of our ill health and obesity lays in one particular type of nutrient that is not available if we eat our food raw and that is GLUCOSE

Wild animals do not have health problems because they eat their food raw. Raw food no matter if it is vegetable or protein based has glucose only in traces that do not produce any problem.

By cooking the food we destroy cellulose fiber and make carbohydrate available for absorption into the blood. Carbohydrate is composed of mostly glucose and fructose and this is the toxic combination that creates havoc in our health.

If you want to know more about this listen to the radio show or read my book.

If you want to have long and healthy life stay a way from grains and eat your food raw. If you cannot eat it raw, do not eat it. It is not your food.



The continuation on this topic will be focused on pregnancy.

womens health--pt 3 advert

In the past people had no problems to conceive. Infertility was seldom seen. Women would give birth in their homes. Seldom there was a problem.
Families were together, living in harmony.


There was always someone singing and dancing in the household. Lot of the people did not write or read but they were smart making logical decisions. Life was harder but people were helping each other. No one was locking their doors.
What has happened?

Why did everything change?
Awakened people know the answer. It is the greed of the few that has spilled onto the many. This has caused destruction of everything from the health, the family and mother Earth. Now those that WE refer to as the ELITE are waging the war against the population under the pretense of saving the planet Earth. The war against women is part of this war.
In a special edition show Jeanice Barcelo presented the ugly face of medicine and the brutal truth of medical misconduct. And if you think that health professionals do not know what they are doing you are mistaken. For the sake of money real medi-sin is being practiced or better said committed.
Join the show and learn how to protect yourself and your family.

You will learn how to help yourself so you can help others.


presented by:

India Irie, Sherri Fischer, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Special report with Jeanice Barcelo.



Jeanice Barcelo joins the panel with some explosive and Informative material on JUST how deep the rabbit hole goes…and where it BEGINS in our incarnation here!!!

It is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish the difference in  actions  of white coats  in slaughter house from   white coats in our hospitals. What is happening to humanity?

Doctors are trained to look at human body like it is a machine. Mix some chemicals together and that’s human. Mind and spirit have no place in modern, corporate world. This is well reflected in how humans are treated by corporations. Medi-sin is just another corporate takeover.

Jeanice Barcelo is enlightened activist who is exposing what is happening in hospitals. What happens with young mothers and babies during pregnancy, birth and thereafter.


Join the show by clicking on the picture


short recap.

In this special edition show Jeanice Barcelo  a world known activist and whistle blower exposes the truth of Luciferian agenda. The takeover of our medical industry by the dark Cabal.

She exposes the horrific ways that women are exposed to before, during and after pregnancy.

Jeanice Barcelo explains how not only DNA of our newborn babies are collected but also how placentas, the blood and parts of fetuses and new born babies are harvested, stored and sold to the higher bidder which is often the Satan worshiping cult oriented Illuminati order of the New World (New World Order).

Painful procedures are being implemented often without the use of the pain killers. We have been told that infant do not feel the pain. This is out right lie. The painful experiences are remembered and they shape the behavior of the growing human. No wonder that we have so many psychological problems. We have been trained to submit from the first breath we took. Our mind has closed down to suppress the memories so should we wander why are so many of us still sleeping?

More we know the more we can understand. The more we understand the easier we can defend ourselves.

Believe me, you do not want to miss this show.

Take your time and listen to Jeanice Barcelo so that you can understand  who is trying to be your master.


The depopulation agenda is in full play. Is this the reason for the attack on women’s health?


In essence, every human being is male and female so why are we treated differently? For centuries women were assaulted by men and other women alike, mainly using systems given us by religions for this assault. This has resulted in women being second rate citizens in most cultures. Is there any reason for this?


The simple truth is that women could in the past (and probably today, but the science of this is lost in the mists of time), reproduce without an intervention of sperm specifically. This is usually called parthenogenesis. In terms of reproduction, the man then becomes less important. As soon as a woman’s egg cell wall is pierced, cell division starts, whether the piercing is by sperm, mechanical or spiritual means.

As we frequently point out in our radio shows, our knowledge is controlled so our conclusions are drawn from faulty premises and can never be correct. As the war rages against the humanity it is obvious that attacking the women will be the top agenda of the Illuminati element and their apparatus of enslavement.

We will be talking about vaccinations of pregnant women, women’s dis-eases, radiation and breast cancer and much more. Tune in this Saturday to “The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body” radio show as we go deeper into this topic of an assault on women’s health. How can we as humanity fight back and protect ourselves.

presented by:

India Irie, Sherri Fischer, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Short recapitulation.

When it is mentioned that women are under the attack most peoples response is why?  It makes no sense.

Global elite wants 80% human reduction on this Planet. The most vulnerable are pregnant women, children and the elderly.

Didn’t you notice that those are exactly the groups of people that are in the front line as far as vaccination is concerned?

In addition to this women are targeted with toxic beauty products, “cosmetic” surgeries and other toxic treatments to appear younger and healthier. There is attack on femininity where women start more and more resembling man. At the same time women have a hard time to conceive and most pregnancies end up with cesarean section.

As in all the other dis-eases main problem is pollution. The pollution starts with wrong food and stress. Insufficient amount of water in the body prevents timely cleansing. Toxic blood of the mother will present difficulties in the development of fetus.  Newborn baby will be polluted and starts with detox. in the form of diarrhea, skin rashes, vomiting..

Instead to help baby to detoxify, doctors are trained to suppress detox. process utilizing the mad-sin. This is the beginning of life time of health problems for the young individual.

Women can help themselves by detoxing. For that they need water and sea salt.

What are the signs of insufficiency of water and consequent toxicity?

Hard stool,

Smelly, yellow urine

Frequent urinary infections

Long menstrual cycles with lot of blood and coagulated particles

Painful menstrual cycles

Narrowing or inflammation of fallopian tubes

Formation of cysts  and fibrosis in uterus and breasts

The morning sickness when pregnant

Very painful child delivery (birth)

Those are the most significant problems that women will experience when she is toxic. Doctors are instructed to deal with those problems by introducing other toxins like antibiotics anti inflammatory drugs and neuro suppressants further exacerbating the problem and finally reach for the knife and eliminate destroyed organ.

More information on how to heal and eliminate problems without medi-sin you can find if you listen to the show or read my book.








ALZHEIMER’S dis-ease.

Are you losing your mind?



Estimated 5.4 million Americans are suffering from Alzheimer’s dis-ease and this number is growing daily. Another dis-ease that does not exist in wild animals. Now days if you are lucky enough not to get cancer most likely you will be affected with memory loss or Alzheimer’s dis-ease. Once human shows the symptoms of memory loss there is nothing one can do to help and this poor soul will weather a way. At least this is what we are told and this is what happen if you seek help from occidental medicine.

Can something be done to prevent or to reverse this crippling dis-ease? Is there something that we are not being told? Of course, answer to both of these questions is YES!!!

Problem cannot be solved with the same state of mind that created it. This is well known fact.  For last 70 years we have been told to keep away from saturated fat, minimize meat and optimize carbohydrates and cooking oils. Now we wonder why are we so sick. What is our body constructed out of? Primarily WATER, FAT, SALT and PROTEIN. You do not have to be scientist to see that something does not make sense. When you feel bad doctor will tell you “drink fluids, minimize salt intake and animal protein and avoid fat”. Fluid could be anything and most likely it will not be water that you will go for when thinking about fluids. It is not possible that doctor can be so wrong unless he or she was miss educated on purpose.


When we add to this assault on our health by chemical food additives, fluoride, aluminum oxide and mercury all of which are neurotoxic our nervous system must cave in. And let us not forget highly advertised benefits of GARLIC which is by itself potent neurotoxin.

Alzheimer’s disease will be the topic of this weeks expendingU radio show “The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body-Health Solutions”.

presented by:

India Irie, Sherri Fischer, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Short recapitulation of the program.

The term DEMENTIA refers to the brain malfunctioning where the individual experiences lost of memory, incoherence, loss of himself… This can be due to an brain injury caused by trauma, shock, psychological effect and poisoning.

This show is devoted to dementia caused by poisoning of the brain called Alzheimer’s disease.

I believe that you automatically think that it must be the case of accidental poisoning wright? Not at all. After listening to this program you cannot but realize that we are talking about deliberate, organized poisoning of our brain. This poisoning starts through propagation of wrong diet, introduction of harmful chemical additives and intensifies through medical care which is actually oriented to undermine patients health and not  improving it.

Brain is composed of mostly fat and water. The brain is the most energy demanding  organ in our body. So what do we do wrong? We feed it with the wrong energy. If you take gasoline engine and start feeding it a mixture of gasoline and diesel what will happen? The engine will have difficulty to start, it will run creating lot of smoke and it will get clogged giving up prematurely.

This is exactly what happens to the brain when it is given the wrong fuel.

The primary fuel for the cells in our body is fat (ketone). Neurons, the brain cells are no different. Since fat burns slowly the neuron has to have a lot of generators (mitochondria) available that will burn this fat and produce sufficient amount of electricity. The problem starts when neuron starts to be given glucose (sugar) as an energy fuel. Glucose burns explosively and creates energy rapidly. To protect itself neuron decommissions a lot of mitochondria so it does not suffer damage from overcharging. Here we start running into a problem.

In about an hour neuron will run out of the energy that was produced by burning the glucose and demands more fuel. Since we do not eat every hour the body supplies fat (the reserve fuel stored in fat cells). Since the neurons have decommissioned a lot of mitochondria now there is not enough of them to produce sufficient amount of energy and we start feeling tired,  agitated and we lose concentration. To manipulate glucose neuron needs insulin. Constant presence of insulin creates insulin resistance as in the body so in the brain and the brain will start having difficulties manipulating glucose.

Dehydration is another aspect of brain poisoning. Blood that is lacking in water will be toxic and with this toxicity will prevent proper hydration of neurons. This prevent neurons to cleanse themselves and make them toxic as well.

Every medicinal remedy interferes with cellular hydration so what ever “medicine” you have been given by your doctor will make the things worst.

Iodine is essential for cellular operation so insufficiency of iodine will contribute to the problem. Not only that there is not enough iodine in processed foods we are given fluoride in water and tooth paste. Fluoride attaches to the same receptors in our cells as iodine and this way prevents iodine bonding worsening the situation.

Inactivity of retired people speeds up the calcification process in the brain that further contributes to this dis-ease.

To prevent, stop or reverse Alzheimer’s dis-ease we have to change our habits and do what we are told not to do.

Star eating saturated fat especially coconut oil, eggs and pork fat. Stop or minimize intake of cooked carbohydrates. Drink water with sea salt (Celtic salt) diluted in it and expose ourselves to the Sun light.

Are all those things simply mistakes of modern science? I think not. It is mathematically impossible to be wrong in everything you do. Those are not minor mistakes. Procedures being done are actually opposite of what has to be done. They are planned and deliberate.

Now should we believe in man made global warming?

HA HA HA HA HA……..modern science in its best!


Diabetes Mellitus


Recently I overheard a lady bragging to her friend “darling I am 49 years old and I still do not have diabetes. I must be doing things right.” As strange as this sounds, fact is, she is right.


d1 d2 d3 d8

At least 26 million Americans are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and another 79 million are prediabetic. Things are much worse in South of India where a pandemic of diabetes and hypertension is crippling the nation and there is a plea for doctors that can deal with this.

Younger and younger people have to deal with diabetes. Many children in the Caribbean and the United States are born diabetic or receive this dreaded diagnoses soon after birth.


In medical schools they teach us that the problem is with the pancreas and its inability to produce insulin. This is the case in only a few or a small number of cases.


The real cause of this crippling disease, how to prevent it and how to get it under the control will be the topic of our radio show this Saturday. We will cover diet as principal cause of this dis-ease. Many people are aware of the influence of sugar on our health but are confused about the fructose-glucose relationship. People are getting afraid to eat fruit for  this reason. Join us in our panel discussion and learn the facts.

presented by:

India Irie, Sherri Fischer, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

Listen to the radio show by clicking on the picture below


Knowledge will set you free.


Radio show has revealed the main culprit for dis-ease known as diabetes mellitus and that is simple sugar called glucose.

Scientists and doctors are not looking into this because how can something that our cells regularly produce be a cause of dis-ease??? This sound unbelievable and crazy but is it?

Diabetes is not found in wild animals. It is strictly dis-ease of humans and some domestic animals. So what do we do that no wild animal is doing? We heat our food. Now I will explain how heat changes the quality of the food we eat.

Plants store excess of energy within their fiber. This fiber is composed of cellulose and the excess of energy is in the form of complex sugars called carbohydrate. Even tho every cell has a gene that can produce enzyme called cellulase necessary to dissolve cellulose fiber to be able to reach the carbohydrate they do not produce it. This should tell us something wright? Yes of course but no one is listening.

Wild animals do not have access to carbohydrate so no matter how much of plants they eat and no matter how much carbohydrate do those plants harbor because it is enveloped within a fiber of cellulose it is out of reach.

When plant is heated (cooked) the fiber of cellulose bursts and carbohydrate becomes available for absorption. Our saliva will break carbohydrate into simple sugars mostly glucose and fructose and in this form they will be pulled into the blood. Here is where the problem stars.

To be absorbed into the blood, sugar (glucose and fructose) need transporter. This transporter is protein called GLUT. If we are not exposed to glucose the amount of glut in the membranes of our intestines is very low. This means if you eat one apple the amount of glucose will utilize all the GLUT so no more sugar can be absorbed into the blood. So if you eat one kilo (or pound) of apples the rest of the fructose that could not be absorbed into the blood due to the insufficiency of GLUT transporters will proceed into big intestines and  will ferment there.

On contrary if glucose enters the blood it will stimulate insulin production because it has to be bonded to insulin to be able to enter the cells. Production of insulin stimulates production of GLUT transporter so it will increase the amount of GLUT in membranes. This will allow higher quantities of sugar to enter our blood. More glucose we eat, more GLUT transporters will be available and tha result will be higher absorption of sugar into the blood.

More glucose we absorb into the blood more insulin will be needed. Since glucose is coming from external source our brain has no idea of how much insulin to produce and it always over produces it. Insulin that is not bound to glucose (free insulin) is abrasive and irritates the cells. In time they start forming protective shield and more insulin is needed for cellular stimulation towards it. This is how diabetes starts.

Increased amount of GLUT transporter makes it possible for fructose to be absorbed in higher quantities. Since the capacity of liver to convert fructose into glucose is limited most of the fructose will be converted into triglycerides (fat) and uric acid. This uric acid acidifies our body. To deal with it a buffer (alkaline phosphatase) will be taken from our bones to alkalize the blood. This will interfere with bones ability to sediment calcium and a lot of calcium will start circulating in the blood causing calcification of our blood vessels, joints and other tissues.

I have just touched the problems that are caused by us eating GLUCOSE (starch). More about it is revealed in the radio show and more yet will be revealed as we go further in dissecting the causes of our dis-eases, how to prevent them and how to reverse the symptoms we call diseases.

So stay tuned with us every Saturday for new episode and be part of this health revolution.

Know that you are loved and appreciated. The power of healing is within you.

As always you can read everything about it in my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body”





“the blood carries the joy to the heart which then emanates the love”
As we continue our journey of greater understanding as to the nature of true health and dis-ease, and at the same time learn to see the connections with the problems of our our 3d world and their connectedness to our cells,bodies and well being, we turn the light upon the worlds most attacked organ – our hearts.
Poets, sages, philosophers, song writers, religions and more have long written that this is the organ of love. We know that love is the healer and creator of all things, the highest of all vibrations, and so, with our greater and ever expanding awareness it makes perfect sense why this organ and its precious blood have been constantly under attack.


In this show we will explore, discuss and show that this revered organ is much more than medi-sin so mistakenly says. We will see how the blood, the fluid that brings life and substance to create living flesh is more than a blood group. We will delve into how it flows and the importance of where on human health. But most importantly of all, we will show that this organ and its thousands of miles of living canals that our living water flows through truly is the heart of our matter.
Join us for another mind-expanding journey and let the truth set you free – dis-ease free.

presented by:

India Irie, Sherri Fischer, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!


Listen to the show by clicking on the picture below



Our heart and circulatory system are on the front line as far as exposure to toxicity from the blood goes.

In previous shows we explained how toxic environment causes our cells to become ill. They change chemistry to help themselves while being confronted with problem.

While cholesterol is being blamed for arterial obstructions and inflammatory processes in our arteries we explained how completely different mechanism causes the problems of hypertension and blood circulation ultimately leading to problems with the heart.

The base core problem is dehydration on the cellular level. When the cells of our arteries are well hydrated , arteries are elastic. During hear contraction the blood pressure is being damped. Arteries under increased pressure stretch so the pressure does not significantly increase. As arterial cells dehydrate their elasticity gradually diminishes. This causes pressure to rise. Ultimately the pressure will cause artery to crack. As the first defense for preventing blood sippage out of circulation the crack will get filled with blood corpuscles. Cholesterol being stickiest will be the most abundant in this process. This forms temporary buildup and it will be there until the crack heals. Electro- polarity returns and pushes corpuscles back into the circulation.

Unfortunately when hypertension is being addressed doctors do not focus on hydration and they do just the opposite. Since the only thing doctors are concerned is increased pressure they recommend diuretics or neuro- suppressors to artificially lower the blood pressure. Both of those medicament’s will further exacerbate the problem and make things worse.

I recommend that you listen to this program if you suffer from heart or circulatory problems. You will learn what causes dehydration of your cells and how you can naturally prevent and reverse this problems. You do not need doctors. You need knowledge and willingness to change. For more information I recommend that you reed my book. You can download it on this site and it is for free.

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Asthma, Allergies, Acne/Eczema

How Medi-Sin Knowingly Suppress To Create More Dis-ease


As we continue our health series showing You’re NOT sick, You’re TOX-SICK we show how these common ailments have been deliberately suppressed to create deeper and more serious dis-ease for the $ hungry, Pharmaceutical/Medi-Sin industries.


It is said knowledge is power, and indeed it is, but HOW that knowledge is used determines it’s outcome. Medi-Sin cannot have things so 180 degrees wrong unless it was known (at least at the top of their nefarious pyramid) what truly is dis-ease and what heals and what suppresses healing and ultimately kills! For if they did they would not be employing suppressive, toxic assaults upon our bodies that drive dis-ease deeper and transmute it into the dreaded diseases man fears today.
Join us to (re)discover what caused the above conditions, what your body is truly trying to do, and that if suppressed (even by so called natural means) the path to serious dis-ease has been well and truly determined.


presented by:

India Irie, Sherri Fischer, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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In short the participants of the show demonstrate what is allergy, how it develops in the body, how to prevent it and how to eliminate it.

Allergic reaction starts when foreign protein gets stuck on cellular membrane and the cell does not have water to flush it off. The irritation triggers forced hydration (swelling) and this stage we call allergy.

Panelists demonstrate how the problem caused by inadequate diet and lack of water contribute to toxicity of the body.

Natural response of the body is to cleanse. Cleansing organs (kidneys, mucosal tissue and the skin) start eliminating toxins. This causes what we call symptoms like; diarrhea, vomiting, discharge of flem, cough, fever.. Doctors start suppressing cleansing with pharmaceutical or natural remedies and this causes further problems. Since dehydrated cells are the basic cause of our pollution as well as inflammation, hydration has to be the first response to these problems.

Young mothers are dehydrated and this is why they experience morning sickness. Already in uterus fetus is missing water. This is why now we have explosion of allergies in young children. Baby formulas contribute to more pollution and dehydration. Babies try to cleanse through diarrhea so this is suppressed by doctors. This is why they get constipated. Since toxins cannot exit through bowl they go to the skin and manifest as rushes and acne. This gets suppressed so toxins start accumulating and create toxic environment robbing us of energy and depression sets in.

Again becomes obvious that proper diet and hydration are the saviors and not medicinal approach.

You can hear more about it in the radio show or read my book.

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