Are vaccines designed to prevent diseases?


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There is no evidence that vaccine has ever been successful in preventing the “disease” that it was supposedly meant to prevent. 
I can talk about my personal experience. I was vaccinated against mums and after the vaccination, I’ve got it.
It is a well-known fact that whatever is absorbed into the body goes first through the liver or the lymphatic nodes. Here it is analyzed and if the content is toxic, the body will produce an antidote and release it into the blood.
Homeopathic doctors are using this in their practice of healing and it works incredibly well.
Not all blood is analyzed daily, only the blood that brings absorbed nutrients into the body will be analyzed and this means the blood of the mucous tissue (respiratory and digestive tract), and the lymph of the skin.
This means that the great majority of our blood is not being analyzed and it serves as the supporting mechanism to the analytic organs bringing them oxygen, minerals, enzymes… so that those organs can work properly.
Knowing this, doctors should immediately ask the most obvious question which is: “why are vaccines being injected into the body?”

vaccines cartoon

Injecting things into the body will bypass the first line of the body’s defense system which is actually designed to create the antidote naturally.

If we would have received the vaccine by swallowing it, the vaccine elements would have been absorbed and passed through the liver’s analytic system.

The liver would then create the antidote that would protect the body from the ingredients of the vaccine. The body would have been prepared to deal with the intruder. It would have been immunized.

The first vaccines were administered by making a small scratch on the skin.

Here, the content of the vaccine would be absorbed by the lymph and analyzed by the lymph-nodes and the antidote would have been produced. Pure homeopathic action that works.

Actually, it was working so well that it was destroying the poisons that were injected with the vaccine so children’s bodies could not be polluted in this way.

This is why doctors were instructed by the pharmaceutical companies to tell mothers of the children to be vaccinated, not to breastfeed their children at least three days before vaccination so that the natural immune system weakens and the vaccine “can take hold”.

Being brainwashed to believe what they are told by “superior” command, doctors obeyed and the poisoning of children started.

Later, the poisons started to be injected into the children’s bodies which did not require lowering the immune response since the vaccine ingredients will not pass through the body’s detection mechanism.

The poisons are injected directly into the blood elevating the toxicity of the overall blood.

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As you can see, just by understanding the workings of the body we can detect that vaccines are not meant to create an immune reaction.

They are created to increase the toxicity of the blood which will result in toxic cells since the cellular structure will refuse to hydrate while the toxic elements are in the blood.

The poisoning of the children is starting from the first day on this planet, and three methods of poisoning are being used.

First, the umbilical cord is cut too early and the child does not absorb the immune factors from its umbilical cord.

Then the newborn that has just passed a painful experience of birth is shaken and slapped. This creates fear and more pain so the baby starts crying.

The fear automatically lowers the immune response.

And then the newborn is jabbed with a toxic vaccine where poisons are injected directly into the baby’s blood system.

Welcome to the Hell, little-one.

Everyone who is undecided whom to trust should read this.

The vaccines were never designed to prevent disease.

We have the most powerful industry whose profits are directly related to the number of sick people. More sickness, more money.

Do you really believe that the same industry is trying to prevent diseases? If you think so, you are delusional.

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Now Bill Gates is in charge of an effort to vaccinate every person on this planet.

Billie boy has no degree in medicine so what does he want to inject into our body?

Everyone who is reading my posts knows by now that we are robots that run on electricity and we are controlled through frequencies.

This means that we can be controlled by remote control if a correspondent processor is installed into our body.

This processor we call “chip”.

You also understand by now that every reaction of the body can be triggered when the adequate frequency is introduced into the body.

By introducing a particular frequency, the body’s cells can be triggered into a cleansing mode.

If the cells of the body are toxic, those toxins will pollute the blood which then has to be detoxified.

This is done through the blood cleansing organs, and we experience it as symptoms of what we call disease.

Now, do you really believe that Bill Gates vaccines are created to prevent diseases, or is it just the opposite?

Billies vaccines contain chips. Now you know why.

Once chipped, the body can be made to cleanse on command, selectively.

A chipped person can easily be controlled remotely and in this way, it becomes a robot.

Those thousands of people who have been chipped voluntarily are not enough. They are the preferred sheepishly public that volunteer to be slaves to their masters.

The rest of the public has to be chipped because they are the rebellious kind that the Cabal has to get rid of.

vaccines cartoon

Be aware of the chip. Be aware of vaccines.

Wake up, open your eyes, and join us in creating the New World.

A World of cooperation, compassion, and love.

Now is the time to act.

Join us in prayer and meditation, every soul counts.

Envision the world the way you want to experience it and start behaving this way.

An action is worth a thousand words.

Be kind, compassionate, and loving, but most of all, stop being fearful.

The easiest way to control the fear is by knowing your power, knowing who you really are.

Open your heart and your mind. Allow the new information to enter.

The brain’s reprogramming is a must if you want to conquer your fears.

When the borders open up again, come to visit us here in Peru.

We will help you to jump-start the reprogramming process.

Love and light to us all.


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