Make yourself more resilient to COVID. FEMININIZE yourself.

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Here is a video from “Computing Forever” that shows another example of a scientific “brilliance” in solving health problems by using the school promoted childish reasoning our esteemed scientists use to solve problems.

Dr. Amir Khan authoritatively explains the complex scientific approach in handling the “plandemic” that is ravaging the world of media.

Since most of the scientific approaches are based on the statistics and the scientific childish logic, a new important procedure is being promoted that will in addition to wearing the approved and non-approved masks, gloves, and eye covering, add to the safety of people in regards to the “deadliest virus of all times”.

Here you can see how to protect yourself from asbestos, mining dust, spray paint, and the deadliest virus of all time.

“I beg your pardon. It is not a very deadly virus?
Do you say that COVID-19/400 is much milder than the common seasonal flu?
You must be mistaken. Almost all countries on this planet are in a shutdown, economies are destroyed, people scared and locked down in their homes.

Everyone must wear a mask and keep a distance from one another.
New, statistics show that more men get affected by this virus and more men die from it than women.”

The childish logic kicks in and the solution presents itself.
“We have to femininize all the man and in this way, we are going to certainly knock off at least a couple of hundred COVID cases per flu season”.
I am eagerly awaiting for Dr. Khan to be nominated for the Nobel Prize for science this year. God bless him but more than that, God bless his patients because they really need God’s help.

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Now, let me explain the statistics in question.

Those of you who follow my work already know the answer so this is for all of the new readers out there.

The culprit to almost all chronic health issues is the toxic blood. What we refer to as the symptoms of flu are nothing else that the symptoms our body manifests during the process of cleansing its blood.

The more toxicity there is, the stronger will be the symptoms.

I have explained this in details in this article:

Women have an advantage over the man. They eliminate some of their toxic blood while menstruating and then produce fresh clean blood. This dilutes the toxicity of their blood making it less toxic overall.

For those of you who think that I am being stupid thinking in this way, just look at what happens when women stop menstruating.

As their blood’s toxicity raises, they start feeling this toxic load. The body starts to make attempts to detoxify the blood but because they are low on the blood plasma, their cleansing organs cannot eliminate those toxins through the kidneys so mucous tissue and skin are being used but first, the same as in the case of the flu, the body tries to break down some of the toxins by raising the body temperature.

Women start experiencing hot flushes, sweating, headaches, and nausea.

Since doctors do not know what to make of it (the indoctrination program did not allow them to learn the truth), they invented a new syndrome which they have named the menopause.

Instead of hydrating their patients with plasma, doctors reach for medication, in this case, hormones since the hormonal picture of women in menopause changes.

This is exactly what the genius Dr. Khan proposes to “combat” the flu.

Since the truth is hidden from our doctors, they use the statistics, and their childish reasoning points them in the only direction they feel comfortable with, and this is the use of the medicinal poisons.

Since women are less affected by the flu symptoms, let us use the feminine hormones, and femininize all the men.

Of course, the same as in the case of menopause, no beneficial effects are achieved, just a temporary suppression of the symptoms which keeps the patient dependent on the poison/medication.

Only, in the case of the flu, no benefits will be achieved because the blood remains toxic. In fact, the additional pollution with hormones will make them more toxic and the flu symptoms will escalate.

The same childish logic we see in vaccine manufacturing.

Since the cancer cells are loaded with the enzyme nagalase, they put nagalase into the vaccines to cause more cancer, and then they are surprised that the “nagalase effect” is not producing the expected results.

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Every animal cell that uses glucose for energy production has nagalase since it is an enzyme that is utilized in a glucose breakdown.

Since the cancer cells work anaerobically, glucose is their primary fuel so a lot of nagalase will be there but this enzyme in no way or shape influences the formation of cancer other than helping to fuel it once it is there, and only if there is a large presence of glucose.

To be able to help the body, we first have to understand it.

Unfortunately, the doctors are at a disadvantage here because all they know are the lies they had to accept as truths during their indoctrination studies.

Now, the childish reasoning is all that they can use in solving the medical puzzles.

So, let all men become women and we will reduce the flu deaths for another whopping 0,0001%.

I think this definitely deserves the Nobel Prize, don’t you?

Love and light to us all.

“WARNING: This collagen ages you FASTER”

It is the time we start recognizing these supplement pushers for hat they really are, straight out LIERS&DECEVERS for profit.

There is no difference which one of these fraudsters I chose to use as an example because they all spew the same lies in an attempt to mislead us into spending our money and buying their bogus product.

Today I have received again this advertising which title I have used as the title for this article.

I wrote an article recently about collagen, but now I want to dissect this Dr. fraud article piece by piece to show you how stupid they really are. They really think that this bogus product is doing in our body what they say. At least, I am giving them a benefit of doubt.

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Here is what Dr. Joel Marion scribbles to entice me to buy his product:

“I’m talking about the closest thing to a real-life “fountain of youth”…

Perhaps you’ve heard all the rave reviews about collagen lately. It’s all over the news. And this shouldn’t be too surprising. After all…

— 75% of your skin is MADE of this age-defying nutrient – if you’re deficient, your skin looks worse and becomes less protective against foreign microbes…

— 70-80% of your joints and tendons are made from collagen – if you’re lacking, you can feel those creaks and pops all the time and experience needless discomfort…

— 90% of your bones are made of collagen – if you don’t have enough, fractures and breaks can happen with more frequency…

— Your gut DEPENDS on collagen – if you are lacking collagen, your intestinal wall can tear and leak, causing rather unenjoyable digestive discomfort…

— Even your HAIR and nails are mostly collagen – and we all want that silky, youthful look that only a collagen-rich head of hair and strong nails can give us!

And did you know?

Collagen is VITAL to a healthy immune system. Nearly 80% of your immune power is actually in your gut…and as you’ve seen, collagen is one of your belly’s best friends. Never has that been more important!


As you age, you produce less collagen year after year. Less than HALF by middle age, and this depletion accelerates the older you become… UNLESS you do something…

“So Joel, I should just take a collagen supplement, right?”

Not so fast:

You see, there’s another REALLY BIG PROBLEM.

This is the #1 thing you need to take away from this letter…and by far the most important lesson that science has revealed about collagen:


Here’s what I mean. If you buy a collagen supplement at the health food store, chances are it has only one type of collagen.

But did you know your skin, joints, tendons, gut, bones, nails and hair… need FIVE types?

It’s true: You need Collagen types I, II, III, V, and X…

I call these “missing collagens” because they’re nowhere to be found in most collagen supplements. In fact, it’s rare to find more than one!

That’s why so many collagen supplements let millions of folks down year after year.

Combine this with the fact that it’s VERY difficult to source all five types of collagen…

…and the fact so many collagen supplements taste like you’re swallowing clumpy wet sand? Yuck.

You can see why getting the collagen you need—the collagen your body can no longer make to keep you looking AND feeling younger—is so hard to do:

Until today.

Introducing Ageless Multi-Collagen Protein™… the no-clump, no-taste collagen! (so you can mix it in literally ANYTHING) – up to 51% OFF plus FREE U.S. Shipping when you order today!

Not only does Ageless Multi-Collagen Protein dissolve quickly and easily in hot or cool beverages, it also contains all FIVE key collagen types (I, II, III, V, and X) from FOUR different food sources:”

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So let’s debunk the whole story, claim by claim.

“I’m talking about the closest thing to a real-life “fountain of youth”…

A fountain of youth? What makes us look old is wrinkled skin. When the tissue/collagen is dehydrated it shrinks like a prune. This makes us look old. Hydrate with plasma and you will correct this issue. Eating collagen will improve nothing.

75% of your skin is MADE of this age-defying nutrient ”

An age-defying nutrient?

75% of the skin is water.

The collagen in our skin is a part of the connective tissue and is not a nutrient.

Since collagen is a protein, when we eat it, it will break down into amino acids and when amino acids are absorbed, the body will decide how to use them.

70-80% of your joints and tendons are made from collagen”

Again the percentage is out of wac. It is related to water and not to the collagen fiber.

Joints and tendons suffer from a lack of hydration and not from a lack of collagen. Dehydrated tendons become brittle and dehydrated joints lose lubrication and the cartilage will start to grind itself.

Eating collagen will improve absolutely nothing.

90% of your bones are made of collagen ”

The collagen fiber is like a metal wire in a concrete column. Minerals provide the strength and the collagen gives it the resilience to stress/flexibility. There are more minerals than collagen in the bone so the claim is fraudulent.

In osteoporosis, all of the collagen is there but the bone becomes weak because the minerals are not deposited to give the bone strength.

Eating collagen will have absolutely no effect on the strength of our bones if we cannot deposit minerals.

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Your gut DEPENDS on collagen”

This is correct. We cannot have our bodies if we do not have protein, what collagen actually is.

Collagen is VITAL to a healthy immune system”

Without collagen, you cannot exist but to say that eating the collagen will benefit the immune system in any way is absolutely ridiculous.

The parrot-like statement that our immune system depends on our gut bacteria is idiotic.

The gut flora is always adapting to its environment and changes according to our diet. So “experts”, please tell me, what type of gut flora actually benefit what type of our immune system?

When we eat correctly we will be healthy and the gut flora will adjust to our diet. No probiotics strengthen the immune system.

Immunity is the ability to maintain the correct frequency and only strong cellular voltage will do this job.

Eating the collagen will not improve the cellular voltage in any specific way.

But there’s a REALLY BIG PROBLEM: we produce less collagen as we age”

This is incorrect. We produce less collagen when our body does not need it. We show symptoms of aging not because we do not have enough collagen, but because we are dehydrated and toxic.

Our body will always produce what it needs if the food and the plasma (water&minerals) are available.


Here, our Dr. Fraudster Marion is telling us that there are different types of collagen and if you do not eat the correct collagen, you will be deficient in it. This is why you have to buy his product.

This is like saying that if you eat chicken eggs, since they contain all of the material to produce a chicken, a chicken will grow in your body.

If you eat turtle eggs, a turtle will be formed and if you eat a pork steak, a pork steak will be assembled in your body.

Do you see how ridiculous this statement this is?

But did you know your skin, joints, tendons, gut, bones, nails and hair… need FIVE types?

It’s true: You need Collagen types I, II, III, V, and X…”

First of all, the number IV is missing and the symbol X represents the number 10. This clearly shows a low level of knowledge.

The existence of a 5 types of collagen fibers is a bold lie that just about everyone is repeating.

The collagen is a protein fiber. It is weaved differently when it is a part of the skin.

It is weaved differently when it is a part of cartilage or part of the bone, or part of the tendon, or a part of the eye-lens, but in fact, it is all the same protein.

To expect a strengthening of your tendons by consuming the collagen that was made of the cow tendons is like expecting to grow a cow liver after eating it, or to start producing cow milk after drinking it.

These “expert fraudsters” are experts of “idiocracy”, and it just shows how brainwashed people are when they buy their bogus products, trusting its validity.

Instead of wasting your hard-earned money on packaged garbage, get a juicy steak, or fish, chicken, egg, or cheese, and enjoy your tasty meal. It will give you all of the protein your body needs to make any “type” of collagen and on top of it, you will receive energetic fat, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and structured water as a bonus.

I am not saying that we cannot benefit from this packaged protein. Since it is dehydrated, it will last a long time so it is a great source of protein as emergency food since it can be stored for a long period of time.

Instead of piling on toxic carbohydrates, pile dehydrated proteins. You will need less space and you will maintain a healthy body by eating it instead of the toxic carbs most people are relying on.

Are you ready for the disclosure?

Are you ready to accept the truth?

Love and light to us all.

p.s. and another fraud from the same mouthpiece has just arrived

“Do NOT Do the Ketogenic Diet (here’s why…)” with a ton of lies and misinformation. They are selling the “Keto Elevate ” where you can use bread and potatoes and remain in the ketogenic state whit their bul***** product.

VIRUS or an energy triggered cellular cleanse?

Hi Darko, I have been on your protocol for about 5months and feeling good then a few days ago woke up with diarrhea for 2 days all day long, still feeling good but scared to leave house. Thats gone but now I haven’t really gone for 2 days. How often should we be going to bathroom? Had gallbladder removed a few years back big mistake. Tks for reply”

Since many people who have followed the SHP (Self Healers Protocol) are having similar experiences, I have decided to explain what is happening through this blog.
A great majority of people that have followed the SHP underwent deep cellular cleansing.
As their cells were eliminating their toxins into the blood, the blood got very polluted and all three blood cleansing organs become involved in eliminating those toxins from the blood.
To help the body in this process, people are drinking a lot of plasma (water with sea salt), to provide their bodies with a sufficient amount of plasma for cleansing.
The symptoms of the cleansing of the very toxic blood by the kidneys will be a dark often smelly urine, Sometime foamy, sometimes greasy.
If a lot of acids are being cleansed, the bladder can become inflamed. This will cause a sensation for urinating even when the bladder is empty, and a burning sensation can occur. The bacterial overgrowth can but does not have to be present.

When the heavily toxic blood cleanses through the glomerulus of the mucous tissue, the symptoms will be:
Mouth: inflammation, red/white tongue, salivation, bad smell.
Stomach: nausea, gas (burping), vomiting.
Intestines: diarrhea, foul odor, gas.
Lungs: phloem, cough, bad breath.

January | 2013 | Jami Gray's Blog

The more the blood becomes saturated with cellular toxins the muscle and joint pain may appear. The body temperature may rise (to break down some of the toxins).

The body will try to increase the speed of the blood cleanse by speeding the blood circulation. This brings tachycardia.

The increased heart rate will increase blood pressure.

In one word, we get the symptoms of a FLU.

Sometimes, after we had cleansed out cells and all the symptoms went away, we can experience a cleansing attack that lasts only a couple of hours.

The cleansing attack can exhibit all of the symptoms or just some of them. It all depends on the amount of the toxicity that was released into the blood.

Where did this toxicity come from, you may ask?

From the quantum point, we know that everything including the toxins is just frequencies of a particular vibration. Our emotions are also frequencies and they can be trapped until some energetic change with a similar frequency occurs that will affect them and release them from our cells.

Our ambient is a field of energy that is composed of various frequencies and any shift in those frequencies will affect our gene expression and will force a genetic change we call the adaptation to the new environment.

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At this present time we are all exposed to a strong energy change that is caused by the planetary alignment, and this is causing many genetic changes.

Also, our brain can reproduce any frequency it is familiar with. This means that acknowledging some events (recalling or focusing on them) will trigger the brain to produce the frequency that is related to that event which will cause its cleansing by disturbing the field of the same frequency.

If this was an emotionally difficult event, a heavy toxic load will be released, and strong cleansing symptoms will be experienced.

I had recently an episode of a high fever, muscle aches, and diarrhea that lasted 3 days.

Hilno had a strong cleansing attack recently. She started shaking and her body temperature had dropped. She was cold to the touch as if she was dead. After about 30 minutes she started to warm up and was burning with a fever of 40 degrees Celsius. Two hours later it was all over, and then an hour after that, she had strong diarrhea with an unusual color liquid excrement.

As long as we have adequate levels of blood plasma, the blood cleansing organs will eliminate the released toxic load.

The diarrhea is caused by the toxic mucus that irritates and swells the colon. As soon as the toxic load is gone, the colon’s inflammation goes down and water absorption goes up. Now the body is again low on plasma and every ounce of water will be returned from the colon to the blood. This creates constipation. This is why the plasma intake (water with sea salt) should never be reduced.

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As soon as the stool becomes solid, the intake of plasma should be increased to prevent constipation.

We will not have diarrhea if the colon is not inflamed and if we drink a lot of plasma and the colon is ok, we will urinate a lot and the stool will be normal.

Trying to stop any of the symptoms of cleansing will actually worsen the state of our health, and interfering with the symptoms is the type of medicine we are being indoctrinated too in our medical schools.

Block the symptoms we call the symptomatic medicine or the “madsin” as I call it.

As you can see, the body is creating symptoms when it is cleansing and healing and we are told to stop this process from happening.

Medicine man in the jungle does the opposite. It uses toxic remedies to provoke those symptoms.

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Being it the poison from frog skin, Ayahuasca, San Pedro extract, or any other strong poison, they all induce a profound cleansing where a lot of toxic mucus is eliminated. Vomiting and diarrhea follow.

Nobody is trying to stop those symptoms and healing follows.

We are being exposed to ever-rising frequencies.

Our genes are changing their expression to instruct our cells on how to respond to this changing environment. Everything is changing. Nothing will be the same after this shift is completed.

The truth is coming to the surface.

Do you understand this message?

Is it ringing the bell?

Are you ready for the disclosure?

Love and light to us all.

SUPPLEMENTS Are we being duped again?

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Everyone who is following my work for some time knows that I am disclosing the truth in the field of health, and instead of looking for the approval of the corrupt and mislead “scientific academia”, I am disclosing my findings directly to everyone who is ready to receive them.

We are witnessing the deterioration of human health while we are being told about the miracles of modern medicine, but there is a glitch no one is paying attention to.

As the number of medical professionals are rising, so is the number of diseases and the number of sick people.

The obvious question pops up.

What are the medical professionals cultivating?

Health or a disease?

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If you want to catch more fish, you use more fishermen.

If you want to produce more food, you use more farmland.

If you want to repair more cars, you use more mechanics.

What do we need if we want to have more sick people and more diseases?

It appears we need more doctors. This is actually self-evident but, is anybody noticing?

A simple observation and statistics show us that as the number of doctors is rising, so is the number of diseases and the number of sick people.

Supermarkets are being replaced by pharmacies with the food sections for those who can still digest the food.

Supplement pushers are more popular now than ever.

Their message is:

“do not poison yourself with the meat of the medicated and tortured animals, do not poison your body with the GMO modified plants that are full of herbicides and pesticides. Nourish yourself with the protein powder and vitamins of our making.

They are natural and selected for the optimal results”.

“Do not eat the toxic dairy, get our whey protein.

Do not eat the toxic beef and chickens, indulge in our collagen.

Do not eat those toxic eggs and animal saturated fats, load up on the probiotics, and natural vitamins from our capsules.

And, for God’s sake, do not eat the poisonous fish from the sea, use our fish protein and fish oil because it is 100% natural”.

This fraudulent industry is catching up with the big pharma, not just in profits, but with the brainwashing tactics and the harm their products are causing to the digestive system.

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I have to use William Mount as an example because it drives me crazy, him informing us about the shenanigans of the deep-state and at the same time spreading the false information about the supplements and the medicinal remedies he is using to harm himself and those who trust him.

First he advertises the emergency food from “My Patriot Supply” that consists of pure dietary carbohydrates and spices. A junk food.

Then he advertises the cinnamon from the supplement source Get the Tea to lower his blood sugar, and as his health starts to suffer he advertises the “multi collagen” claiming how great he feels eating it.

If William would not poison himself with the dietary glucose his blood sugar would be normal, and he would not have to poison himself with the cinnamon.

By adding collagen to his diet, he is helping his body by providing the needed protein and he feels the difference which is now attributed to the collagen and not to the protein that the collagen actually is.

Our “science” is constantly feeding us the wrong information which we accept without questioning it because the “experts are talking”.

Last night while watching an animal program on YouTube, another “scientific truth” was spewed.

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“Lions sleep most of the time and do not eat every day because the meat they eat is hard to digest so the digestion is lengthly, making them incapacitated and tired”.

The truth is that animal fat and protein offer plenty of calories, vitamins, and enzymes, making it very efficient. No daily supply of calories is necessary. This is why lions spend most of their time snoozing.

When they become hungry, they go and hunt.

The exactly same happens to us, humans.

When we nourish ourselves with raw meat and animal fats, we do not have to eat often.

The same as the lion, we can spend most of our time doing other things and eat once every other day.

Everyone who has tried eating correctly, knows how wonderful they feel when they eat this way.

More and more people are hearing the correct message and are switching back to the original omnivore diet.

The Ketogenic diet is the transitional diet where people are peeling away from the carbohydrate saturated vegetarian and vegan diets.

Here again, the supplement industry has found its victims and is promoting a Keto supplement starter. A miracle protein that will help you to adjust to the correct diet. Something like a “keto probiotic”.

What a sham.

People have to wake up to those lies, but how do we know what are lies and what is the truth?

If it is promoted, it is a lie.

Flu Shot Stamp Vector Art | Getty Images

Whatever we are being told through advertising is contrary to the truth.

Implied     True meaning

BioTRUST = BioDoubt

Get the tea = stay away from the tea

World Health Organization = World Disease Spreading Organization

Medical doctor heals the patient = Medical doctor poisons the patient

People are indoctrinated to trust only those with titles.

Titles are given to those who were satisfactory indoctrinated.

I would seek for a medical help from a jungle medicine man, before I would ask for a medical “expert” with a title.

The walls of Jericho are tumbling down. Trump-ets are sounding.

Extraordinary time we are living in.

It makes me jump with joy seeing doctors revolting against the corrupt system.

The scent of victory is in the air.

Love and light to us all.

Is it a disease or is it a cleanse?

Whenever we feel something wrong with our bodies, the first thought that comes up is that we are sick.

We must have attracted some kind of disease or infection. This is the reason why we are experiencing the headache, nausea, diarrhea, or any other symptom that disease brings.

Why do we think that a disease is what brings such symptoms?

This is what we are told in school and through the advertisement. Although those are all the symptoms of cleansing nobody ever thinks that the discomfort they experience is the result of their cleansing.

Why is that?

Because during our entire education/indoctrination, cleansing is never being mentioned.

No medical doctor knows anything about it unless they have been investigating on their own or if they are practitioners of alternative medicine.

I warn all my clients not to rush to see their doctor when some symptoms appear during the time they follow the Self Healers Protocol (SHP) because they will be given the wrong diagnosis and treatment.

Episode 11: Diarrhea & Injections | Nursing Endeavors

The most common symptom of cleansing is diarrhea.

Since we have been told that diarrhea is a symptom of poisoning, naturally, people get scared when diarrhea shows up and they run to their doctor who immediately reaches for medication to stop it.

If an analysis of the feces is done and if some bacteria shows up, the bacteria immediately is being blamed for what’s happening and antibiotics are prescribed.

It is unimportant fact that the same bacteria was there before and will be there after the patient is “cured”.

One of the very common cleansing symptoms is pain and a burning sensation during urination.

My experience is that every one of my clients who has visited their doctor because of the burning sensation during urination was sent home with antibiotics. This is the only thing that allopathic doctors know, to write a prescription.

Even when the urine is examined and no bacterial overgrow is found, the antibiotics are prescribed because the doctor has no clue of what is going on and what else to do.

The truth is that the burning sensation and the pain during the urination have absolutely nothing to do with the number of bacteria in the urine, the same as the bacterial overgrow has nothing to do with diarrhea, or with a problem in respiration, or gastritis, hepatitis, or any other so-called infectious disease.

All these pains and burning sensations are the results of increased pressure on the sensory nerves and this is caused by inflammation.

The inflammation has nothing to do with a bacterial invasion.

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The inflammation is the body’s response to the toxicity. Toxicity is also the reason for the bacterial and the fungal appearance since those organisms feed on the toxic decay.

The more toxic material there is, the more microorganisms will grow to feast on it.

What type of microorganism will be reproduced the most, depends on the type of the toxin in question.

For example, the cells of cancer will be full of fungus because cancer cells are thriving on glucose and fungus thrives on sugar.

Since fungus is found inside of the cancer cells, many doctors blame fungus as the cause of cancer which is again child-like reasoning.

The cause of a problem is being blamed on a symptom which is the most common mistake that doctors and scientists do.

The fungus is in the cell because there is a lot of glucose it feasts on.

Why is so much sugar in the cell, nobody is interested in finding out.

Nobody is searching for the culprit as long as there is someone or something to put the blame on.

This is exactly how our “law” is dealing with crime.

As long as they can put the blame on someone, the case is closed. The truth does not matter at all.

The same laws, the same people, only the subject is different.

criminal convictions cartoon

It is all about convincing someone that what is being done is correct.

It often happens to those who follow the SHP that even after months of cleansing and healing when they already feel great all of a sudden a burning sensation during urination appears.

I have experienced this myself, and many of my clients did as well especially when they have incorporated fast with the SH Protocol.

What has happened? What has triggered the inflammation of the urinary tract?

Many toxic elements are trapped within the cells of the adipose tissue.

As we are fasting, a lot of fat is being released from the adipose tissue, and with it also the toxic elements are being released.

The fat with the toxic elements which are mostly acids will find themselves in the blood.

The fat will be used for energy production and the toxins will be filtered out into the urine. The longer the toxic urine stays in the bladder the more it will irritate it causing inflammation.

As the toxicity of the blood increases, there is a good chance that more bacteria will multiply as there is an abundance of food.

The increased bacterial count will stimulate increased macrophage production to deal with those bacteria.

As you can see, it is a chain reaction in which the bacteria and the increased amount of white blood cells are just a side effect.

If this is true, why does the antibiotic stop the burning and inflammation?

The antibiotic is a strong poison. When it is present in the blood, it stops the cellular hydration and it stops the cleansing process. Once the cells stop eliminating their toxic load into the blood, the toxicity of the blood diminishes and so does the inflammation. No inflammation, no irritation, and no pain.

The presence or the absence of bacteria is completely irrelevant.

If bacteria would be the cause of the inflammation, the use of colloidal silver would stop the inflammation and the pain because it destroys the bacteria much faster than the antibiotic, but this does not happen.

Colloidal silver is not toxic and does not prevent cellular hydration so even when the bacteria is gone, the inflammation will persist as long as the toxicity keeps coming from those cells, and the pain persists until the cellular cleansing is finished and no more toxins are being released.

Even a toxic body will not be affected by a virus unless stress is present.


Because a drop of energy is required as a trigger to start cellular cleansing even when plasma levels are low. This sudden drop in energy is created through stress/fear.

Mark Knight: Toilet paper now worth its weight in gold ...

The inflammation may start as the response to the suddenly increased toxicity of the blood that was caused by the cellular cleansing which was triggered by the energy shift of the virus.

Now you know that a shift in energy/virus can cause inflammation in the body.

Bacteria and fungus are just the side effect of a process in which inflammation is a part of.

The symptoms could be exactly the same.

We can go on and on debunking the science of deception called medical science but for now, this article is long enough.

Love and light to us all

If we can manifest health, why can’t we eat whatever we like?

This article is based on the comment that was posted recently.
Iona wrote:
“Darko if we can manifest health like you say we should be able then to eat anything. I have family members who have lived to 101 on all the food experts say not to like carbs etc. It’s hard to figure it all out, my thoughts eat what your racial ancestors ate. Eskimo’s don’t eat what the French eat . Thoughts Iona”
For one, living 100 years is not an achievement. Most people have lived to be older than that but this is one of the things modern science is lying about.
What is the state of 100-year-old people? They are extremely dehydrated on the cellular level. This wrinkles their skin, make them acidic.
The cellular acidity makes it impossible for them to hold the cellular electric charge so their energy is dependent on the state of their mind.
If they live a peaceful life, the energy level is good and they live longer from those people who are under psychological pressure or stress. 
People that live in fear or some other type of stress are preventing the heart energy from reaching their cells and they show signs of disease.
It is very common that an old couple is enjoying their life and when one of them gets sick or dies, the other one follows soon as the depression sets in.

Royalty Free Old People Sleeping Pictures, Images and ...

To explain these things we have to go quantum again.

The quantum reality is all about vibration. The physical reality is a brain’s interpretation of those vibrations.

The health is observed when everything vibrates with the correct frequency.

A change of any of the frequencies, the brain will project as a blemish or a disease as we cal it.

The stability of any frequency depends on the strength of the field that sustains it. The cellular vibration is sustained by electric voltage. The stronger is the voltage, the more difficult it is to change the vibration.

In general, the resilience toward changing the vibration we call the immune system.

Using this approach, we now understand that the most important thing for our health is electric voltage or the energy as we call it.

Now you understand why are sickly people always complaining that they have no energy.

No amount of vitamin C, vitamin D, antioxidants, coenzyme-A, or any other bogus crap that our “scientists” attribute to a strong immune system is going to support the frequency. This means that the entire medical science is fake.

Report of Motor Neuron Disease After HPV Vaccine ...

When our cells have the correct Ph, and the correct cellular fuel is supplied, they can maintain the electric charge easily so even when stress prevents the energy from being supplied from the heart, the cellular voltage is high and no change of frequency occurs and no signs of disease will appear.

Everything changes when the cellular Ph drops and the cells can no longer support adequate energy levels. Now the stability of the frequency of a cell/organ/body depends on the electric charge send from the heart and distributed by the brain.

The more psychological problems an acidic person has, the more organs will be deprived of the energy that is channeled through the brain and the affected organs will have a low voltage and they will be susceptible to a frequency change/disease.

To control their acidity, the cells have to be well hydrated.

For the cells to be able to hydrate, the blood must be free of toxic elements, and oxygen, sodium, and energy have to be available.

For the blood to be clean, the blood must contain a large volume of plasma (water and minerals), so that the blood cleansing organs can properly do their job.

The major source of plasma is drinking water.

The best drinking water is underground water. It has many minerals dissolved in it.

Still, often, minerals are inadequate or missing. This is why all animals in nature have their sources of salt since salt is loaded with minerals not just sodium chloride like the table salt.

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Unfortunately, our “scientists” are telling us to refrain from using salt.

As you can see, it is fake science.

As the level of blood’s plasma drops, the blood cleansing organs start saving plasma and do not perform blood cleansing properly. The blood’s toxicity rises as the cellular hydration drops.

Dirty and toxic blood that is low on the minerals/ions is having a problem with its electric conductivity. The electricity/energy does not flow correctly.

The vibration of the blood is the cellular environment which is now undermined and weakened. We say that we feel sickly.

Again, our heart can support enough energy to maintain the frequency stable if the brain does not interfere with it.

Here you can see that we can basically eat very poorly, and drink incorrectly, but if our mind is happy, we will not experience a shift of frequency/disease.

Many people have proved that they can eat the poison that would have killed another man but they resist it.

Some say that their faith protects them.

Some say that God or their guru is protecting them. All in all, it is their strong belief and their faith that keeps the fear/doubt away. Their brain is not cutting off the energy supply and the frequency of their body stays unchanged.

World of an Indian cartoonist!: Have faith in PM Singh!

This explains why some people experience difficulty with some kind of food and other people can eat just about anything without showing any ill effects.

Since our reality is the most probable outcome of our brain’s calculation, our thoughts and beliefs will have a strong influence on every aspect of our life included the diet.

This is why the religious and spiritual people should always bless their food before ingesting it. Every thought is a vibration of potential creation. This is why Jesus Christ said, “be careful of what you think.”

We are born with basic brain programming. This programming as far as digestion goes does not include the digestion of dietary carbohydrates.

This is why babies have to be slowly introduced to them and even this makes them vomit and have gas and diarrhea at the beginning until the gene expression changes and the cells are adjusted to deal with this poison.

Now you understand why are babies burping and experiencing digestive problems when they are introduced to “baby formula”. Their poisoning has begun.

Our mind, the brain’s programming, our beliefs, and our expectation has a tremendous impact on the way our reality is unfolding and this is why we react so differently to the same stimulation.

This is why when we eat the “food of God”, the original programming sets in and we experience rapid improvement in our health.

Unless we change the original program, we are carnivores that also eat fruits and use plants to cleanse themselves if problems in digestion occur.

Since we understand now how this reality of our works, we can consciously protect ourselves from the effect of the toxic environment but this is possible only if our faith is strong which is seldom the case.

Love and light to us all.

Are humans participating in an act of self-destruction?

If the information comes to you in the way of the media, the TV, and the entertainment industry, you will be in a panic mode expecting the worst to happen.

If you are a firm believer in the Bible, what you see is what is described there and what follows (according to the Bible) will scare you to death.

Those who follow the alternative channels are desperately asking for the disclosure and are frustrated with what is happening, not realizing that things are being disclosed constantly without them realizing it.

Why do people not recognize a disclosure?

What is the disclosure?

Disclosure is the act or process of revealing or uncovering. This means that whatever we are being told is an act of disclosure, doesn’t it?

Trump shared a tweet mocking Biden for wearing a face mask ...

Well, many of us are being aware that what we have been told in many cases is incorrect so we are looking to find the truth and the truthful information we consider to be the disclosure. It is revealing of the truth.

This indicates that the revealing of truth can be only effective when people realize that they have been duped before and that what they have been told before was a lie.

I am disclosing the truth for the last 20 years and many have called me an idiot.

They know different “truth” and no contradicting information will be accepted.

We can disclose all the truthful documents, expose all the hideous crimes and none of it will make any difference to those who are believing in what they have been indoctrinated with.

This is why the seemingly ridiculous question is being asked: “Are you ready to hear the truth?”. Are you ready for the disclosure?

The disclosure is meaningless if we are not ready to accept it.

Just ask me, how many people have read my articles, and how many of them did use the information to heal themselves?

From every thousand people who read my articles, approximately 50 have tried the protocol and one did it correctly and had experienced all the benefits of healing.

Most people who try to follow the protocol quit after the first symptoms of detoxification appear saying: “this is not for me. My body does not respond correctly. This makes me sick.”

The reason for such reaction is the accepted belief that the vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, fever, and other symptoms of detoxification of very polluted blood are actually the symptoms of the disease.

They are convinced that the protocol is making them sick and they simply are not accepting other explanations. For such people, the disclosure is meaningless.

Today, almost everyone is convinced that a virus that came from China is creating a disease from which many people are dying.

Few scientists, me included, are disclosing that virus has no physical form and what is happening now is a natural event that is being weaponized by the Cabal to frighten the mislead population so that they eagerly accept vaccines that they had concocted to further enslave the people.

President Trump is playing along keeping the misinformation as he is using it to awaken people.

It is a very intricate game that is being played. Extremely smart moves that only a few people understand and only the faith in the process can keep us calm.

This is why Q-anon is frequently saying: “trust the plan”.

White House dodges 'QAnon' questions as conspiracy theory ...

Once the brain is programmed with certain information, it is very difficult to reprogram it.

Just think. How many Catholics would even consider the possibility that the Bible is a book that was created to mislead its followers?

How about the teenagers that are fresh from college loaded with a Marxist and Bolshevik utopia of a system that proved to be unsustainable and destructive wherever it was implemented but it offers riches without work and responsibility.

Now they are destroying their own country and aiding and abetting the enemy.

The only way for the programmed people to even consider another possibility, first they have to experience the consequences of those false believes. They are unable to accept contradictory information until they personally experience the consequences of their embedded beliefs.

For some people, unless the experience is frightening and life-threatening, the false beliefs will remain as the filters and disclosure/truthful information has no chance to take hold.

This is exactly what is now happening in the USA.

President Trump and the White Hats have to wait until people are scared enough to realize that they have been had. Only then will they consider and hopefully accept the disclosure of the truth.

This is very irritating to those of us who already know the truth and want to move on.

We have to be patient, hold the light, and wait to be asked for help.

To try and convince an indoctrinated mind to accept the contradictory information will only create conflict.

Persuasion Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from ...

Now we are all seeing how much suffering is needed for some people to finally realize what is happening, and some people will never realize it, they are just to far gone.

I am trying to awaken people to the dark side of medicine and the indoctrination students are going through before they are given the medical diploma.

Even today when more and more health professionals are realizing the fraud in medical science, some things I am talking about, such as the toxicity of dietary glucose, are bouncing of even the most progressive medical minds. How frustrating.

We cannot wait for everyone’s realization of the situation we are in. As soon as the absolute minimum is achieved, (the one hundred monkeys effect, or the herd immunity as they now call it) the truthful information will flood the media.

As of jet, this would have no impact at all.

The people are not ready, the absolute minimum has not been reached as of yet, but the awareness is increasing and I believe that soon the point will be reached for the disclosure to have an impact.

I hope that you did understand my message and that this is helping you to understand today’s situation regarding the virus and the politics behind it.

Keep calm, hold the light. Pray, meditate, and be ready to help those who ask for it.

Love and light to us all.

SCIENCE, is it a knowledge, or is it a tool of misinformation?

How many times have we been told “follow the science”, when it is convenient, or “are you a doctor?”, when you make a statement following your observation.

For those of you who are following my work, it is obvious that the only scientists that are as wrong in their predictions as the meteorologists are medical doctors.

At least, the meteorologists understand the principal behind the weather patterns, they just seldom predict the weather correctly.

The medical doctors do not even understand the principal behind their science, or better say, what they know to be the principal, is all wrong.

Since what we are told by our science about the way our body functions is wrong, we tend to misinterpret even what we experience.

This article is influenced by the video my friend Kathy send to me.

It is a video about twins who decided to put diet to the test.

One of them switched to vegan while the other continued eating meat.

As soon as I have seen the two men, I knew which one of them became vegan. His body became more square, more feminine looking (soy boy). Many phyto-proteins mimic estrogen hormone.

Once we start feeding ourselves with a plant-based food, our genetic expression has to change to adapt our cells for this new energy source which the body cannot store.

This presents challenges and as the “soy boy” stated, it took him two weeks to adjust to the plant diet so that he can function normally.

For the body to switch back to the appropriate diet, requires only 3 days.

The vegan brother is talking about the incredible energy that he has and the omnivore brother is complaining about the occasional lack of energy he is experiencing.

An average person, listening to this video would conclude that the vegan diet is healthier and more energetic.

I have no doubt that those brothers have the same opinion, the plant food is a better choice.

Let me use the correct science and explain what is going on.

First, the video is incomplete because the exact diet is not being mentioned. I have no idea if the meat eater had carbohydrates and other vegetables as a part of his meals or not.

It is not mentioned if the meat was eaten well cooked or raw, if nuts were part of the diet and if coffee, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, and alcohol were ingested.

Any of those ingredients mentioned, would require a detox and it would cause a diuretic effect where a lot of energy would be wasted making the person feel tired.

When we do not understand how our body works, we tend to misinterpret what is happening, especially when what we are doing is thought to be good and beneficial to our health.

All plants have a toxic impact on our body but when a plant has some chemical element for which our science claims a beneficial effect, we are told to expect a beneficial outcome.

funny | ChicanePictures | Page 2

As we load our body with toxic plants, our cells close up to prevent those toxins to penetrate them.

It took the body two weeks to learn what is toxic and finally closed the cellular hydration down. This is when the “soy boy” started to feel good and energetic.

The cellular hydration depends on the potassium production which requires a lot of energy. Once when this process is stopped, all of this energy becomes available for other things.

The problem is that we do not know that our cells have stopped hydrating, and a prolonged state of dehydration will cause huge problems as time goes on.

The best example for this is an experiment our brother Guillaume and his lovely wife did with the so-called miracle plant/algae, spirulina.

The Spirulina is promoted as a cancer cure, vitalizer, rejuvenator, health-food…, it is being promoted by every health site. Ronny from Get the tea, and the heavily advertised Bio Trust, Ocean Robbins, Natural News…and loads of other parroting sites who are spewing the “scientific” nonsense that does not benefit anybody and harms them all without realizing it.

Guillaume and his wife have healed themselves by following the Self Healers Protocol and since spirulina is being advertised for its great health benefits, they have asked me of my opinion.

Understanding diet, I told them my opinion but that it would be a great experiment to start using spurulina and see if I am correct.

Their experience said it all. You can read it in a comment section of the following article:

As I had responded to his comment, he added:

“Your answer makes me remember a detail supporting what you say : near the end of my experiment, I switched to a more potent spirulina, having twice the amount of phycocyanin for the same amount of spirulina. And symptoms got worse afterwards.”

We are made to believe that when a plant contains some potentially beneficial chemical element, this will benefit our body regardless of the toxic elements that are also present.

Guillaume asked how did spirulina protect from a radiation poisoning?

Well, the cells stopped hydrating and the radiation was not entering into the cells. This is the medicinal effect. You use medicines for a particular purpose, a suppression of symptoms, and avoid them when you want to heal.

The truth is simple. Any chemical that our cells consider to be poisonous to them, will close our cells and prevent the absorption of all elements including those potentially beneficial ones, the osmotic pump will stop working. No hydration.

The presence of alcohol in the red wine will prevent any potentially beneficial “antioxidant” from benefiting us, instead a diuretic effect will be achieved causing dehydration of our body.

The same goes for every “medicinal” remedy. This is why the medicinal remedies should not be used for extensive periods of time. One to two weeks the most. More than three weeks is an overkill and it will result with the body’s deterioration.

Since the plant toxicity often does not create a strong, visible toxic effects, we tend to ignore them, but the stopping of the hydration will slow down the cellular detox and as the cellular water levels drop, the cells will be forced to hold onto their toxins.

No detox, no symptoms of disease. Vegans and vegetarians often pride themselves of not having had the flu for a long time.

Since there is no hydration and no detox, plenty of energy can be used for other things, but in time, their bodies collapse when the acid levels in their cells reach the critical levels.

In this stage, their cleansing and healing will be painful with strong symptoms of the flu, and the recovery may take more than a year.

I had several clients that went through this.

As you can see, feeling energetic does not mean that we are doing things correctly and that we are healthy.

Love and light to us all.

The violet light of transformation

The politically steered and a media promoted second wave of a pandemic is supposedly about to hit the world.

“Surprisingly” the China’s pigs are already feeling the heat and it is just a matter of time before another wave of undesirable Chinese citizens will be affected by it for the whole world to see and fear.

As I have mentioned before, the planetary alignment is about to increase the energetic effect on planet Earth. This will affect our gene expression and changes in our genome will occur.

Every sudden change of the energetic field of our environment causes such changes and we are accustomed to call this an flu/influenza/disease.

We are schooled/indoctrinated to blame this on an invisible/nonexistent “creature” called virus.

In few days, the energies will increase and the Cabal is using this to create fear and death.

Since a far fewer people are dying than it was hopped for by the Cabal, false numbers of the sickly and the dead are presented just to keep the fear going.

Deaths from COVID-19 U.S. by state 2020

The followers of my work understand that the symptoms of disease, flu included, are nothing more than symptoms of a detoxification of the blood.

Since a sudden shift of energy in the environment affects our cellular structure until the gene realignment occurs, the cells frequency gets affected which often results with cells vomiting their toxins into the blood and the lymph.

The more toxic we are on the cellular level, the more polluted will the blood become, and a stronger symptoms of the detoxification/disease/flu will be experienced.

This is the reason why the elderly, those with a chronic health problems, and the obese/toxic are in the danger of showing a strong symptoms of a disease/flu.

In previous articles I have explained how even a toxic person can stop, minimize, or prevent the cellular detox by utilizing toxic/medicinal remedies, or by increasing the cellular voltage which will hold the cellular frequency stable and no cellular cleansing will occur.

Far better solution is to cleanse the cells because the toxic cell cannot hold electric charge and the possibility of future cellular cleansing is to be expected.

As not only the energy is changing but the frequency is rising, changes of a gene activation is unavoidable and the cellular detoxification will have to occur.

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The longer we remain toxic, the stronger will be the effect of those high frequencies and the more severe will be the effects on the toxic people.

I am warning everyone for years to please cleanse but few have been listening.

Still, it is not too late but are you awake to see what is happening?

We can cleanse on the cellular level by following the Self Healers Protocol but some emotional energies need to be tackled using additional tools like oxygenation, and light.

Oxygenation we can improve by using remedies such as are MMS, hydrogen peroxide (the food grade), and the ozonated water, or we can achieve it through special breathing exercises like the Wim Hof breathing exercise.

The most powerful cleansing frequency of light is the short wave violet and ultra violet light.

Now you understand why is the violet light blamed to be the cause of eyesight problems.

We are told to protect ourselves from this “toxic” light, to smother the skin with the toxic UV “protective” lotion, and to prevent this light to enter our eyes by using UV protected shades.

We are being duped into preventing this detoxifying and healing light to do its job.

Our trusted science is making us afraid of the God’s given healing power of the Sun.

The ultra violet light is used to sterilize water, so “it must be toxic”.


Think quantum!

The toxic frequencies our brain manifests as the bacteria, fungus, and the body experiences it as a toxic/viral energy.

Those are the frequencies that are vulnerable to the frequency of the violet light.

Many other toxic frequencies will be dissolved by this healing light such as are the frequencies of toxic thoughts, and toxic emotions such as is the fear.

I have been experimenting extensively on myself by exposing my eyes to a strong sunlight, staring into the violet light of a welding machines and my eyesight has not been negatively affected.

It is the time to add the violet light to the healing protocol.

President Trump has mentioned it and the sheep has attacked him for it.

We can use violet and ultra violet light for this purpose but much stronger will be the effect if we use the power of our brain to create this frequency and flood every cell of our body with it.

The best way to do this is through a guided meditation.

Remember that what you visualize has the same effect as what you experience as your reality if you convince your mind in its truthfulness.

Everyone who is meditating can easily achieve a great results by it.

Here are some of those guided meditations in English, Spanish, and Croatian/Serbian languages:

It is important for us to start using the power of our brain to our advantage instead of using it to manifest fear as we are guided by the media and the crooked politicians.

Free yourselves from fear, ditch the masks, the creams and shades.

The great awakening is hear.

Love and light to us all.

Is the Crown virus spreading through droplets or is it airborne?

Everything we are told about virus through our education/indoctrination science, and everything we are told about it through the media being it left or right oriented is false.

We have to understand that what is happening is a battle of good against the evil.

As the politics goes, the most evil political system is by far the socialism/communism, and it has been created by the Cabal whose plan is to convert the whole planet into it.

The best indicator of how terrible it is to live in a communism is the fact that millions of people are risking their lives trying to change it, and being killed in the process.

Just look at what Stalin did and how many people he had killed just to be able to maintain communist Russia alive.

Mao was not any gentler and since China is still a communist country that has to get rid of the millions of people who are trying to change the system, every “pandemic” is starting there.

The world is shown those masses of dead people as being killed by “virus”, and then the media does the rest.

This is the secret of the viral origin, and the creation of the “pandemic” in which the pandemic causes many deaths only in China and nowhere else. Other countries have to fake the numbers to comply with the game although, democratic/communist governors in some states prove their alliance with the commies by eliminating the frail and the old.

Gov. Cuomo, New York's nursing homes death are on you: Goodwin

Now when we understand what is happening, we can go back to the virus itself.

No one had ever seen a virus. There was never a viral DNA or a viral RNA discovered.

The DNA that is attributed to the virus is actually the DNA of the host, the “infected” person itself.

Why is the infected in quotation marks?

Because we cannot be infected with a virus, we can only be affected by it and respond to it or not.

This is because virus is a vibration of energy that does not have any physical form. Our brain is not programmed to show it to us through the light.

Looking at the life from the quantum point, we can only experience energy in various vibrational fields we refer to as frequencies.

To convert those frequencies into our “reality” we need to process those frequencies through the brain which will decode them according to its programs, and present them through the light as our reality.

Since the brain is not programmed to show us the frequency of a virus through the light, we cannot find it in the physical form, but this does not mean that we can not experience it or that the virus cannot affect us.

Pain, odor, and emotion we cannot see either but hey affect us as we can sense their vibration and our brain shows them to us in a different way, and not through the light.

Since the virus is a vibration, and as such it has its electromagnetic field, it creates an energy disturbance in the field around itself. It leaves its imprint, a memory of itself.

Once this vibration changes the vibration of a tissue, the change of the vibration stays recorded in the field and remains there as an electromagnetic imprint.

Thin energy. With alpha channel.: Royalty-free video and ...

Let’s say that you have contracted a herpes virus.

This viral energy has a specific frequency and if it comes close to another tissue with a similar frequency whose energy/voltage is low, it will cause an interference in its vibration.

The brain projects it according to its programming as a sores on the skin.

Since toxins have been eliminated in the process, the more toxic the cells are, the bigger will be the sores on the skin.

When the energy field/voltage of this part of the skin increases, the correct vibration resumes and our brain shows this to us as the skin being healed.

Since the electromagnetic imprint of the previously altered vibration remain in the same area where it was created, every time the voltage of the tissue/body drops, the weak electromagnetic imprint will be able to change the frequency again and the symptoms of a viral attack return.

Since the weak vibrational energy cannot influence a tissue that is supported with a high voltage/energy, the virus will be “dormant”whenever we are happy and carefree.

In a dormant stage, since the energetic imprint of the electromagnetic field is very low, it cannot affect any tissue that is supported by high energy so healthy people will not contract it.

By affecting the energy field of a weak tissue, the viral energy becomes amplified by the host and becomes strong enough to affect vibrational field of another person if it comes close enough. Since it is still not a very strong energy, a direct contact is necessary.

Water can be easily affected by a weak vibrational electromagnetic fields. The water can easily absorb this vibration and if placed on the mucous tissue of another person, if its energy is weak, it can force vibrational changes in that persons tissue.

Since the vibration is of a specific type, it will affect only particular frequencies of the same vibration.

This is why it will always affect the same tissue no mater where it lands.

This means that if it was a herpes of a lip, this is what it will cause on the other person.

It is all related to the frequency.

If you hit an A note on the piano, an A tuned string on the guitar will start producing the A tone without being struck. The same vibration was transferred through the energetic space we call the environment. We can say that it was transferred through the air.It was airborne.

Sonar Waves Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors ...

To be able to make this transfer of a vibration from one instrument to the other, the particular frequency that is residing in both instruments had to be sent, and the signal had to be strong enough.

If you touch the piano lightly, no sound will be produced on the guitar. You have to make a loud sound enough to make this possible. The same is with the energy of virus.

Strong energetic changes in the environment will affect the frequency of genes.

This is why people get affected with the flu mostly during those strong energetic changes such as are happening during the Fall and Spring.

Since they affect our cells, they trigger a cellular cleansing. This is a part of our genetic programming.

The more toxic the cells are, the more toxic material will be pushed into the blood and blood’s cleansing will create the symptoms of flu and its complications.

We are being influenced by a very strong energetic vibration that is created by a specific planetary alignment. The Cabal knew about this many years ago and the Bible was created in which the “chosen ones” have placed all of their ceremonial holidays on those special energetic points and their visual manifestations.

All Jewish holidays and events are scheduled this way. Just remember of all those predictions what will happen during the red moon period, the eclipse, the solstice…

We have entered a period of a very specific planetary alignments and the energy on our planet is strongly affected by it.

Those incoming high frequencies will be further intensifying from 29th of July on, and all life on this planet will be affected by them. The Cabal and its minions are counting on them to create more health issues. this is why they predict more people being “infected” in the months to come.

People with a low voltage/immune system/ energy, will show more difficulty to cope with those energies because they will affect the weak field of underpowered genes resulting with more cellular cleansing/disease.

This is why the media is used to create a fear.

Fauci warns US is ‘knee-deep’ in first coronavirus wave

No vaccine can protect us from this and neither the masks, shades, and gloves will do us any good.

Keeping our spirit high. Laughing, dancing, having fun, and especially loving each other will hold our vibration steady.

The strongest vibrational field that can overpower fear is the emotion of love, still, when the body is clean on the cellular level no garbage is released from those cells and a weak or no symptoms of flu/cleansing will be experienced.

Now you know why all the hype is there about this “Woggie-Boggie virus”. Why the racism is promoted, and the violence spread.

Whoever mentions racism, safe spaces, and a division of any kind, who ever harms other person, promotes masks and distancing and fear, is part of this evil attempt to prevent us from rising our vibration and leaving this evil behind.

The media has to be dealt with if we want to save lives of those who are too brainwashed to see what is going on.

The schools have to change so that the poisoning of children’s brains stops.

Yes, this corona virus is airborne but it did not come from Wuhan. China is used to promote a fear.

Grieving families wait for last look - China News - SINA ...

Stop paying attention to those bad actors. Keep your faith because salvation is on the way.

When we are clean on the cellular level, no virus can touch us. This is why I am emphasizing for years how important it is to cleanse and eat correctly.

Use the Self Healers Protocol, cleanse your body, heal, and prevent future viral responses. No flu,virus can creates any symptoms when your body is clean. This is why wild animals do not show any flu symptoms, only the domestic animals do.

The information that I am sharing with you does not exist in any book or study.

If you find it helpful, please support my work by making a donation.

Love and light to us all.