11:11:2020, at the precipice of human awakening

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Those of you who are following my work through this blog site are aware that toxicity is the culprit of our ill-health.
As soon as the toxicity is being mentioned, we all immediately think of the food and the toxic chemical components in things that surround us such as are detergents, and other cleaning solutions, fabric softeners, waterproofing liquids, stain retardants…
Those of you who are following my work will also add all of the medicinal remedies and supplements and toxic emotions to that toxic pile.
By following the SHP (Self Healers Protocol) we can cleanse our body, and reprogram its genome so that the proper functioning of our cells re-establishes the optimal voltage/immunity which will restore the correct frequency resulting in healing and rejuvenation of our body.
There are glitches that remain until they are released from our cells and those are the suppressed often unknown toxic frequency that was created by our reaction to the experiences we had during our life.
Many times I have mentioned that an experience is just that, an experience. If this experience is going to be a positive or a negative event depends on how we perceive it.

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Having an accident and breaking a leg one week before the scheduled skiing trip may be a bad experience, but if your friends who have gone on this trip all died from an avalanche, all of the sudden this “bad” accident that prevented you from joining your friends becomes a good thing that had saved your life.

What is important is the way you had reacted to the event. Being deprived of going with your friends may have created a bad feeling/toxic frequency.

If your friends had fun, you would be suffering and blaming bad luck for what has happened to you.

In time, you will forget about it but the imprint, the stress that was created from this experience, your sadness, and the aggravation that was caused by it will remain in the form of a toxic frequency that will linger and interfere with the frequency of your cells.

This is called the trapped emotional frequency.

If your friends had an accident or had a bad time, your disappointment would have been diminished or even converted into a positive experience that

would not create any ill effects on your cellular frequency.

This is an example that shows how our reaction towards events in our life affects the state of our vibration/health.

Unfortunately for us, because of the fear and wrong programming, we look at our life the wrong way and we create many trapped energies. The older we get, the more toxic trapped frequencies are accumulating making us sick.

Those trapped frequencies can be easily cleansed out of our body but to do so, they first have to be acknowledged. By this I mean, they have to be focused on, they have to be brought to our attention or as we say, be brought to light.

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When the emotions surface, they often recreate the same feelings as when they were originally created. Our body senses them the same way since it feels the toxic frequencies as the toxic load that was released from our cells during the cellular cleansing process.

Many people, not being able to let go of them, are re-leaving the same agony day after day. We say that they are mental cases.

We see people rioting and destroying things without making any sense. They are programmed to react in this way by subconscious programming. They are not aware of the toxic effect such behavior presents to their bodies.

Just imagine how many toxic emotions are created during our schooling process, our work, by the supervisors, politicians, the banks, regulation, the injustice, and our helplessness to defend ourselves.

We are now standing on the precipice of a disclosure that will bring to light all of those suppressed emotions. Can you imagine what will this cause to most of the still sleeping and unaware population?

This precipice that I am talking about is the disclosure which is programmed to hit the light at any moment.

Do you really think that Trump was caught with his pants down?

How do you think he had managed to become the president in the first place?

The Alliance (White Hats) had disabled the rigged mechanism that was used to control who will become elected.

This has nothing to do with the Democrats or the Republicans. They are both controlled by the deep-state, Silicon Valley, and the media. They are in control and now they will be exposed.


If they did not succeed in 2016 to prevent Trump from being elected, why do you think they were permitted to succeed now?

Because they were lured into a trap to be exposed to the light.

What is happening now in the USA election is the most significant type of disclosure that will change the whole world.

To the awakened ones, this is the Greatest Show on Earth.

Embrace yourselves because the rage that this disclosure will bring could cause great destruction and the military may be called to control it.

The release of those toxic emotional energies will be part of the cleansing that is necessary so that the human race can raise their frequency and ascent.

Have no fear, nothing can stop what’s coming, nothing!

Our freedom is one step away.

Love and light to us all.

The computerized healing

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I hope that you are not living in fear of defeat. The “demoncrats” have lost and they know it. This is why they are trying to brainwash as many people as possible to fall for their narrative and create chaos.

This will not happen, but I do not want to talk about the politic since I am in enough hot water because of disclosing the medical truth.

The reason why I have mentioned politics is the fact that this sting operation called the Presidential Election has brought to the surface the most hidden scum whose purging has become and as soon as they are imprisoned, the new technology can be presented for all to see and benefit from.

This means that as early as next year we are all going to have access to this marvelous fast healing stuff.

More and more I am leaning towards quantum mechanics when I am explaining our reality, our body, and the cause of disease. I am pleased when I see no objections. This tells me that you are ready and awakening at a fast rate.

Immune system Guru

I have explained that our body is an electronic robot that is calibrated by various frequencies. When some frequency changes, our brain is showing it to us in a form of a symptom that we call a disease.

Since energy is a motion of vibration, in the quantum field it can be expressed or transmitted in the form of magnetic, gravitational, electromagnetic, and light form.

This means that any of those forms can be used to disturb or to correct the state of vibration within an energetic field.

In other words, when we are feeling sick, our frequency had changed and we can reestablish the correct frequency and heal the body by implementing the correct frequency utilizing one or more of the forms of frequency transmissions.

You have noticed that the sound frequency is not being mentioned.

To achieve sound, we need particles that will bounce one into the other, and for this we need photons.

To manifest photons, we need a participant/observer/creator, and this means the programmed brain.

Understanding this, we can now add sound to the therapeutic tools of quantum healing.

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The medieval times of “madsin” are ending, and the new, transitional time of healing utilizing electronic equipment has begun.

In this brief transitional time, we are going to be using electronic equipment to apply the correct frequencies to the ailing body.

This type of healing will be painless because there will be no need for the cleansing process in order for the body to heal. As I have proven to you, it is the cleansing process that causes the pain and all of the symptoms which we have named diseases.

Several years ago I have mentioned in some of my articles that a sophisticated computer program can communicate with our cellular structure and it can be used to heal our body.

The technology is advancing in an incredible rate of speed and today this program can be loaded onto the cellphone and we can easily correct the health issue at hand.

For those of you who do not know who Emery Smith is, he is ex “Man in Black” of a secret black project that works independently from the government.

Since the indoctrinated programs are interfering with our perception of things, even Emery is focusing on a surgery that is using organs that are made from stem-cells when it is obvious that by simple visualization, belief, and expectation, everything can be instantly manifested.

The best example of it is the medicine-less hospital in Beijing where they have in less than three minutes manifested the disappearance of bladder cancer.

The “madsin” or medicine as we know it, will disappear soon, and with it the pharmaceutical industry.

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Everyone who had tried to follow the Self Healers Protocol knows that medicinal remedies of any kind are just suppressors of symptoms and when taken, they actually prevent the healing process.

Medicaments and medicinal remedies we can use for the instant relief of symptoms but they do not have any benefit in the healing process, other than serving as a placebo.

Since everything is just energy in various frequencies, electromagnetic devices will be used but only until we become aware of our greatness and the fact that we are creators and that we can create and recreate not just our health, but everything about our reality that we want to change.

A friend of mine had an accident and she had cracked her Tibia (a bone in her leg). It is just a fissure, it is not a full break and it is not dislocated but her doctor wanted to operate.

There are some good doctors, but a great majority of doctors are ignorant and greedy and will do anything for a buck.

We gave her Beck’s Magnetic Pulser to use and now it is 6 days from the incident and the bone is healing nicely.

Her skin was just scratched but the doctor gave her strong antibiotics which is absolutely ridiculous.

We took them away and she is using nanoparticle colloidal silver and everything is healing nicely.

If the break would have been complete and the bone dislocated, the surgery would be recommended but not because it is the only way to align the bones, but because this is what doctors know how to do.

If they would have been told how to hypnotize people and make them manifest a healthy bone, this would have made the surgery unnecessary but at the same time, knowing to manifest would have made the entire medical and pharmaceutical field unnecessary. People would gain their independence and this would have been very bad for the ruling class.

Freedom Of Speech News and Political Cartoons

Now, this sting operation that is going on in the USA will expose all the evil players. This will open people’s eyes but more than that. This is what is necessary for the truth to come out and for all of the hidden science to become available for all to use.

In the meantime, the SHP is here to help you to regain your health and to better understand your body.

Everyone who is following my work will benefit greatly from it as the hidden technology is exposed because you will understand it and know instantly how to use it to your benefit.

You are the ones who will help those who are lost and live in fear, believing what they are being told on the Tel a lie Vision.

So, relax now and enjoy the ride because soon you will be very busy.

Love and light to us all.

It must be the salt!?


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You think that it is very frustrating to watch president Trump having to deal with something that it is so obvious and yet it requires a battle to resolve. Many people are blind to the fact that Biden has the same popular vote as Trump although nobody ever went to his rallies.

To those who have awakened to the truth and can see the corruption and the lies of the political elite and their masters, it is unimaginable how could anyone who is not a part of that corrupt system and does not profit from it ever cast their vote for it.

We all say, “can’t you see what is going on, it is so obvious, just follow the money!”, and still those numb and brainwashed communists and enslaved minds cannot grasp it. How frustrating right?

And now, try to put yourself into my shoes.
I wrote a couple of books and hundreds of articles about the corrupt “madsin”, I have in detail explained how hydration works, what is a detoxification process, and what symptoms people will have during the cleansing and healing process.


I spend at least two hours explaining to every client how the body works and what symptoms will occur during the cleansing and healing process.

They all agree to follow the protocol, but as soon as the symptoms that I warn them about occur, the panic sets in and they abandon the process and run to see their doctor.

After they tell their doctors that they have been drinking plasma (water with sea salt) the reaction is always the same. “Are you out of your mind, you are hypertensive, what have you been thinking, do you want to die?” This is always the response that people get from their esteemed health professionals with their 007 medical licenses, the license to kill.

I am dealing with this for over 16 years and it is not getting better.

I have just lost another client, a 9-year old boy who was operated on a brain tumor, irradiated, and poisoned by chemotherapy. Now he is slowly recovering from the barbaric treatment. He moves slowly and with difficulty and his parents contacted me as they have heard from their friends about the natural healing I promote.

During the almost 3-hour long interview, I have explained t them why will the protocol be a great tool for their son’s recovery.

I have explained that their son’s cells are loaded with a strong toxin that was intentionally used on their son in the form of chemotherapy, and as soon as the blood cleanses a bit, their son’s cells will absorb some plasma and they will start cleansing those poisons out.

As the toxic load from the cells enters the blood, it will pollute it and the symptoms that will body show will be the same symptoms as when he was first poisoned with the toxic medication.


I have explained in detail how much plasma will be necessary to drink so that those toxins can be rapidly eliminated from the blood, and the elimination will affect the mucus tissue so vomiting and diarrhea will occur.

I have explained that the lack of plasma will create constipation and since the blood cannot cleanse because there is not enough plasma available, a strong headache, muscle, and joint pain will occur followed by fever and insomnia.

This is why it is extremely important to provide plenty of plasma, and the hardness of the stool will be the indicator if more plasma is needed.

The first couple of days things were looking good. The boy showed more clarity and enthusiasm as the blood level of plasma increased and blood’s toxicity diminished.

Since the level of toxicity was high and the mucous tissue was included in the blood detox process, the boy started throwing. Diarrhea set in and fever increased.

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All of this was expected to happen and the parents were warned about it, but it is different when we talk and it is different when it actually happens.

The parents have panicked and called me for help. I have again walk them through the process and told them that they have to increase the plasma levels their son is drinking. This will make it easier and faster for the blood to cleanse and the symptoms will calm down.

Their son did not want to drink more plasma blaming plasma for the way he feels so the parents did not force him to drink and diarrhea turned into constipation. The cellular toxins became trapped in the blood. The headache increased so did the fever. The body became rigid as the muscles became more toxic.

The parents are asking for help and I am explaining what to do and if the boy does not want to drink more plasma, holding enema has to be implemented because constipated intestines cannot eliminate toxins and their son will be in pain.

As the evacuation was reestablished the symptoms have calmed down and now the parents do not want to continue with the protocol. They want everything to go as it was before.

Well, the toxins were released into the blood and it will require more plasma to get them out from the body, but now the parents are deathly afraid of the plasma (water with sea salt) and are asking how to proceed without using it?

How do you clean dirty plates without a water?

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Drinking more plasma will help the elimination of blood poisons but as soon as blood’s toxicity diminishes, the cells will hydrate and eliminate another toxic load into the blood.

I have explained that if the blood’s toxicity is maintained while the blood is being cleansed with plasma, the cells will not be hydrating. To do this some medicinal remedy can be utilized.

Introducing garlic into the food, will do the job but since headache was present, ibuprofen will do the trick, but still, the plasma has to be provided so that the blood cleansing organs can do their job.

Since the parents were now deathly afraid of the salt we compromised by providing a grain of salt under the tongue while the boy drinks water.

It all went well the cellular cleansing was stopped and slowly the symptoms of the cellular detoxification vanished. The parents are calm now but the young boy benefited only slightly from the partial detox.

Do you want to know what frustration is? Put yourselves into my shoes.

The whole ordeal lasted less than a week.

If only the parents could conquer their fear, their son could have been healed and could have continued living a healthy and happy life, but how can you convince people when the “smart” and educated doctor warns them about the toxicity of salt, the dangers that diarrhea and vomiting present, and the dangerous fever that is threatening their child’s life.

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This all had to be suppressed and the child has to be medicated so that the symptoms go away.

This is what modern medicine calls curing the patient. Increase his toxicity as long as you can suppress the symptoms, you are doing a great job, job doctors pride themselves on doing.

So many times I have been discouraged and on a brink of giving it all up, but then, one success and it is all forgotten.

The same as Trump and the patriots, I am pushing on knowing that the fraudulent system has to break and the truth has to come to the light.

Please, help me with this quest. Do the protocol, experience healing, and be the ones that will open the eyes of others. Once cleansed and genetically reprogrammed, no disease can touch you.

I am here to guide you and make sure that you succeed. Do not give in to the fear.

Love and light to us all.

Debunking the virus theory

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Recently I was asked to deliberate some more on the topic of viruses.
Since viruses are being used as the number one tool for the implementation of vaccines, I find it very important especially for the brainwashed doctors to pay attention to the information that is being provided here.

Every time when the topic of a virus is being discussed, scientists are implementing the same false knowledge that portraits the virus as a microorganism.

It cannot be an organism because there was never RNA of a virus discovered. The RNA that is being blamed as being the virus is always the RNA or the DNA of the host. It came from the cells of the person or the animal that is supposedly infected by it.

Every time a cellular cleansing occurs, inevitably some of the genetic material of the cell will be expelled from the cell into the blood. A special testing process has been devised that multiplies this genetic material so that it can be verified. This test is called the PCR test.

Another way to test for this nonexistent microorganism is by doing a blood test on antibodies that were produced by the infected body while it was battling the virus or some other pathogen.

This video nicely describes those tests.


As you can see, the scientists are clinging to the fact that there is a pathogen microorganism with its own RNA that triggers an immune reaction of the body and that tests pinpoint what organism/virus is in question but they completely ignore the fact, the truth, which is that an RNA or a DNA of any type of virus has never been isolated. It does not exist. Since scientists are missing this tiny piece of RNA, they just simply made it up.
It must be there because it makes sense to the theory about pathogens being the culprits of the diseases.

This is the typical scientific reasoning that we encounter in all types of science.
A  scientist develops a theory but the theory does not work because of missing information. So what the science does, it simply pretends that that information exists, it creates it from the thin air.

We have a name for such behavior and we call it wishful thinking or fraud.
An excellent mathematician Nassim Haramein has proved such behavior in physics, and I am proving it in the field of medicine.

What the tests on the virus are proving is that there is a hosts/patients RNA present so if you accept that the virus is kidnapping the hosts RNA so that it can replicate itself, and you can prove that there is this hosts RNA in the blood or that antibody count has risen, this person is infected.

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Imagine a drunk Joe, Friday night on his bicycle.

Something spooks him and he thinks that he had seen a black cat crossing the street so he loses his balance and falls hitting his head in the process.

When he recovers facing his angry wife he says, “a black cat has crossed the street, and it was Friday, what a bad omen. I should have never ridden my bicycle on Friday and especially if a black cat has crossed the street.

The fact that he was drunk like a skunk does not matter at all. It is all about the omen.

Doctors do exactly the same kind of reasoning when the virus is in question. The minuscule detail that RNA of a virus does not exist does not stop them from performing tests and pronouncing people infected.

If those who are tested show some symptoms of the disease, this intensifies their belief, and if the symptoms are missing, well, those people are asymptomatic silent carriers of the disease. They carry their own RNA/virus and it is just a matter of time before they become sick or, they can now infect other people so they have to be quarantined.

Every doctor uses the false indoctrinated theory. No wonder that no cure was ever found.

I have learned through the implementation of the Self Healers Protocol that once the cells are clean, no symptoms of a viral infection appear.

Here is an example.

Shingles Rash Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

We feel a tingling sensation on a cheek. This tingling sensation turns into pain. Then redness appears and after that yellowish blisters pop up. The rash becomes itchy and painful at the same time. The doctor’s diagnosis is Shingles, a disease that is caused by a herpes virus. Herpes, because it appears on the skin or mucous tissue results in blistering in one area.

Another scenario:

We expose our skin to ultraviolet light for excessive time. The skin starts tingling. It becomes painful. It turns read as it swells. Then yellowish blisters pop up. The content of the liquid in blisters is exactly the same when shingles and sunburn occur but one is promoted as a viral infection and the other is a simple sunburn.

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The more toxic the skin is, the more severe the blisters will become and this is the same in both health issues. The fact that the person with shingles was exposed to a fluorescent light UV radiation is missing so the culprit to those symptoms is blamed on none existing microorganism called virus.

The source of toxic energy that has triggered the cellular cleansing of the skin or the mucous tissue does not have to be the frequency of UV light. This frequency can be transmitted through a telephone in a form of electromagnetic radiation, or its other form that vibration produces which is called the sound.

Depending on the symptoms or the tissue that is being cleansed/affected, scientists have invented various names for this nonexisting microorganism. Adenovirus in lungs, herpes virus on the skin, retrovirus causes genetic changes, coronavirus causes symptoms of a general cellular detox/flu…

They are all lies based on the fraudulent scientific “truths” we are indoctrinated with during our educational/indoctrination process.

Every change in the environment will create a change in the genetic response which will trigger cellular changes. The affected cells will receive information from their genes about how to react. Some will vomit/cleanse themselves, some will create behavioral changes and the affected cells will start producing stress proteins/RNA of the host.

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If pain is following the “viral infection”, when the symptoms disappear, the scientists say that the virus is dormant inside of a neuron. When the symptoms of a viral disease occur and the pain reappears, their theory/invented lie becomes an obvious “truth”. The minor glitch of nonexistent viral RNA inside the supposedly infected but dormant virus is ignored.

Since what we refer to as a virus is a shift in energy, its vibration, and it does not have physicality, it cannot adapt to the changes in the environment. This means that it can only affect the same tissue of the same frequency. It does not possess genes to adapt to a different frequency.

This means that unlike bacteria or fungus, the virus cannot spread through the body and cause changes in other types of tissues. It cannot spread through the body.

This also means that viruses cannot “jump” species. It cannot be transmitted from a bat to a human, or from pig or bird to human. They have a different vibration.

.: May 2007

It is claimed that retrovirus forces an RNA of its host to reproduce the viral RNA creating genetic changes in the cell.

As I explain, the change in the environment creates the genetic changes that change the behavior of the cell. Since the virus is nothing more than the energy of a particular frequency, if this frequency is similar to a particular tissue when the immunity of the tissue drops (a drop of cellular voltage), this slightly different frequency/virus will change the vibration of the cell causing it to either vomit (expel its toxins), or it will stimulate a functional anomaly as forcing the cell to produce some enzyme. The oscillation of frequency has now changed the environment which has stimulated genetic recalibration that has influenced the change in cellular behavior.

No matter what is the result, if a blood’s cleansing is achieved and the cellular voltage rose, the virus stops manifesting its symptoms.

I have helped several AIDS patients to heal themselves from AIDS, and people who had herpes, healed from herpes, and it was all done through the implementation of the Self Healers Protocol which cleanses the body and reprograms its genome.

Dr. Mikovitz and other experts on infectious diseases cling to the false interpretation of what a virus is.

Once the virus frequency is known, it can be preserved in a crystal.

Since water is a liquid crystal, it can be used to spread the viral frequency but only through direct contact and the symptoms will manifest only if the recipient had a low cellular voltage of the tissue that this viral energy resembles/targets.

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Since a virus is a vibration, it can be sent through sound, light, and electromagnetic impulse but the correct frequency has to be established, and it will only affect the same type of tissue that it resembles.

Since it does not have a physicality, it does not have a genetic structure and this means that it cannot adapt itself to any other frequency. This means it can not affect any other tissue.

Once the cells start vibrating in the frequency of the virus, because of their voltage, the viral frequency is magnified and it can affect the cells of another body in short proximity. We say that the virus was airborne.

Again I want to emphasize the fact that the low energy cells are those that will be affected. This is why old people and those people who have some chronic health issues are those who will be affected first.

I believe that thought of a virus can have an impact on the body with low energy causing it to manifest expected symptoms of a “disease”.

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The tests for viruses are one big hoax in which doctors are the major participants because they were indoctrinated to support this system of lies and deceit.

Love and light to us all.

p.s. understanding the energetic vibrations/viruses makes it obvious that vaccination is not designed to prevent “diseases”. Instead, through the vaccines, viral frequencies are introduced into the body which will manifest as soon as the person’s voltage drops.

If the person being vaccinated has a low cellular voltage during the time the vaccine was administered, the disease shows up immediately. This is the reason why some children show a strong reaction to the vaccine and can even die from it.

PROBIOTIC poking into mainstream medicine

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For many years I am educating people about the falsehood of allopathic medicine, the supplement industry, and alternative medicine.
The scientific truths/lies behind all of them are the same.
Searching for a solution using the same knowledge that has created the problem leads you nowhere.

Many times I tried to show the health ranger Mike Adams, and Food revolution’s Ocean Robbins the mistakes in promoting supplements and probiotics, and I was ignored. Dr. Mercola instead of having a discussion has banned me from posting on his phony money-making health/supplement site.
Recently I wrote articles about the phony science behind the BioTRUST or as I call it the BioFAKE
false propaganda behind their bogus products. 

BioTrust Ageless Multi Collagen Protein a 5-in-1 Collagen Pulver, 5 Collagen Sorten (I, II, III, V und X), hydrolisierte Kollagen-Peptide, grasgefüttertes Rind, nachhaltige Fische, Huhn und Eierschalen-Membran

Today I have received an article from my friend Peter about the scientific discovery of a gut bacteria that can dissolve arterial plague.

Scientists are surprised that the bacteria is exactly the same one that is causing ulcers and inflamed appendix, a gram-negative anaerobic Bilophila that is also blamed to be the culprit to bowel diseases and intestinal cancer.


Basically, what is happening is this.

“Scientists” are surprised that the bacteria that are present in the intestinal gut flora of the meat-eating people are actually making those people healthy by neutralizing potentially toxic elements of the digestive process of meat.

As I have pointed out, the bacteria are consuming our garbage and the symptoms of a disease are caused by garbage detox and not by the bacteria.

First of all, the theory behind the arterial plague formation is wrong and I wrote about it many times.

Here is one of the articles about it:

The second and most important misconception is that eating meat is toxic to humans.

In this article, you can see that even the cow craves animal protein.


Instead of relying on observation and use their experience as a tool for discovering the truth, scientists are clinging to their school-installed “scientific truths”, to try to find an answer to the problem at hand.

This is like trying to pass through a stone wall by banging the head on it.


Instead of realizing the benefits of the animal protein loaded diet, scientists are now trying to develop a probiotic-based on this beneficial bacteria.

In other words, do not eat meat because it is bad for your health. Eating meat will cause heart and circulation problems. Eat grains and vegetables and supplement the missing bacteria through probiotics.

No gut bacteria will survive an environment that will not support it.

Probiotics do not work since the gut bacteria will rapidly readjust to the existing environment.

The only way to have the correct gut fauna is by eating correctly.

Maybe, just maybe, what we are being told by our experts is incorrect?

All those people who had switched to the Keto diet are showing improvement in their health, but who cares, the science is proving them wrong so we have to continue looking for some other solution. Maybe the new Bilophila probiotic will be the solution? You really think so?

You are a self-centered disconnected zombies who are calling themselves doctors and scientists?

I wrote this article to open the eyes of those who are still believing that we have to follow what the science is recommending, the way we are told by our politicians.

Well, if we do this, watch what can we expect next?

To those of you who are following my work, everything is clear, and for those who do not know what to think, here is the truth about a virus.

A virus is an energetic shift that triggers cellular cleansing. The more one is toxic, the more their blood will become polluted in this process. The symptoms of most diseases are symptoms of polluted blood and its cleansing process.

Since the virus does not have a physical form, it cannot be tested chemically.

Every claim that one has tested positive or negative is a lie. You cannot physically test for something that does not have physicality.

Can you be tested for pain or sadness?

RNA of a virus does not exist. This means that nucleic acid sequencing cannot produce any result. It is all a sham.

Tony Husband cartoons from Punch magazine | PUNCH Magazine ...

It is time to imprison all those who tell lies and enforce oppressive measures on the unsuspected population.

Are you ready to accept the truth?

Are you ready for disclosure?

Love and light to us all.

The influence of the SHP on oral health


Geographic Tongue – Gluten Free Works: HEALTH GUIDE

Approximately 15 years ago I have started giving lectures about health. I was teaching about the importance of structured water, sea salt, and the dangers of dietary carbohydrates/starches in our food.

There were very few people willing to try the SHP (Self Healers Protocol) especially because of the salt issue, but also because of the issue of cholesterol.

Very few people had wanted to hear anything about the dietary carbohydrate, this issue was simply neglected.

Those people who were suffering from a chronic health problem and nothing they have tried was helping them, gave SHP a shot, and miraculously, they got better but many of those doing the Protocol ended up with an oral issue. The main oral problem was a tooth abscess.

An abscess is formed when a colony of bacteria becomes encapsulated preventing the bacteria from spreading, and destroying it with the white blood cells. This creates a lump that is often painful since it involves inflammation and swelling.

How Can You Cope with a Tooth Abscess?

Everyone that has some issue with their teeth like caries, broken tooth, or inflamed gums, has created an easy opening for bacteria to penetrate to the rut of the tooth. Once there, they will multiply and create colonies. Our immune system is not functioning correctly, and the macrophage is not attacking the bacteria because the bacterias are not marked by the GcMAF immune marker.

Usually, a month and a half on the Protocol and a tooth abscess showed up.

The tooth mechanics are indoctrinated into dealing with such a problem by taking out the tooth so that they can apply an antibiotic to the abscess. My clients were losing some of their teeth and I had to figure out why is this happening and how to solve this problem.

The reason why the abscesses were occurring was the absence of the GcMAF protein and this is caused by the genetic cellular reprogramming.

When the dietary glucose blood levels increase (because we eat starches), the vibration has changed and this forces a change on the genetic level. Now our cells instead of producing GcMAF, start producing nagalase.

Nagalase is a necessary enzyme for the manipulation of cellular glucose. Since the same genes are involved, the cell can either manufacture GcMAF or nagalase. It cannot do both at the same time. What cells will manufacture depends on the gene whose blueprint they are reading from.

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Once the nagalase blueprint is read, the cells will produce the nagalase instead of the GcMAF immune marker, and our body will not be able to mark anything for destruction. This is why the bacteria and fungus, and tumor included, can live in our body without being challenged by our immune system and destroyed.

Once when the dietary carbohydrates stop flooding the blood since my clients stopped eating dietary carbohydrates, a genetic recalibration took place and cells started to manufacture GcMAF protein again.

When GcMAF started to mark the bacteria, the white blood cells started to attack them, and the abscess was formed wherever there was a bacterial colony.

Antibiotics could not be used with the SHP because it would prevent cellular hydration. This is when I have become aware of the nanoparticle colloidal silver.

From the moment my clients started using this colloid, the tooth abscesses had stopped appearing. The colloidal silver had destroyed the bacteria before the cells had re-calibrated themselves and started to produce GcMAF.

Now when the recalibration is completed and the GcMAF floods the blood, there are no more bacterial colonies and the abscesses do not form.

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Since our mouth is covered with a mucous tissue that has a glomerulus that cleanses the blood, during the blood cleansing procedure, especially if the blood is very polluted, we can see some symptoms there.

We can notice our oral cavity being red, inflamed, and wet since it is producing more mucus. This mucus is full of toxins and often can have a color and smell bad. It all depends on the type of toxin that is being expelled from the blood and the surrounding cells.

By using the colloidal silver the way it is described in the SHP, we help the hydration and the cellular detox of the mouth, and the symptoms if they do appear, vanish quickly.

The formation of mucus is always related to a detox process.

There is a narrative being spread by some alternative medicine gurus and vegans and vegetarians that milk is responsible for increased mucus production and this is the sign that it is not healthy for our consumption.

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As you know now, this is contrary to the truth.

If you start to produce mucus after drinking milk, this is a sign that you are low on blood plasma. This means that you are low on minerals and dehydrated. As soon as plasma (in this case the milk is plasma because it contains minerals), entered your blood, the blood started to cleanse, and being very toxic, the mucous tissue becomes involved. This is where the sudden increase in mucus comes from.

If you are well hydrated, your blood is clean and no detox will happen after you drink milk. No detox, no mucus.

Whenever you are dehydrated on the cellular level, your mouth tissue will be affected. It can become inflamed, it can have lesions and ulcers.

Another sign of chronic dehydration of your gums is when your gums start to recede. The tooth mechanics do not know why is this happening. They say, the same as a physician, that this is the sign of old age.

Now you know better. Hydrate with plasma, cleanse, eat correctly and you will heal.

Holding a sip of colloidal silver in the mouth for 10 minutes once or twice a day will ensure oral health. Even if an abscess occurs, the colloidal silver will help in its destruction but as I have mentioned in my previous articles, the colloidal silver does not stop the cellular hydration. It does not interfere in the process of forced hydration we call the inflammation. This is why the pain will persist until the affected area is clean and healed.

Why I am emphasizing this? Because people are under the impression that nothing is happening since the pain is still there and they grab hold of antibiotics to do the job.

Emergency Movement Medicine for Low Back Pain

The antibiotic will stop the inflammation and the pain will subside but the toxic stuff will remain to turn the abscess into a chronic issue.

Remember, antibiotics do not heal, they contribute in the creation of chronic health issues. Since doctor’s actions are not helping the body to cleanse and heal, they create chronic health problems.

As the number of medical doctors is rising, the pharmaceutical industry is flourishing, and chronic diseases are spreading like a plague.

The crown virus plandemic is the best example of a doctor’s incompetence but it is forcing them to realize that there is something very wrong with the science they promote.

It is time to wake up.

Love and light to us all.

Disease, nutrition, ascension

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There is no doubt that as time passes, we are becoming more civilized.
We tend to think of it as being more advanced and therefore more knowledgeable and more aware of the truth. After all, science is progressing and with it, our knowledge is expanding.
 We understand more and we use this new understanding to better our lives.

We tend to look at villagers as being less knowledgeable and more primitive and as far as the tribal people are concerned, we assume that they know nothing and are ignorant. They did not go to school, they are not civilized, they are not aware. In one word, they are stupid.

I often point to the fact that we are living in the world of opposites. Our schools are not centers for education. They are indoctrination centers where we are taught how to be civil, obedient.

We have been indoctrinated into servants, slaves to a small group of people who control our lives through deceit, lies, fear, torture, and murder. I guess that civilized stands for being more docile and more compliant to the elected ruling class.
These selected people belong to secret societies that have merged and we refer to them as the Illuminate or the Cabal.

Here is their plant with which they will achieve their goal:


The more civilized we are, the more disconnected we become from the truth, from our spirit, and ultimately from ourselves.

The more we read, the more we study, the more we know, the more disconnected and more stupid we become because we are being indoctrinated with lies, but because those lies were presented to us by people with authority, we accept them as truths and we trust them more than we trust the reality that is unfolding in front of our eyes.

What we see does not matter because we “know” the truth.

This article is inspired by a comment on one of my posts that I have recently received.
This is a part of that comment:

“Thank you for your wonderful articles. Your work really helps make sense of a lot of things. I’ve been confused about the vegetarian/vegan issue for a long time because people who preach ascension and 5D all insist on veganism to “raise your vibration”. It seems to me that the New Age movement is Luciferian and a lot of people have been seduced into some spiritual brainwashing. I think a lot of channellers are actually in contact with negative entities preaching a false light or are actually being tricked with a voice to skull technology. What is your take on ascension? And how can we separate the truth from the lies on this front?”

Quantum leap - Ascension — Stock Photo © Lightworker #88822264

Having received a medical education, I use health as a tool to break the chains of slavery the Cabal had imposed on Humanity.

The source of my knowledge/understanding comes from the divine intervention and not from those ” truths” that I have received through my education/indoctrination.

I was indoctrinated to believe that salt is toxic for the body, that it destroys our kidneys, increases blood pressure, and causes water retention.

I was educated to fear the Sun and to protect myself from its harmful radiation.

I was educated to reject animal fat and protein since they make us fat, acidic, and sick.

I have received the approval of successful brainwashing called Diploma in the field of health and now I can be a licensed distributor of medicinal poisons with a title of a Medical Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Now I am licensed to poison animals but the most dangerous animal is the Human.

To be able to help and to heal my clients, I actually have to do the opposite of everything I was told to do to “cure”.

I do not have to practice medicine, I have received the knowledge and the understanding of our reality through observation and the guidance of a spirit. I know how it all works and here I will give a brief explanation.

Our reality is our mind’s acceptance of the brain’s calculation of possibilities and probabilities, and the most logical and expected outcome/expectation.

Our brain receives the information through vibration which we call a frequency.

Basically, the only thing that is real (that exists) is the energy in a variety of frequencies which the brain presents to us in the form of senses and light (as the matter) according to its understanding which is based on programs that the mind had accepted as its truths.

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This may sound stupid and unbelievable and it takes an awaken person to grasp it. This is why I was introducing you to this reality step by step and now, some of you can understand what I am talking about.

Many people are being misled, and many are lying just to present themselves more relevant. This is obvious especially amongst those who call themselves Light-workers.

Many are meditating and channeling but all they do is manifesting their own beliefs and indoctrinated “truths”.

How many times have I talked to a vegan or vegetarian who has claimed to be in perfect health just to discover that they had some health or digestive problems and had to eat some fish or eggs to get better.

As soon as they felt better, they had switched their diet back to the “healthy diet” that had made them sick before.

Does this make any sense to you?

To them, it makes perfect sense.

They are not capable of thinking, they can only repeat and find safety from their own insecurity within the crowd of Like-Minded people who share the same opinion/knowledge.

vegetarians | My Lesson in Motivation

Often I hear from channelers that we have to stop eating meat and eat vegetables if we want to ascend because we have to become lighter.

Some well-known channelers are even saying that we had become so sick that we can no longer tolerate the food of gods: grains.

After all, Jesus Christ had multiplied bread and wine to nourish its people.

Grains are being portrayed as a healthy food. Another opposite.

Grains were introduced to our diet by the Anunaky, those who came from Heaven. Those who decided to make us stupid so that they can enslave us.

Gods have nothing in common with God although the Bible mentions them in the same breath.

Your priest drinks red wine and eats a piece of bread as part of the ceremony in remembering Jesus Christ.

The wine is his blood, and the bred is his body.

Who sacrifices a body to gods, drinks human blood, and eats human flesh as a part of a ceremony?

The members of the Cabal, and their God is Lucifer, the illuminated one.

Who is the Pope?

Whom does he serve?

Are you able to think?

Egyptian Roots of British Royalty and Roman Catholic ...

God is nirvana,a tranquility of conscious energy. It does not require sacrifices. It thrives on harmony.

Since the true reality is composed of energy in various frequencies, when those frequencies are well synchronized, they make beautiful music.

It is like a huge orchestra. Every cell, every tissue, every organ is vibrating and creating beautiful music. We are healthy and happy.

It is enough for one violin to be out of tune, one string of that violin is not tuned correctly and the sound of the violin and of the entire orchestra can become distorted and awful to listen to.

This out of tune frequency is the result of a slight change in frequency which our brain will interpret according to its programming and show it to us as a defect, as an anomaly, or as a disease.

Nature, everything that God has created is beautifully synchronized. When we eat our food the way God has made it, we are taking in the synchronized frequencies and all is good.

When we change those frequencies, the possibility of problems occurs.

How can we change the frequency of our food?

By heating it up.

How do we know that the frequency of our food has changed?

The food has changed its color, consistency, taste, and smell because our brain is programmed to present us those changed frequencies in this way.

Those altered frequencies may influence changes in the way our cells will vibrate but only if the vibrations of our cells and organs are unstable.

They become unstable when the electric voltage/immunity drops.

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What creates the drop of the cellular voltage?

An overly acidic or overly alkaline environment that is caused by toxicity and the increased levels of CO2. This is caused by a lack of plasma (water and minerals) and insufficient levels of oxygen.

This is achieved through a chronic poisoning of the body.

An instant drop of the cellular voltage can be achieved through stress and fear.

The fastest way of re-establishing harmony is by raising our cellular voltage by letting go of the fear, by laughing and celebrating our life. Feeling good about the food we eat and the life we live.

Now we are being forced to cleanse all bad frequencies. The Evil is coming to the surface to be illuminated and re-tuned. This is creating chaos.

Everything is fractal. The out of tune frequency = toxicity = pain = fear = chaos = storms = earthquakes = cosmic disturbance’

Let go of the fear. Trust the changes of frequencies we are exposed to as the recalibration, tuning to a different melody, a new reality.

Let go of the old and accept the new.

Bursts of high frequencies > planetary alignment > re-tuning frequencies > cleansing > healing > harmony > peace/nirvana

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The new is not created, we are creating it at this moment so be careful of what you wish to be your new reality.

I know what my new reality is.

It is love and harmony with everything that surrounds me.

Love and light to us all.

Oxygen versus poison


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The disclosure is accelerating.

I have received an excellent video that discloses many truths about the coronavirus which I highly recommend for everyone to see.

With this article, I want to point to some details where my opinion differs a bit from the narrative in this video, but those differences in opinion do not change the fact that we are being lied to and that this current plandemic is a manufactured hoax.

As you can see, the difference in opinion comes right at the beginning, with the title itself.

The video title is Potassium versus poison, and what is stated in the video is correct with the minor but crucial missing information which is the mechanism of how the potassium enters into our cells.

In my book The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body, I explain that the cellular potassium is being manufactured within our cells through the process of cold fusion.

In this process, an atom of sodium/kalium is fused with an atom of oxygen and the result is an atom of potassium.

This information is crucial for understanding why the oxygen therapy is so successful in reversing many health issues of different origins.

Now you can better understand why is the SHP (self healers protocol) so successful in recovering health.

The necessity for sea salt as the source of salts and minerals, the ionized water and breathing exercises for increased oxygen levels in the body, blood electrification to increase the cellular voltage, and the process of potassium manufacturing is set into motion.

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Since the potassium is slightly larger from the openings in the cellular membrane, the potassium becomes trapped within the cells. This increases the density of the cellular plasma which engages the cellular osmotic pump. Cells start hydrating themselves.

Salt + O + E = potassium = hydration = cellular cleansing

Do you understand now why we are being educated to avoid salt, to fear oxidative stress, and avoid exposure to the Sun?

Do you understand why we are forced to wear masks? It does not matter what mask you slap on your face as long as it traps CO2 and prevents the oxygenation of your body.

Do you get it now why chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, and the ozone are bashed by the media and the medical industry?

Medical educational program + student = brainwashed misguided repeater of misinformation/doctor.

Fortunately, some of us are waking up to the truth but changing the implanted information is a difficult process.

The more we are indoctrinated, the higher education we are given, the more difficult it is to accept the truth once we are exposed to it.


Do not pride yourself on how well-read you are. Intelligence is way more important.

Can you think for yourself?

Are you able to reason?

Do you trust your intuition/spirit?

The bacteria eat the garbage in our bodies. What makes us sick, the bacteria, or the garbage?

The abundance of life is directly related to the availability of food.

The more food there is, the more predators there will be.

The more garbage there is, the more garbage dwellers there will be.

Should we dispose of the garbage, or should we fight the garbage dwellers?

Can you think?

No viral RNA was ever found yet we have accepted that it exists.

How can you test for a virus if you have no proof that it exists?

What are you testing for?

Do you have dengue, COVID, herpes… or are you simply detoxifying your body?

Are you capable of reasoning?

Can you think or did the “education” get the best of you?


Nourishing ourselves on carbohydrates forces our cells to utilize glucose as their source of energy.

When our cells do this, the levels of the cellular CO2 are increasing. This creates the need for higher relative pressure of oxygen in the blood, yet we are forced to prevent oxygenation by covering our faces with masks.

Exercising forces us to breathe deeply. This increases the relative pressure of oxygen in our blood, yet we are told to stay at home, do not move, hibernate.

The fear is an energetic sponge. The energy is electricity.

The low voltage prevents the occurrence of cold fusion.

No cold fusion, no potassium, no hydration, no cleansing.

As the toxicity is accumulating in the body, germ level increases but no signs of disease appear until the body starts to cleanse itself.

Is the cause of the symptoms of disease a bacteria, fungus, virus, or are the symptoms of disease caused by the toxic load that is being expelled from the body?

Is it possible that what we refer to as pathogen organisms are just a triggering mechanism for the cellular cleansing of our body/disease?

The colloidal silver destroys all pathogen organisms but it is not toxic and it does not prevent cellular hydration.

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When we experience a symptom of disease blamed on bacteria (for example toothache), and we hold the colloidal silver in our mouth, the bacteria will die within 5 minutes but the toothache/symptom of the disease remains because the cleansing continues and it involves some forced hydration/inflammation. This will persist until the area is cleansed/healed.

When we take an antibiotic, the pain stops rapidly but not all bacteria are destroyed.

The symptoms of the disease are gone because the cleansing has stopped under the influence of a toxic antibiotic even that toxicity remains and some bacteria survive.

What causes the symptoms of disease?

The bacteria or the process of detoxification?

What are doctors fighting, the disease or the self-healing process?

Can you think?

Can you accept the truth?

Are you ready for the disclosure?

Love and light to us all.


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People became fascinated with computer technology, the vast information we can tap into, and the speed with which the information can be accessed.

Not only that heavy books are no longer needed, but the new technology is also making many things obsolete. One can replace a heavy set of keys, leather wallet, road maps, address-book, and many other necessary items with a small chip that is inserted into the body so that it cannot be forgotten or stolen, and everything that you may need in your daily life will be instantly accessed.

This is exactly what we are told and demonstrated through advertising and many people are eagerly lining up to be chipped, but the enthusiasm to be chipped never reached the expected level.

The easiest way to make people accept something is through the implementation of fear.

Since vaccines can prevent the spreading of disease (at least, this is what we are being told and groomed to accept), a fierce disease has to be created which would make vaccination the necessity and the obvious way of stopping the spread of the disease.

Since the vaccine does not perform the way we are being indoctrinated to believe, the cause of the disease has to be something that cannot be proven or dis-proven. This is why the virus has to be used.

How does one spread hysteria about something that is not happening?

By lying and spreading lies through the media, advertising, and the entertainment industry.

People are being poisoned through their food, drinks, sound, and the emotion of fear.

When their bodies start to detoxify, if bacteria or fungus are not found, the virus is being blamed.

My friend Katy has called me recently. She was in pain. Her whole body was hurting. Her joints, kidneys, muscles were painful. She had a strong headache and fever.

The first thing that comes to mind is the corona woogey-bogey and the fear increases the symptom manifestation and the sensation of the pain.

I have explained to her that those are symptoms of her cells releasing their toxic load.

Her blood had suddenly become very toxic and since blood plasma is low and the fear has lowered her energy levels/cellular voltage/immunity, she is experiencing the manifestation of what her mind is expecting to happen.

I have told her to increase the amount of plasma she is drinking, drink a sip of nanoparticle colloidal silver every two hours to increase her blood electroconductivity and to bundle up and sweat.

My explanation was not enough for her to calm her fear so she went and had her blood tested.

The result was the medical version of the truth. She had a disease called “dengue fever” that is caused by, you have guessed it, a virus.

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How do those doctors know that it is a virus? Because of the symptoms that she was experiencing and the elevated level of the white blood cells and her protein marker in the blood’s sediment

When she came back into her house, she did what I had originally suggested and within several hours she felt much better.

I was surprised that the diagnosis was not the corona-19. This is because the doctor was not involved. She had her blood tested in a lab and the lab technician had analyzed the blood results.

The fear of the “plandemic” has to remain because people have to be lead into the super-humanity, the Human 2.0, and the easiest way to make people get there is through the new “COVID vaccine”.

Today’s computers can already read our minds and we can communicate with them with no problem. This means that the implementation of the chip is not necessary, so why do they want to chip us so badly?

Once chipped, we lose control over our bodies. We become robots that can be externally controlled.

The COVID chip/virus, directly attacks our mind, our chromosome 8.

Some of those people who were chipped say that they have lost their souls. They have lost God.

Do not allow fear to control your action.

Under no circumstances allow being vaccinated.

We are in the last battle and we are winning.

The deepest hidden evil is surfacing to the light.

Now it is being illuminated.

Once illuminated, the evil will perish in the light.

We all want to see justice being served and the guilty punished.

This is the old paradigm speaking.

Remember Jesus Christ. It is no longer an eye for an eye.

We are ascending to the Christ frequency. Now it is the left and the right cheek time.

Scraps Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock

Yes, some people will be punished but if we want to change our reality, we have to change the way we think.

Revenge leads to another revenge.

Accept, forgive, and let go.

Many health issues are nothing more than an energetic reflection of emotional trauma.

As long as we hold onto those emotions, we continue to be sick. Acknowledge, forgive, and let them go. Replace them with love and you will heal, raise your frequency, and ascend.

Love and light to us all.

Can people with missing gallbladder implement the SHP?

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First of all, nobody misplaces or loses their gallbladder.
Those people who are missing their gallbladder are unfortunate victims of a modern “madsin” and those licensed mislead professionals called medical doctors whose incompetence to heal leads to the extraction of a vital organ under the pretense that humans can live without it.

Can we live without it?
If the answer is yes, why do we then have it?

Our liver produces a liquid substance that is helping our body to process fats, triglycerides in particular. This liquid we have named the bile or the gull.

The bile is composed mainly of water and salts, but there are some other ingredients such as are bilirubin and biliverdin which give the bile its color. The bilirubin is orange and yellow, and the biliverdin is green. Combined, the color turns brown.

The bile is injected into the duodenum which is the beginning of the small intestines where it neutralizes stomach acid and emulsifies fats. It also contributes to the separation of the fatty acids from glycerol. This means that it serves to digest triglycerides so that they can be then absorbed into the intestinal wall.

What has that to do with the gallbladder you may ask?

Cartoon Illustration Of Human Liver And Gallbladder Stock ...

We do not eat the same type of food every day, and our portions vary as well. This means that sometimes we need more bile to be secreted into the intestine and sometimes less.

Since it takes some time for the liver to produce the bile, storage for bile is created where the bile will accumulate and be used in quantities as needed without the necessity of putting additional stress on the liver whenever we consume a larger quantity of fat.

This additional storage looks like a sack and the science has named it a gallbladder.

If problems with gallbladder occur, since doctors have no clue why this happens and how to prevent it from happening or how to heal it, the gallbladder is surgically removed since “it is not essential and people can live without it”.

If we compare our body to a car, if a problem with an oil pan occurs, the mechanic will fix it, but if you are dealing with a crook who wants a repeated business, or a rotten mechanic, he can simply remove the oil-pan and instruct you to take it easy. The car will be able to run but only on slow RPM’s. As soon as you increase the speed, the engine will start to overheat and it may seize. The car will die.

Car Breakdown Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock

The same is what will happen with a person if the gallbladder is removed.

Also here on this example you immediately know that if your gallbladder was removed, you have been dealing with rotten doctors. Instead of doubling down and praising them for saving your life, you should hold them criminally responsible and sue the heck out of them.

Unfortunately, you will not get far because they have been following the instructions of their medical teaching, and they are protected by their license to do such a thing.

What is the cause that makes doctors remove the gallbladder?

The most common problem is created by the formation of gallbladder stones. They obstruct the passage of the bile. This forces more bile into the blood as it cannot be secreted into the intestine and people become yellow.

Doctors claim that the stones cannot be dissolved and that the surgery is the only way out of this situation.

Gallstones. Illustration showing the liver and gallbladder ...

The other problem why the gallbladder will be removed is frequent gallbladder inflammation. They cause swelling which also interrupts the passage of the bile and the same as the stones it creates discomfort and pain as it increases the pressure on the sensory nerves.

When gallbladder inflammation occurs, doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics and for those who follow my work, it is obvious that this only worsens the situation and turns it into a chronic problem which results in the formation of stones.

The inflammation is a result of cellular dehydration of the gallbladder. The cause of gallbladder’s dehydration is the refusal or the inability of the gallbladder’s cellular structure to hydrate utilizing the osmotic action.

The cause of this could be toxic blood, the lack of oxygen, the lack water,the lack of salt, and the lack of energy/electricity, or the combination of any of those things I have mentioned.

Since we doctors are not educated correctly, we are being misled and directed to a wrong path, and since we are unable to resolve the health issue, we are instructed to remove the ailing organ.

Transplant Operation Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures ...

Now when the bile storage is “missing”, any sudden increase of fat in our diet will create an inadequate level of bile which undermines the digestive abilities and creates health issues.

Since the SHP (Self Healers Protocol) involves consumption of fat, such a diet will certainly affect those people whose gallbladder has bee removed so that their health can “improve”.

An oxymoron that was caused by mor**s, as the word suggests.

Fortunately for us, our creator is a genius and it had created a mechanism with which our stupidity can be resolved.

I always say that our body will not support what it does not need and it always adjusts itself to the environment it is subjected to.

Because of this, even our errors ca be fixed since our bodies will adjust to its environment even after it was massacred.

The people whose gallbladder was removed can consume fat since the bile production is continuing, and when the fat content of our food increases, the liver will produce more bile, and the bile ducts within the liver will widen allowing the liver to hold more bile. This way the level of the available bile increases. The adjustment will take some time so the fat content in the food has to be increased slowly to give the liver the time to adjust itself to the demand.


Although the SHP is the simplest way we can heal our body, once we experience a health issue and especially after we had been processed by a licensed doctor and medicated or surgically “readjusted”, I strongly recommend that you contact me or some awakened health enthusiast who has the adequate knowledge and can guide you.

The protocol can be readjusted temporarily until your body is ready to assumer working correctly.

I may be harsh referring to doctors as being morons but most of them are and the rest who are aware of at least some truths are either corrupt and willingly participate in this fraud, or are scared for their licenses to be removed if they speak the truth.

Now with the coronavirus nonsense, this is more evident than ever before.

Colleagues please, do the correct thing, forget your license, and the money much more is at stake.

Everything will change and the money you are hoarding (including the gold, silver…) will be obsolete.

Help yourselves by helping others.

Love and light to us all.